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Raise your hand if you have ever sexted before. Raise it again if those sexts included a picture of you in some stage of nudity. Abella danger take selfies nude with phone you put your best picture out there, or was it a haphazardly thrown-together selfie that should be embarrassing for both parties involved?

First of all, full disclosure: I was a repeat offender in the category of lazy nudes. Lazy nudes by Abella danger take selfies nude with phone reflect very little thought or effort. As an example, think of those pictures Rob Kardashian leaked of Blacc Chyna.

You can tell she just wanted him out of her texts and off her last nerve. You know the look. When the man I sent my lazy nudes to called me out for it, his saying something about it made me want to do better. Not necessarily for him, but for the other gentlemen I recycled the nudes for and sent them to. Taking pleasing nudes is an art form. I also took notes from Twitter on what not to do when sending or sharing selfies and added that to my repertoire. I took a few samples and sent platonic nudes to some of my non-love-interest guy friends for their opinions, and their approval let me know that I was on the right track.

Choose your moments. Put your best look forward. Keep in Abella danger take selfies nude with phone Erotic stories short shorts background, the lighting and any props you may decide to use.

The A. Monique Judge. Filed to: Sexy Selfies. Share This Story. About the author Monique Judge. I said what I said. Twitter Posts.

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