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Moderators: SnagaTyler. Return to Sexual Addiction Forum. Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot]SnowflakeIvy and 17 guests. Psychology and Mental Health Forum. Our partner. Sexual Addiction message board, open discussion, and online support group. Forum rules. I'm a 30 year old guy, and as far as I can remember, first 'discovered' masturbation about years ago. Back then I'd no idea of either the Internet, or porn or exhibitionism.

Since then I've mostly masturbated once a day with a few days of gaps now and then, seldom more than days at most. On some days I do it 2 Adult exhibitionism info personal remember even 3 times, although such days aren't common.

Time went on and I discovered online porn. Jennifer connelly fake porn though, porn has never become a 'problem' for me. Although I've watched a considerable amount of it, I can always go for long periods of time without seeing any, and Adult exhibitionism info personal remember felt any form of 'compulsion' to see it.

Each time a 'session' ends I think of how I'm indirectly fueling the prostitution Adult exhibitionism info personal remember trafficking trade and so on, and Adult exhibitionism info personal remember pathetic I am, and resolve never do it again But I'm convinced though that my real problems are exhibitionism and masturbation. If I could somehow stop these two, porn wouldn't even be an issue. When I was around 20 years old or so, I first noticed a girl about my age who lives across from place, and one story above.

My rooftop is level with her apartment. For some reason which I don't understand still, I started getting undressed and to masturbate where she could see me.

She soon did spot me, and from that day, this deeply abnormal thing has continued till today Almost every single night I 'do' the thing either on the rooftop or in the bedroom, and Adult exhibitionism info personal remember every time she 'sees' me as she goes about her business. Unfortunately, she has never once shown any kind of strong aversion or Adult exhibitionism info personal remember of what I'm doing She's never removed any of her clothes though, nor done anything else, nor have we ever exchanged a word or glance all these years.

I sometimes feel if only she'd reacted negatively and strongly I might've been dissuaded from falling into this nasty little obsession. Instead she did almost the opposite, and by actually responding even if very weaklythis has become a strong, almost obsessive thing with me.

For 10 years I've done this almost every single night. Come 10PM and it's almost impossible for Adult exhibitionism info personal remember to resist the impulse to 'do' this. And after every single time I do feel terribly guilty and dirty. I 'resolved' countless times to stop it, and failed. She has an almost hypnotic hold on me. Sadly after all these years she still lives across my place.

I wish she'd moved away somewhere. I should mention that she's been the only person to whom I've had this exhibitionism problem. I've not really had the impulse to do it with anyone else or in any other situation. Also these days my daily masturbation is almost always during this time, and on the rare days I resist from flashing Adult exhibitionism info personal remember her, I masturbate by myself.

There hasn't been a single occasion of either exhibitionism or masturbation where I've not felt wretchedly guilty and low, AFTER the act.

I've spent countless hours thinking about it, reading self-help type literature, and making vows and promises not to masturbate, not to show off to her, but after a couple of days or so, the impulse becomes so irresistible that all my rational thoughts are subsumed and I go through with it, only to crash back to wretched self-loathing the very moment after the orgasm. This is my story. I thought for a long time about putting it out in public.

Always embarrasment has kept me off, but now I've decided enough is enough. One a half decades of masturbation, and a decade of Adult exhibitionism info personal remember should be enough to make me stop.

I hope the advice here from others facing something similar, and anyone else, and from the fact of 'putting the whole thing on record', sort of like a Confession, will give me the strength to stop these twin evil habits.

Thanks a lot to anyone who's read this far! I also have and have had exhibitionism issues, and those always lead to masturbation. However, I've only seeked to be observed once and that was at a beach house along time ago. What arouses me is the idea that i can be naked and unseen in a communal space but with the risk of beeing seen, and if I'm Adult exhibitionism info personal remember no one is watching then I masturbate.

I've had a couple of episodes Adult exhibitionism info personal remember where i took some Adult exhibitionism info personal remember, for example at a friend's appartment, I couldn't sleep at about 2am so I went out the entrance and into the common passage, walked around in my underwear, took them off and walked a few distances, and jerked off in the stairwell. I also posted on this forum, Lesbian group shower sex I'm humbled by people's honnesty and by the relief that this forum brings to those who thought they couldn't tell their story to anyone for fear of being rejected.

People here Ass sex teen video interested and I believe are not not judgmental if what you're struggling with is sincerely a physiological and psychological issue. Although you do have an important issue, by the sound of your writing lolyou are not a crazy person.

And coming to this website helps me remember that I am not totally crazy either. Personally I find that posting on a website like this, in a rather anonymous way, is very therapeutic.

I've succeeding in reducing my porn consumption since my post but it would also be related to the fact that I've started going on cyber sex websites where i feel connected and aroused by the other viewer s.

I was warned though to be careful as it can also be addictive and an expensive activity as they Adult exhibitionism info personal remember involve your money being spent. I've enjoyed it so far personally. Have you ever tried to meet up with this girl? What if you left her a message big enough for her to see, with your phone number maybe? I don't advise this as a good method for attracting the opposite sex in general but in your case, if you're confident that she has reacted positively to your exhibitionism, there's a chance that she might be interested in having sex with you.

In that case then the hypothesis is that you won't have such an urge anymore to exhibit yourself to her. But in case of a negative response, don't beat yourself up, at least you would have tried, and then let her be. But as I said I think this forum is great and you'll find solutions thanks to sharing your story! Yes am amazed by the positivity of this forum. Lol no I wouldn't dream of initiating contact with her. For one, although I did this for so long, I never do it without feelings of guilt and shame.

I couldn't possibly meet her eye! Two I sort of get the feeling she didn't reciprocate because she found me or what I did attractive in itself, but rather simply to release her own pent-up sexual tension. And besides she gave no signs to think she wanted anything further, like making eye-contact or attempting to talk. And anyway I'm 'internally' what would be considered these days as quite prudish.

I do believe in a sex only within a committed monogamous relationship marriage. In fact this chasm between what I think in my better moments most of the timeand what I nevertheless repeatedly Milf key orgasm screaming up doing has been causing a hell of a lot of internal stress lately.

I feel like I've arrived at some make-or-break point, and that it's now high time I 'lived up' to my internal values or else be condemned to a life of irredeemable hypocrisy.

Happily I have NOT indulged in my usual exhibitionism and masturbation for the past several days. Keeping fingers crossed that I can continue it. Adult exhibitionism info personal remember for the views and replying! I'll look up your post on the forum. Ive been doing the same plus more for years, I'll tell if you want. But, I could understand where the obsession part would bother you. And suspiciously apocryphal, something tells me. This means you are not really an exhibitionist -- they seek out strangers.

And you wouldn't be masturbating if you could have intercourse with this mystery woman, so you are not a compulsive masturbator. What seems to be going on is a mutual attraction that, instead of running its course, got sidetracked by lack of confidence and a willingness to substitute self-gratification for the possibility of a meaningful relationship.

You'd better do something about the situation before both of you advance into middle age. Start the ball rolling by manning up and making contact.

Do not mention the sex. Just invite her out for coffee, talk about life, and see if a genuine attraction is there. If it is, great. But if not, close your blinds at night and get on with your life. Why not since you are both willing try accepting the situation as it is and try to have fun with it and learn from it maybe the taboo aspect and the shameful feelings are more what you're addicted to I know the tantra people do mutual Masturbation all the time as a way to enlightenment or something maybe tantra is the answer?

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