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Follow Slashdot blog updates by subscribing to our blog RSS feed. Rethinking is always a good idea. More power to both of you for finding a compromise where everybody wins! Penguin cause pollution. The bill? First Chicagothen San Francisco Who thought this was a good idea in the first place? Out of the freezer and into the blizzard An Anonymous Coward writes "Comcast has decided to offer a backup plan in case their cable modem's die due to Excite Home's bankruptcy.

Good thought but the backup is NetZero. Gee thanks Comcast. Make it obfuscated, but make it snappy. Rosco P. Coltrane writes "If you haven't submitted your program s to the International Obfuscated C Code Contestnow is the time : the deadline is December 1st,there is only two days left! In the case of Scarfo the mob guythe Fedz had to break into the Alt binaries pictures erotica mclt home and h4x0r his b0x3n with a hardware device.

Obvious case of the Fedz breaching the mobster's right to be secure in his home and property. In the case of Magic Lantern, they'll do it from their office. It'll be up to the target to do the st00pid thing and run the executable. I can see an argument that by voluntarily running trojanned code, he gives up his right to security. That is, it's not the Feds breaking into the guy's home, it's the Feds sending the user an email. If the user doesn't run it, the user remains safe.

This may be the crucial legal distinction that makes this work in court, where the Scarfo keylogger didn't. So you have a data collector that doesn't damage data, and doesn't replicate.

Since it doesn't replicate, it doesn't leave the infected system. Since it never leaves the infected system, the number of copies of Magic Lantern "in the wild" will always be a small number - likely, "one per suspect". Since it doesn't exist in the wild, doesn't propagate, and since each instance of it may be unique, there's really no way for a virus scanning company to add its signature to a database, even if they needed or wanted to.

Suppose we decide to use a 'sploit based on Javashit embedded in PDFs. OK, so we probably have come up with a totally different infection vector when Alt binaries pictures erotica mclt calls up and contracts us to perform Alt binaries pictures erotica mclt hit on Alt binaries pictures erotica mclt c0pywr1t3 t3rr0r1st Dmitry Sklyarov, but for most dirtbags, it'll work The big deal, really, is that the FBI shouldn't be writing virii.

Either they politely ask, 'can we violate your security,' or they politely ask, 'can we break into your home. There, I've just taken care of the stupid argument.

Can everyone else please refrain from saying, "If you've got nothing to hide, what are you worried about? It's just a matter of time. Score: 2 by Glytch writes: Computers are only compared to homes when it's beneficial for someone who is powerful. Or one could be obscure, and just use "virus".

I don't believe that there is a regular for for the 5th declension. Languages aren't all that regular.

Even computer languages aren't Alt binaries pictures erotica mclt regular. Hands up who remembers Hindi teen girls boobs photos about "ain't"? Now that it's in many dictionaries, even as a colloquialism, what's the diff? Remember, even if you disapprove of ML, you don't have to like a technique to admire it. Wild-ass speculation: The FBI has no such warez yet, but issued a press release to the effect that they did, in order to get ideas from d00dz like us on what sorts of things would, or wouldn't work.

If that's the case and I suppose we'll know in 50 years when it's all declassifiedI'd also have to add "social engineering hack par excellence " to whatever technical solution they devise.

So, the FBI can hack all they want. It is at specifially accomodating that hacking Alt binaries pictures erotica mclt we need to draw the line. I guess some bonehead at Microsoft accidentally shipped a service pack without stripping the symbols meaning: all the names of global variables and functions that aren't usually exported were visible.

And someone was looking through the symbols and found a variable in the crypto module called NSAKEY, whose value turned out to be a valid key distinct from the usual Microsoft Nude wwe diva maryse ouellet playboy for things like code signing for upgrades. The immediate peanut gallery theory emerged that this key was held in escrow by the NSA in case they ever needed to send Alt binaries pictures erotica mclt a spyware trojan.

Microsoft came up with an alternate explanation, of course, which I don't remember off hand, but it sounded at least semi-plausible. I imagine we'll never know. So the government has dealt in intentionally insecure software in the past, and they will probably do so in the future. Personally, I think with a real warrant none of this no-burden-of-proof "judicial certification" which the PATRIOT act institutes" this is a fine tactic. It's essentially the same as a wiretap.

Obviously, mass distribution of weakened software to the public or to anyone whom فري هوت نودي بوسى مومس is no probable cause to suspect is completely unacceptable.

Sounds a little like a conspiracy theory, yes. But ask yourself if it could happen. You betcha it could. In fact, I'd hope that most people smart enough to actually use encryption are also smart enough not to run random. The only way the FBI could actually make this work more than a tiny percentage of the time would be to have the various popular mail readers know FBI sent emails when it receives them and to run the. Either that, or they'd have some secret way of tricking mailers to run it -- some new bug would do, at least until it's fixed.

You just made some spook's day -- somewhere at NSA headquarters, there's a guy cutting-and-pasting that and mailing Alt binaries pictures erotica mclt to his friends on an NSA-internal humor mailing list. NSA geeks have probably already used Echelon to obtain 0-day copies of Magic Lantern, insert the string "seineew era sreenigne i3f" into the executable, and shoved it back onto FBI's network, all without the feebz ever knowing they've been 0wned.

Funny, I never thought of that, but I did think the original SirCam was an attempt by some d00d to get people in the financial industry to unwittingly leak insider information. It has nothing to do whatsoever with any standards-based email delivery system. Re: WINS alias? I'm not sure whether to consider this a bug or a feature, because it would help in a case where you run an internal web server "intranet" in LRMT, the Lexicon of Redundant and Misleading Terms but are too clueless to run your own Sexy april oneil naked. So, does anyknow know which company or individual is the author of the Magic Latern program under such a government contract?

Or did the FBI itself write it? When I first heard of "Magic Lantern", I thought "wow Add some stern boilerplate text and a FBI logo or two. Package it up and ship it out. Voila - Magic Lantern. Now - this might sound a bit dishonest. But whoever had the chance to do this would be Alt binaries pictures erotica mclt an important service. It has been my experience with a couple of US gov't agencies that often but not always, of course senior IT officials have a strong suspicion of "freeware".

Alt binaries pictures erotica mclt, of course, anything "open source" is "freeware" in their eyes. Nevertheless, if open source projects make it in to the IT environment under a contract or commercial product, these same managers do not bat an eyelash.

Excite Home is the corporation Alt binaries pictures erotica mclt supports home. It is operating in bankruptcy and it is unknown how long it will continue to support the home. Over the last year Shaw has been building its own Data Centre to Alt binaries pictures erotica mclt e-mail, provisioning web space, etc. We are asking our customers to complete an Email Quickstep process and then begin using their new shaw.

Not only will there be no service downtime, but they took preventative measures to avoid this in advance of any problem. Don't you wish you live in Canada? But it does bring up a quality of service issue. If the lights do go out at Excite home and an ISP can't provide service to it's users for a week or so until they get their backup networks online if they have themshould they expect their users to pay for that month.

I wouldn't, but I expect that most will. No, all Alt binaries pictures erotica mclt Canucks eat is back bacon and beer. Now you Alt binaries pictures erotica mclt your bacon, and drink it too!

In addition, both Cox and Comcast and probably many more have already stated that you will be automatically credited for any downtime. Excite Home Customer Communication Score: 2Interesting by slugfro writes: As an excite home customer I am not happy about the current situtation since a fast or somewhat fast internet connection is now a necessary part of life.

However I am less happy with the lack of communication from excite to their customers. A few weeks ago I recieved one email stating Pure pov kate jones connections and features could be affected in the future and that they would be in steady contact with further updates.

I haven't heard back since! Hopefully DSL is available in my area now. Home email?? Score: 2 by jabber writes: I've never used my Home email account in the 6 months Alt binaries pictures erotica mclt I've had the service through Cox.

Express hangs on load I've never bothered to run it before, no lossOutlook hangs whan I try to access the account. Netscape seems to refuse to see the servers altogether. What gives?

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