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Here I am getting ready for my wedding and explaining to her all about what a wimp he is. And when I made my fiance show her the steel chastity device I had him wearing, he was so embarrassed.

I told my fiance that would be nice and actually let him masturbate for the first time in years on the honeymoon! Oh but there is a catch!!! He has to listen to me fuck my boyfriend and wear a spiked chastity tube while stroking. I turned my American beg to kiss your ass, exBF into my "sugarcuck". But now he is pathetically kissing my feet and begging to kiss my ass while he is sitting next to us!

He can kiss my ass- while I make out with my new man! Oh, that's gotta hurt Oh this poor foot cuckold. All he gets is to kneel there and take some verbal abuse from me and by boyfriend. Oh but its a little more than verbal. It's so hot to see my boyfriend bully a stupid cuckold loser and actually slap him right across the face! I wanted to fuck my boyfriend so bad when I saw him slapping that wimp slave!

He better do what my man says and I will cheer him on as he beats the cuck. He licks my feet while I sit there and make out with his SIR, haha! And after I am done ignoring him I shove his face to my boyfriends dirty shoes and make him lick them too!

Of course, I make sure he gets plenty of time with MY perfect feet too! Me n my man love it here at Mean Girl Manorwe might just hang out here more often.

It fuckin turns me n my man on to abuse these losers. Me n my hot man are chilling, relaxing when we decide we want to go on a weekend getaway down to Mexico. No problem. So we have the loser send half up front so we know he's legit and make him bring the other half to present as tribute to me in person and BEG for American beg to kiss your ass gorgeous feet. I even tell him that he has to beg right in front of my boyfriend!

He doesn't care, coz he is so desperate. So I make him pay me in front of my man while we laugh at him and take his money Foot losers are so easy to use.

Well in this Sobre el actor porno manuel ferrara I give out my personal email addy so you can contact me directly about it! It's perfect for naughty losers like him that like to admire my body without my permission. I make him sit there and look at me while I explain what he is about to wear for me.

It's a spiked chastity device! I make him put it on his cock and and then start to tease him. He seems sooo scared of American beg to kiss your ass I laugh at him that if he gets hard HE will basically be the one driving those spike right into his own cock! I just find that funny. I know how to get him hard too I make him look at me and play with himself while I am going to sit his your face and MAKE him "play" with it!

Then maybe I will give you some air! I make him hand the cash over directly to my boyfriend and him ask my man if he can pleeeze just kiss the feet of his hot girlfriend. Haha What a loser! My boyfriend is a REAL man. And we BOTH love abusing and humiliating our cuckold. It actually kind of turns us on. I shove my feet deep into its mouth and laugh in his face as me n my man start to make out. I kinda like the feeling of some losers warm tongue on my feet while my hot boyfriends warm tongue is in my mouth.

Its the best of both worlds haha. Eventually both me n my boyfriend use his head as a foot stool. OMG, I loved it when my big boyfriend American beg to kiss your ass him like that. I had a sit down talk with my cuckold and told him he needs to prove that he is more of a wimp and less of a threat to a real man in the house. I told the cuckold loser that when SIR comes home he needs to bend over and present his balls to him for kicking, LOL!

Can you imaging the total degradation of presenting your balls to another man for kicking! That's American beg to kiss your ass loser cuckold behavior. But I am glad I had the talk with him because thinking up the most cruel things to do to a cuck is somehow very gratifying to me.

Well, what I didn't expect that my boyfriend was going to walk in with a French maid's outfit for the loser to wear!

I couldn't believe he was going to make our cuckold actually wear it! Sir can be so evil it makes me wet. I think he knows how much it actually turns me on. Sir even wants this cuckold American beg to kiss your ass start going out and sucking dicks for us to earn cash! I think the cuckold wouldn't half mind orders to suck a dick from me because I'm a girl I hope this cuckold loser feels like twice the humiliated faggot for obeying a man to go suck off men, haha!

I filmed this video to show you how funny a stupid cuckold really is. We had some food for dinner and got the cuckold to sit at our feet under the table. Then we slowly American beg to kiss your ass throwing the food on the floor and stepping on it!

I American beg to kiss your ass you know what's coming next! He has to eat it all Including the whole lemon! I American beg to kiss your ass the tomato up his nose, lemon in his mouth and made the cuck wipe his ass over the salad before eating it off the floor. The slave had to eat the food that he rubbed his ass on, haha! That is American beg to kiss your ass perfect situation for a real loser!

My boyfriend thinks from now on the cuckold should only eat food that we both stepped on and tastes like ass! I got soooo wet when my BF said that. I love it when he is crueler and crueler to the cuckold.

Free adult sex pick cuckold slave is really the lowest of the low. He has to sit there while I reject him utterly and blow smoke in his face. To top it all off, my boyfriend does too! What a total loser The fact that my boyfriend has the idea to put his lit cigarette out on his tongue is sooooo hot! Only a total coward and wimp would let another man do that to him!

Of course After I finished ashing in the cucks mouth I American beg to kiss your ass put my cherry out on his tongue. But then the real fun begins We make him eat the butts off the ground. When I invited you over, did you think it was going to be just you and me? Stupid loser. Just be glad you are even allowed in my presence outside of the office where we work together. Let me introduce you to him lol. Wanna show my boyfriend what you were begging me for all week at work? Tell him how you want to be my shoe licking bitch!

Isn't that right? Well, he already knows all about it, in fact he was the one answering your texts half the time while I was busy.

If you noticed in the beginning I was texting kind of nicer stuff but then it got more evil, haha. That was HIM! And since you liked it so much I just thought I would be meaner too!

Lick my shoes! And my boyfriend wants to take pictures of you while you do it, haha. OMG we can totally use these pics to blackmail you at work! This is going to be great. Are you scared of him?

He can beat you up you know! Hey honey, make the loser lick YOUR shoes too!

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