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Alrighty guys, I'm writing this just because, I was a little bored. But here's a lemon scene from Broken Dreams. When Anoka was conceived. It will all make sense on how Anoka came into the world of Star Wars.

Enjoy and don't hate on it if its bad. Anakin and Ahsoka were on leave after a hard and stressful mission on Christophsis. Ahsoka was lying on the couch watching the holoscreen, while Anakin lifted weights in the other room. Ahsoka heard in the grunts and strains of his voice.

She got up slowly and walked into the other room. She peeked around the corner to see him in gym shorts and no shirt. Small beads of sweat gleamed off his biceps and pecks. She bit her lip as she imagined him without any clothes. She leaned on the door jam and stared at Anakin.

Anakin did one final lift as he put the bar back on the racks. He sighed Anakin and ahsoka naked as he sat up and grabbed the towel to wipe his face.

He looked down at the floor for a moment before realizing that Ahsoka was watching him. He smiled as he saw her face. His muscles tensing as he rose. Anakin strode over to her and stopped in front of her, he leaned down and pecked her lips. But Ahsoka held onto the kiss. Anakin breathed slowly as she deepened the kiss. Anakin dropped the towel and put his hands on her hips. She wrapped her arms around his neck. Sweat still running down his back and his neck, Ahsoka pecked it. Anakin chuckled and gently pushed her away.

We just got Anakin and ahsoka naked he said looking into her deep blue eyes. She smiled and let him go. He kissed her cheek and went to the refresher for a shower. Ahsoka smiled again and bit her lip and he strut away.

She shook her and laughed as she sat back down Anakin and ahsoka naked the couch. Anakin looked into the mirror as he saw newly made scars on his face.

A few scratches and cuts. Nothing new. He washed his face before turning on the shower and stepping into the warm water. He sighed at the down time he and Ahsoka had gotten.

After two full years without a meditative leave, he had grown tired and worn down. A few weeks away from war was just what they needed. And plus it was plenty of time for them to be alone. He washed his hair and body and stood under the water Anakin and ahsoka naked let it rinse off the suds he had formed. He sighed once more before turning off the water and stepping out.

Bbw big ass pussy wrapped the towel around his waste and walked into the living area where Ahsoka turned and looked at his wet muscular body. She got up and strolled over to him. Anakin waited for Ahsoka to get near enough to him to pick her up with one arm. She squealed as she was thrown over his shoulder. He grabbed the end of the towel to keep it from falling and exposing what erection he had already developed.

Ahsoka laughed as he threw her on to the king size bed. The pillows bounced onto the Anakin and ahsoka naked. Anakin finally dropped the Anakin and ahsoka naked, showing his nude body and full erection.

Ahsoka's widened at the first sight of it. Yes, she had seen it before they been together, but nothing like this. She got on her hands and knees and crawled to the edge of the bed toward his man hood. Anakin bit his lip as she got closer. Her lekku burning with embarrassment and excitement, she reached out for it and took the Anakin and ahsoka naked in her hand. She stroked slowly and Anakin's head leaned backward.

He let out a soft moan. Ahsoka fastened her pace on his erection. Anakin started to pant slowly. He let out a hard sigh before reaching down and tossing Ahsoka back onto the bed.

He pounced on top of her closing the distance with his lips. Anakin and ahsoka naked vigorously kissed her lips and on down to her neck. His hand slowly went up to her right breast. She moaned with pleasure.

With one swift move, Anakin threw off her top and all that was left with her bottoms. Lucky for him, she was only wearing panties. Anakin and ahsoka naked traced his finger down her stomach to the top of her spot.

She gasped. Letting go of her lips with his teeth, he let out a small chuckle. He knew Ahsoka was ready for what Anakin and ahsoka naked he had in store Demon and witch porn her.

Her fingers ran up his back and into his damp hair. She tangled her fingers within it, giving it a small tug, making Anakin even more aroused. He slipped his hand underneath her panties and feeling her wet spot. He found the slit and slid two fingers in to touch her walls.

Ahsoka gasped at the feeling. He moved his wrist back and forth, creating a wonderful feeling Ahsoka had been waiting for. Her legs opened wider and Anakin thrust his fingers faster. Ahsoka panted with the pace of his hand. She let out moans as Anakin's movement Anakin and ahsoka naked even faster. She was getting close. Anakin fastened his pace and finally, she was released. She came hard.

Anakin lift his hand Anakin and ahsoka naked of her panties and licked his fingers. She tasted oh so sweet.

He smirked. Anakin leaned down and kissed her once more. Ahsoka wiggled out of her panties and threw them down with her foot. She wrapped her legs around his waist and readied herself for his entry. She was hot and wet and ready for it all. Anakin slowly pushed the tip into her. He bit his lip as he pushed farther.

Big breast pornstar sex let out a soft moan as he went deeper. Once the member was fully in her, he removed it and pushed it in once more. Anakin was pumping in and out of Ahsoka's wet and warm walls. Anakin softly chuckled as her reached for the headboard for better control. He got on his knees and moved his hips faster, looking down at Ahsoka with sweat running down his forehead. Ahsoka moaned louder with each hit.

Her breast moved with each motion, which got Anakin even more aroused. His member Anakin and ahsoka naked and wet from Ahsoka, he thrust harder, and harder, even he was grunting with each move. Ahsoka, now Anakin and ahsoka naked with pleasure, reached and grabbed his shoulders and brought him closer. Gasps and moans escaped both of them as they both climaxed.

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