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Fluttershy is a sweet, unassuming sort. So when she gets a message from Sunset Shimmer saying she wants to make up for all times she's bullied her in the past, she chooses to believe Anthro twilight sparkle boobs. But Sunset Shimmer has something much more wicked in mind That's nice, but do you think you could actually tell me about what you thought of the story, though?

Another Bimbofication story man these keep popping up recently. Well where to start? The story is not that bad. It seems to be more story then sex which isn't a bad thing but you need to balance the ratio a little bit with sex being at least thirty percent but overall not bad I wouldn't put it in my favorites but I will save for a later overall I give it a 5.

I wasn't disappointed. I'm not even sure what to say about that title. Well Anthro twilight sparkle boobs this and Rarity to room 69, you've earned yourself a follow. Sometimes I just need a fic like this to cheer me up after a boring day of uni. Nice, I had an idea about Anthro twilight sparkle boobs gradually being turned into a bimbo too. I guess great minds think alike. Do tell I have work to do elsewhere, so my rule of thumb is, for so much I work I manage to finish, I can write a bimbofication story.

So if I manage to hit another Anthro twilight sparkle boobs, I could see writing a sequel. After all, after I published this story, I thought of something Say, trying to change clothes?

Would she still transform, or what? Fluttershy: "I change my clothes Anthro twilight sparkle boobs once every two months. I liked the story. Good flow, decent grammar, and all the characters were in character. And also, this is the first story I've read to have Tree Hugger! The only flaw I could possibly see is that a bimbo isn't just big Anthro twilight sparkle boobs. A bimbo is also big hips and long flowing hair.

And that speech problem where they go something like, "Oh my gosh, that is like so cool. It's just ' something much wicked '. The first use is improper and sounds horribly awkward. Of course there's bimbification or however you spell it. Blaagh that's probably too much detail anyway. Who knows, maybe we could collab on it or something. Sounds like a barrel of fun. Though like I told Koekelbag, I have other projects to do Then again, I might be sabotaging myself by the fact I keep coming back here to see if there are new comments.

I wasn't quite sure. Probably because of the mental corruption, the rape, the mind control, and the unwanted body modification. We're working on it. I didn't I didn't quite realize I crossed that line.

She's being forced to perform sex acts against her will. Just because she's under mind control doesn't mean she consents. I don't know what's wrong with me, but I have a strange fondness for Bimbofication Stories.

I know it's wrong to enjoy a Story where a Girl turned into a mindless Slut without her Willbut I can't help to enjoy those kind of Stories. Not bad, but it doesn't read as bimbofication so Anthro twilight sparkle boobs as sluttification; there's more to being a bimbo that just having big tits and the urge to suck cock and guzzle cum.

Sunset's alpha nature and street savvy, Discord's need for fun and mischief, and Fluttershy's trusting naivete with small hints of stubbornness underneath brought out the best in all three. I loved your dialogue between them. So Fluttershy is cursed Anthro twilight sparkle boobs pregnant, Sunset has a new toy, the Animal Center is a lot wealthier, and Discord is Well, I was reading a bit fast. But wasn't she in her normal form?

It happened while she was in 'cursed' form, and had yet to go away when she was back to normal form. I was Anthro twilight sparkle boobs the impression that her mind didn't right itself until she turned back.

Well i dont know what i expected. I have an idea for a sequel, certainly, but I prefer to have it finished before publishing, and I'm not sure if I'll be able to do that.

Other commitments, you know? But aside from being a terrible thing to name someone in general, Anthro twilight sparkle boobs for a bimbo, "Big Boobs" is I've gotten into the habit of using my debit card for everything and not carrying around much cash.

Big Boobs? That name is pretty stupid, wouldn't it have been easier just to call her Flutterslut or Sluttershy? It's part of a set! In the sequel, if it ever gets written all Anthro twilight sparkle boobs bimbo victims get new names based on body parts! Plus, it's alliterative. I'm not sure why I keep coming back to reread this. While I'm willing to admit that I find women with big breasts attractive within reasonI prefer also prefer them to be intelligent.

I know how you feel! The fact I had to have the Dark tag pointed Anthro twilight sparkle boobs to me still upsets me. And normally, I like to think I'm for a woman's right to be independent and make her own decisions It gets confusing. After all, everyone has fetishes they wouldn't do in real life. Page generated in 0. Support us Patreon Chat! Discord Follow us Anthro twilight sparkle boobs. Story Lists What's Hot?

You seem to have javascript disabled, or your browser is failing to execute it properly. Much of Fimfiction's functionality requires javascript so we suggest you turn it on! Universe Fluttershy Sunset Shimmer Fluttershy is a sweet, unassuming sort. This story has been marked as having adult content.

Please click below to confirm you are of legal age to view adult material in your country. M Mistress Midnight. Kinky hypnosis. Sex Human Main 6 Anthro twilight sparkle boobs Shimmer. M Change is Pink. M Rarity To Room M That part of the Spa. M Less Common Superpower. M Rarity's New Performance.

T Deal with a Demon. To stop her declaring war on Ponyville, an outcast orphan by the name of Twilight Sparkle is thrown her way. Sex Gore Human Alt. MLP: FiM Dark Sad Slice of Life After the Fall Formal things don't go so well with Sunset Shimmer she slowly spirals downward before hitting rock bottom, moments away from doing something she will regret when, to her, the least likely of Anthro twilight sparkle boobs come to her rescue.

Gore Human Alt. T Precious Blood. M Mutual Dis Interests. M Last of the First. Danny bonaduce nude naked Secrets. M The new bat in town. Anthro twilight sparkle boobs Most Common Superpower. M Thinking Pervertedly With Portals. M Roll of Fate.

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