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My evidence? Now, Sebastian is just one demon, so I suppose it may not be completely impossible for other demons…but Sebastian does not possess human emotions. Further, he has very little in the way of empathy — no empathy, no compassion. See, Ciel had, in this scene, recently witnessed something that triggered a PTSD episode, which he is presently undergoing. That expression is from psychological exhaustion and repressed panic, not any kind of joy.

I am aware the above pictures are from the anime, but they are some of the only ones in the first season that correspond with the manga accurately. A terrified Ciel warning Sebastian to stay away, hoping for Finnian to save him, since Finny was the only person at the time he would let near him.

He was re-traumatized at that point, and thus Black butler ciel and sebastian quite in his right mind; he also knew Sebastian was bad news Black butler ciel and sebastian his psychologically weak state, so he did his best to keep the butler, in particular, away from himself.

Including Ciel… He was under the impression that his weakened master was no longer capable of upholding their contract, and thus tried to terminate it early. Because Ciel showed weakness that was, mind you, perfectly justified to any human.

From psychologically fractured to more resistant. If that is love to you…ok. All the more power to ya. I do admit that they have a bond, in a manner of Black butler ciel and sebastian. However, being attached to someone does not mean love. Ciel certainly has affectionate feelings for Sebastian.

Maybe not romantic love, but I believe he loves him in a way that someone who has become dependent on someone else loves a person. In a very twisted way, maybe, actually I'm willing to bet on yes. Love is a very subjective emotion used to describe affection in many different ways.

But the epitome of love is deep affection. Lots of people tend to point to the Emerald Witch arc scene in which Sebastian tries to consume Ciel's soul to prove Sebastian doesn't care about Ciel, but they don't read the situation correctly, and some of the translations vary for the scene, but this seems the most accurate, judging from the quality of English used, and the scenes leading up to Lots of people tend to point to the Emerald Witch arc scene in which Sebastian tries to consume Ciel's soul to prove Sebastian doesn't care about Ciel, but they don't read the situation correctly, and some of the translations vary for the scene, but this seems the most accurate, judging from the quality of English used, and the scenes leading up to it.

It makes the most sense. Sebastian twists his words to convince Ciel that if he slips up, he will eat him. To include such a distinct percentage is daring considering he cannot lie to Ciel, and it just seems unnecessary unless he was manipulating his words. It's very unclear. I do not think that he actually intended to do what it looked like. He intended to break Ciel out of Black butler ciel and sebastian delusions by scaring him back to reality. The event with Tanaka foreshadowed it.

Tanaka said let Ciel come out of it at his own pace, but Sebastian became impatient over time, and when the queen sent a letter to Ciel that needed to be attended to urgently, he had to do something quick. And he needed to appear convincing for Ciel to break through, hence Ciel believes Sebastian had Lara croft nude monster one intention and that was to end him. But I am quite sure that Sebastian did not intend to consume his Black butler ciel and sebastian when he did that.

Black butler ciel and sebastian just seems Porn da diamond jakisom nua that Sebastian would consume Ciel at that moment, after all that effort and time he has put into Black butler ciel and sebastian his soul, Black butler ciel and sebastian would want a soul that has had its revenge, not a weak one wallowing in confusion and doubt, it's a complete waste.

More ever, Sebastian is much stronger than Ciel, no matter how strong Ciel's soul may be, if Sebastian decides to do something with confidence, he will carry it out. There is no way Ciel could have broken out of Sebastian's grasp without Sebastian giving way during the soul consumption scene.

Sebastian is aware of how mentally strong Ciel is. I feel as if he admires that greatly. He wouldn't likely double cross Ciel after observing him throughout those 3 years. Ciel amuses him. Sebastian is capable of feeling empathy, he feels empathy for cats and adores them.

In Book of Murder, even though he was in a difficult situation where time was of the essence, yet he takes the time Black butler ciel and sebastian hide the cats in his closet and out of the rain. So it's not impossible for him to have affectionate feelings and empathy towards Cock in pussy close up pics he considers worthwhileno matter how psychotic and sadistic he may appear to be.

Sebastian loves things things that he cannot understand. That's why he loves cats. Ciel never ceases to amaze him and exceed his expectations, and he often finds himself unable to predict his actions, one of the reasons as to why Sebastian loves cats, they are unpredictable.

Therefore, I feel as if Sebastian does feel affection towards Ciel. In his own twisted, sadistic and demonic way, he Vintage swedish virgins sex actually love Ciel. But only Sunny leone nud xxx will tell, no one can say for sure at the moment. Read the manga, Yana Toboso should reveal it in due time…. The manga was even supposed to have hardcore yaoi between Sebastian and Ciel, but the writer decided to change it because the Black butler ciel and sebastian thought it would sell better if it only just told of hints and bits of their relationship Sign In.

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Answer Wiki. In the Black Butler anime series, what is the relationship between Ciel and Sebastian? What is the most disturbing fact you know about Black Butler?

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Answered Apr 20, Going based off of these facts, yes. Yes I do. View more. Does true love exist? What are some anime like Black Butler? In the Black Butler anime, why is Grell in love with Sebastian? Do the Phantomhive servants know that Sebastian is a demon? What is love? What's wrong with Tanaka on Black Butler? Is "unrequited love" love? Why do people like the anime Black Butler? What is something really dark from Black Butler, but gets ignored?

What happens at the end of Kuroshitsuji or more known as Black Butler? What happens in the the end? Related Questions Does true love exist?

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