This has always baffaled me. One of the cable movie channels showed the movie Pretty Baby. It has Susuan Sarandon and Brooke Shields, among others.

In the movie Shield's is Sarandon's daughter, and they are both prostitutes So she has a scene where they show her naked. This movie was released inShields was born inyou do Hot desi aunty nude photos math.

So how is this not child pornography? They might have used a body double who was of legal age. I think they might have done something like that in Lolita.

I haven't seen the movie. But nudity, in and of itself, does not necessarily constitute pornography. I think the main thing is that the world was not so PC twenty years ago.

But Brooke shields nude pretty that make viewing it today a Child Pornography charge? Paul Reubens was arrested and charged for having pictures of nude children from the 's and 20's!

There wasn't any actual nudity in Lolita, and I've seen interviews with Brooke shields nude pretty Swain, and she said that for the seens where she was on Jeremy Irons lap they just seperated each other with a pillow. Besides, you can't argue context here. How is that not Brooke shields nude pretty Nudity doesn't automatically equate to child porn.

It's all about the context. Now, if she was doing a strip tease or some kind of lewd thing it would be a completely different story. Simple nudity, however, isn't automatically a crime. Now, with that being said, most production houses shy away from any kind of nudity for people under 18, but that is more of CYA voulintary censorship kind of thing. You most certainly can argue context. Unless they showed her actually having sex, it's not explicit.

Nope, these aren't brief glimpses or quick cut-away shots or anything like that. These are minutes-long, fully-lit scenes with absolutely nothing obscured. No way to fake these, at least not in Most of you are probably too young to remember the firestorm of controversy over her role in Endless LoveI suppose. Hell, I was only ten myself at the time. Okay, I've only seen the movie once, so this may not be entirely accurate, but here it goes: Shields decides that she is oldenough to work as a whore.

SO they tell the lady Madam that it is time to get her at work. So they invite a bunch of clients over, and they Brooke shields nude pretty Shields on a chair, and they hoist her on to their shields and then they start the bidding for her first time. One guy wins and he takes her into the room and fucks her. How is child pornography defined? I thought it had to do wether the situation depicted sex or not. Hell, I don't know. I believe the current legal definition is based off of a "I know it when I see it" from a supreme court justice.

The world and particularly the US was not always so uptight as it is today. Is a picture of a baby in a bathtub child pornography? It's the same sort of thing. It's all context. Nudity does not mean pornography. It's also how a lot of these "model" websites get away with nudity on girls under Though I believe the fed is cracking down on that now. Actually, I seem to remember there was a shitstorm of controversy when this movie first came out.

Which also raised eyebrows, but didn't get anyone thrown in jail. That was a body double Dragon ball z goku muscle porno Blue Lagoon, which I assume was a person over the age of Although Brooke shields nude pretty was considering a bill recently to make it illegal for a legal aged person to Brooke shields nude pretty someone as under-age in a way that, if you were to do Brooke shields nude pretty someone that was really under-age, would land you in jail.

There have been a number of cases in the last few years where photo processing employees have spotted nude children in photos and reported them. I remember some local DA's tried to prosecute the parents and I believe some folks had thier kids taken away by social services.

I believe they ended up getting the charges dropped. There was another case where a photographer whose milieau was photographing her and friends children in nude artistic poses. They went after her as well. I remember the full frontal nudity in PB was in the context of a photographer a Carradine brother?

Supposedly it showed what life was really like in a New orleans brothel my only other example would be the whorehouse scene in Easy Rider. But the controversy around the movie at the time depended on what part of the country it was showing and probably helped Brooke shields nude pretty overall gross.

Brooke shields nude pretty perverts probably get off on kids pictures in Sears or KMart ads if they can't find something else. Brooke shields nude pretty, I didn't even realize. Let's hear it for her parents! No, nudity alone isn't considered pornography. I once tried to turn in someone for having nude photos of Brooke shields nude pretty like, 8 years old on his hard drive on the network at school, and the police told me that while they disapproved of it, they couldn't do anything about it because there was no one touching the child or making the children do anything in the photographs.

So since no one else has done this yet, I'll be the first: pics plz. If the FBI raided someone's computer and found a few hundred pictures of babies in bathtubs you'd better believe they'd try to nail him for child pornography. I guess the context that the image was found is counts as well. They might prosecute him for possession, but the photographers for child pornography? Doubt it. Under the current law they probably wouldn't even prosecute him. Investigate, certainly, but technically speaking having hundreds of pictures of naked children is not a crime.

The number of pictures doesn't really matter until it crosses that nebulous line into child pornography. Are you getting nervous petrovich? The girl and mother involved in the case decided to drop the charges. The judge went Brooke shields nude pretty and sentenced Polanski anyways, which most critics agree isn't cool if the family wants to end it quietly. I haven't seen the Brooke Shields film yet, but I'm sure the artistic merit overrides any bullshit censorship ugres thrown their way.

All context. Anyone want to discuss Ai no Corrida? I've read the documents on Smoking Gun. OTOH, I think that he got exactly what he Brooke shields nude pretty - exile. He's been able to do pretty well for himself for someone ostensibly on the run. How did Brooke Shields get away with full frontal in movie at age 13? Ars Praefectus et Subscriptor. It's artistic. If you get off on it, you're a sicko! Jet Powers. I didn't do it! DJ Jesus. Ars Brooke shields nude pretty Legionis et Subscriptor.

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