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  1. Idgaf what none of you are sayin this dude right here for his age was puttin in work on that bitch like 10-15 mins straight pile driven her. And for whoever said she ain't a prosty get your facts straight, no girl in this world who isn't getting paid for it would fuck a wrinkled old man like that no condom unless it was for money. Come on now, let's be real! 100

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What level of debasement! Shame of the centuries! So, you don't have anything to offer but sex. What happen to your level of intellectualism? I tired Calabar hot and sexy girls our Naija lady oh. Check my blog for all things safety and security: www. Listing alphabetically instead of according to prevalence. The vices that actually make earth inhabitable for we women If you like, be onion in your next life.

Who cares? Like y'all don't do worse. Nonsense and ingredients Will it also interest you, madam myopic analyst, that women are equally participating in those crimes you mentioned? Wickedtruths : Funny guy. Dey shld extend d gesture us dat r living in abuja too o We sef na abrod we dey o. Kalixx : Sometimes I wonder what exactly makes up a typical african woman's brain. If I talk now, they'll say I've come again, 'boys are misogynists' bla bla bla.

In the 21st century, look at all what grownup girls can gather to think about. On Nairaland, Ive never seen a post involving a group of girls argue which is better between Vue. I've never seen an intellectual topic between ladies on what SQL injection is, what multi-threading, the importance of data-mining, how Calabar hot and sexy girls scrape data etc.

The typical african woman's brain is so so dull and what is worse is they are so comfortable with it. That shows u how they think. Naija babes are a significant millstone to this country because many of them make up unskilled workforce and only look to offer their body for money either through fake relationships and marriage as well.

The best comment here. But any girl who seriously does this lifestyle should pls get a life. Isinweke : Ekanborn, Irenborn and Etenborn Dem go dey born born born born bom born. The fault is from all of us including we the men. Nigerian fathers and Calabar hot and sexy girls raise their daughters to believe that the best thing they can achieve in life is a good husband and a succesful marriage. The average Nigerian parents will be bored, uninterested and even pissed off when their daughter of 29 tells them about her career and how well she is doing in her new job and planning to acquire new skills to enhance her career But let that same daughter tell them that she met the son of so so and so who just came from abroad Calabar hot and sexy girls he is interested in marrying her and they may come soon for the introduction.

Watch how that same parents will leap with joy and pat her for being a true daughter of her mother Our women are a reflection of our culture. It is not their faults. Let us work on changing our culture. How guys are turned on by this caliber of ladies is way beyond me I swear down. Anyway, it will be like-minded dudes they will come for. We all have to come together from both genders to scold this people. No, that is not what I am saying.

I am saying, Calabar hot and sexy girls guus Calabar hot and sexy girls worse. So miss me on that "I am proud to be a man" bullshit.

I don't think it's peculiar to Nigeria. While it's good for a lady to be educated and exposed, a lot of this category of laides are very difficult to manage, especially when they are financially independent. One of our major purposes in life, according to the Bible, is to multiply.

And we need Calabar hot and sexy girls ladies to build a good home So, be careful what you wish for. It is well O! After the s. Naija Jack and the beanstalk costumes for adults and their story these days!

Even the women will have more men in their team. What is the ratio of male to female prison? Abeg, I want to be a woman in my next life. Statistics without evidence. What else can a Naija Babe of today be if not a hoe. Every other career path requires a lot of brains and unfortunately relaxer and hair drier na wicked combination for brain cells. If I have me way I no go like father a girl child. Calli girls though. They got game, make I no lie. But we are retired though.

SoNature : I don't think it's peculiar to Nigeria. One of our major purposes in life, according to the Bible, is to multiple.

India is also a 3rd world country like Nigeria where women are groomed from childhood to please men. Women are taught to be better cooks than better Computer typists. Women are taught to be better home cleaners than critical Calabar hot and sexy girls. It is a reflection of our culture.

MedicH : What Nia jax naked havingsex can a Naija Babe of today be if not a hoe. See this one with his suit. You better grow a womb, you will be needing it to "father" that your desired male child. Abi na another person well trained daughter go born for an ignoramus like you? Angelfrost : Tomorrow, their parents and kinsmen will write long list of demands for husbands to be, demanding heaven and earth For damaged goods??!

Nobody is damaged goods Those gurls are very beautiful The first girl's brezz looks succulent. All rights reserved. See How To Advertise.

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