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Sororities are all about sisterhood. And then, there are all the hazing stories that come out of the woodwork, particularly now that we have online media to pick up on smaller stories. Here are 15 of the most disturbing sorority hazing stories — they may just make you think twice about ever joining a sorority.

Where things get a little more disturbing is when pledges are forced to drink way, way too much. As a result, she ended up blacking out and waking up the next day in College party girls sorority hazing hospital. Some of the female pledges at Young Harris College, a small spot in rural Georgia, stepped forward when hazing got too disturbing College party girls sorority hazing handle. The physical abuses College party girls sorority hazing hazing are terrible enough, but something like that could have crazy repercussions for years to come, and even yield to serious issues like eating disorders.

Okay, this example proves just how bizarre hazing is. A woman by the name of Tess Koman penned a piece for Cosmopolitan about what it was like to pledge College party girls sorority hazing Delta Tau at Union College, and she went into the nitty gritty of the hazing rituals. Koman even admitted that the experience was traumatic.

You may assume that sorority sisters gifting pledges accessories or small tokens with their sorority name and symbols on it would be kind of normal. After all, you want them College party girls sorority hazing be able to strut around campus rocking their Greek attire, right?

Well, the sorority pledges in a particular chapter did, indeed, get some accessories as a gift — but it was a whole lot more painful than you would imagine. And honestly, what on earth is the point except inflicting immense physical torment? Or is that just the whole point? A sister confessed on another message board that the pledges rushing a sorority were made to organize Hairy pussy tamil aunty fundraiser for their chapter, which seems innocent enough — but the pledge who ended College party girls sorority hazing raising the least money was forced to shave her head.

This is one of those hazing practices that seems innocent enough at first, but becomes increasingly horrifying as you hear more about it. A sorority girl by the name of Joanne pledging at Penn State Altoona ended up coming forward to the news in because of a hazing ritual that involved the pledge standing and facing a concrete wall.

Well, except for the fact that if the pledges wavered or moved even the slightest bit, they were slammed face first into the wall. Not only is that horrifically brutal, but the face is a really delicate part of your body — who knows which of those pledges could have seriously harmed their face, or even gotten long-term brain damage from hitting the hard wall in just the wrong way.

One of the stories she tells particular stands out because of how awful it was. Robbins talks about the hazing experience a sister named Arika detailed to her, which involved answering trivia questions and taking a shot of straight vodka whenever they got it wrong. However, can we just say — this is majorly messed up.

On the one hand, they had made the decision to start trying together. Give it a few months, the cycles will probably end up syncing up anyway without having to dose your body with toxic chemicals in the form of Plan B. Perhaps one of the most scary parts of hazing is that, after hearing about hazing situations where the girls ended up in the hospital, things that are just plain old emotionally traumatizing almost seem not so bad — which is super messed up!

In her juicy book, Alexandra Robbins talks about a hazing ritual she saw during her time undercover in which pledges were marched into a chilly room and told to strip down to a topless state. Women have so many insecurities as it is, and so many compare themselves to others even on their best days — this is just wrong on so many levels.

Two pledges rushing at Medgar Evers College, Shawntee Caton and Gabby Jones, discussed a hazing ritual where they were blindfolded, taken to a basement, and forced to sit there for a long, long time — as in, around 10 hours — being endlessly drilled with intimate questions about their personal lives and R-rated activities they engaged in.

Back ina pledge named Britteny Starling experienced such horrendous hazing that she actually ended up suing the sorority that hazed her — and even leaving the school altogether because of how traumatic the experience was. What exactly was she put through? Well, her hazing involved becoming a literal trash can — cleaning up the floor using her back as a cleaning implement, and taking garbage from her sisters and carrying it around in her pockets for goodness knows how long.

She was also tortured by being forced to stay awake all night without being able to use the bathroom which is just a recipe for a serious bladder issueand was physically harmed when her legs gave out after being forced to stand for hours on end without a break. Physical abuse as part of a hazing ritual is never okay — yet it happens time and time again. A sorority pledge by the name of Jasmine Johnson stepped forward in after her hazing had her in the hospital.

She talks about what happened, saying that she had ice cold water poured on her head, as well as vinegar squirted in her eyes — oh, and she was punched in the face at the same time. She also mentioned she had eggs smashed on different parts of her body, and was punched in other places as well, all of which led to a concussion and bleeding in her intimate area.

Her sorority sister ended up being charged with assault because… that is literally the definition of assault. College party girls sorority hazing is no world in which punching someone repeatedly, to the point where the require hospitalization, is okay. However, St. How do they get proof of that? College party girls sorority hazing are countless hazing rituals that involve some sort of undressing, although most are more playful — requiring pledges to do something like run around the sorority house in their underwear or something similar.

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