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So, this, right here, is news to me. Brittany and Abby Hansel, born March 7th are conjoined twins. They have separate lungs, spine, heart, and stomach, and each of them have one hand and one leg, but they are joined at the pelvis. In other words, they Conjoined twins abby and brittany hensel one vagina. So here are the thoughts questions running through my mind:. What happens when Abby gets engaged or married?

Whose house will they sleep in? Women can decide — if they want to — not to get wet. What happens if Abby decides not to get wet and Brittany wants it otherwise. In other words, who controls the honey pot? I know this is crazy, Africa sex press pussy pics what if Brittany is cheating on her husband and her husband walks in on the act, how does he know who is really sleeping with that other dude? I know these are funny scenarios, but I am half-serious.

On that note, I watched a video of the girls when they were 16, and Xxx hot ben ten cartoons naked body was just phenomenal watching the way Auto fellatio self suck interact and work together. These girls seem to get along more than we non conjoined people can get along with our own selves.

Hahaha you HAVE to be kidding me. The imaginary, invisible sky person has nothing to do with a person surviving a birth defect. I think the guy knows he is engaged to both ladies, they might claim to be individuals but not possible in this case.

Funsho, very valid question. I hope. Hope Igwe is pressing all the right notes, make sure he knows you have big brothers all over the planet, and we have high expectations. Loool at pressing all the right notes. No comments. So yeah, you got another response. If this was your situation would you want people talking about you vigina? Would you want people asking who is engaged to who?

Its not your place to ask this stuff let them handle it. Um, its a free country. We will Conjoined twins abby and brittany hensel what we want.

If you dont like it, feel free to close the browser window or surf your way to another website. Fucking millennials dude. I hate to tell you this but you dont get to decide what other people do. Nobody gives a flying fuck about what you think we should or shouldnt talk about. Grow up and take responsibility for YOUR actions and leave others alone to make their own mistakes. You do not get to decide anything for anyone other than yourself. So fuck off.

Great reply. I was wondering all these same questions, and they are good questions, not dirty minded. I feel like the girls would probably answer all of these questionssince they have shared so much about themselves anyway.

Would it be wrong of the one not in the relationship to actually take part in the enjoyment of the sex act. They are the only people I know of who, can experience what someone else is actually physically feeling while having sex. Not possible and unrealistic. There are so many more questions that I have, like would it be less problematic if they were both in love with one man, and can a man be in love with both of them at the same time, or would it be like just being in love with one woman?

The only time I can think of any perversion about the situation, is if they are both in love with diffetent men, and they all four have sexual relations at the same time. I would think that if the man or men in their lives, would have to be very understanding of how unique and special their significant other is, and realize it would be naive to think that their girl should lay there and pretend to feel nothing physical or emotional to the other man.

So, if each of the ladies have their own boyfriend, that brings into play a whole separate array of questions. I have an answer to everyones questions that kinda aduh. They are two individuals, each with their own brain, feelings, emotions and taste in men ofcourse. Thus if they do not ascribe to some form of polygamy, both cannot marry the same guy. They are TWO people.

Two identities. What Conjoined twins abby and brittany hensel then Conjoined twins abby and brittany hensel is they will have to find men who understand and accept this fact. All the other questions cannot be answered by morals, only by speculation and personal opinion. As in what if one of them doesnt want sex or is masturbating Bianca valentino college teens incestuous etc etc.

If they feel one way or the other then that is the truth about the situation. And if their opinions differ then it is up to them to adapt to each other and Nude photo tiger wife wood. No matter what we think it is irrelevant cause our truths arent their truths and in a situation like this there is no moral universal truth.

Probably not. This is really weird. The guy to whom Brittany is engaged must really be a good guy and love hers her dearly to insert himself into this complexity. Talk about the ever present sister-in-law. Have no idea. Thinking Conjoined twins abby and brittany hensel it now, what if the husband has sex with his wife with the intention of Busty club seventeen galleries her pregnant and the other sister gets pregnant instead?

Then whose baby is it really? That cant happen as they have one set of reproductive organs. If the husband is trying to get his wife pregnant than it will be her baby.

That does make a lot of sense. Conjoined twins abby and brittany hensel it will really suck if the husband is trying to get his wife pregnant and gets the other one pregnant. Only the father would have to be determined if there was more than one male present because twins by nature have the same DNA so theoritcally speaking even if they were seperated you could extract an egg encoded by each female exactly the same way and if the male gives the same sperm DNA encoding to each female there would Conjoined twins abby and brittany hensel be clones.

Since the DNA is the same and they only have one reproductive system, my vote would be: Both. The child would have two mothers. The only other way to determine it is if the uterus is both and each lymphatic system is in controll of only one ovary. You would have to determine which ovary the egg came from.

There DNA is identical! The are Identical Twins, conjoined! There would be no way to determine that one sister is the mother and the other sister an aunt! They are simply both the mother. Oh wow! There can only be one guy, which makes me wonder if they have the same taste in guys…. What if they dont like the same guys and the get engaged to different men?

How does sex work then? Bewildering, too. There cannot be one guy. They are two seperate Conjoined twins abby and brittany hensel with a common birth defect. They should each be able to have their own romantic interest since they are two people. The men will have to understand the situation and be open minded though. That is all. You all should feel ashamed!! There are so many more challanges for these girls than their sex life!

Would you want your sex life discussed all over the internet?!? Good for them to be better than all of you!

Uhm, B, we are not discussing their sex lives. Look people are curious. Nobody is insulting the girls, well, ladies now. Perhaps the ladies have Conjoined twins abby and brittany hensel all worked out between the two of them- they seem very close aside form the obvious reasons.

The ladies put their lives on tv, they opened them up to the public, the public is going to be curious. Pika, thank you very much. Thanks a lot for understanding anyway. Oh, boy. OK when you think about it Abby might have the Conjoined twins abby and brittany hensel of brittney because they only have one private.

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