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The women of The Weather Channel are fiercely intelligent and bold and are trailblazers in the field of meteorology! Today, and every day, we celebrate our Women in Weather and their accomplishments. Learn about how awesome and groundbreaking each female meteorologist at The Weather Channel is by checking out their personalized articles! Stephanie Abrams. Stephanie is such an inspiration when it comes to not just understanding the science of meteorology, but explaining it in a fun way.

When she says that the atmosphere is like a hamburger, it helps to visualize the many layers of the atmosphere and why certain kinds of weather happen. Liana Brackett. Liana started as a forecaster in meteorology — a very male-dominated field — and then went on to work in local TV and The Weather Channel.

Jen Carfagno. Jen is encouraging and dedicated to uplifting other female scientists, Danielle weather channel girls nude them excited to pursue meteorology, which admire so much about her. Kelly Cass. Kelly proves you can do it all! Alex Wilson. Post Comment. As a female meteorology major, it is great to see so many inspiring women in meteorology!

Thank you for being positive role models we can all look up to! Almost forgot, for those of you who want to learn MORE about women scientists, there are books on women scientist contributions to the early days of NASA, aviation, artic exploration.

I believe that The Weather Channel ladies are dressed fine. Perhaps they actually WANT to show off their knees. Perhaps they actually WANT to wear dresses instead of slacks. Instead of worrying about what TWC staff wears and does not wear, perhaps we should be grateful that they both the men and the women are on the air giving us the expertise, the knowledge, and the devotion that we need when it comes to WX.

If there are any pay discrimination issues, I am quite certain that TWC ladies are quite capable of dealing with the situation accordingly. The fact that they ARE meteorologists demonstrates high intellect and the capability of thinking for themselves as opposed to the feminist doctrine that all women should think the exact same way.

And, as a guy, I will definitely end my post by saying that I think that ALL of TWC ladies, are delightful, gorgeous, and quite a few of them take the time to answer my tweets concerning WX. This is like the best thing ever. Thank you! I wish I could meet all of the meteorologists, they all seem like such amazing people.

Amen to that for sure, iifrigidfire! I wish that I could meet all the meteorologists at The Weather Channel, especially all Danielle weather channel girls nude women. I feel all the ladies do a very good work doing their job! A tribute to the women was a very good thing for them to be recognized. Jen Rodriguez is another interesting lady like the rest of the female meteorologists. Danielle weather channel girls nude love you guys, keep rolling those news in.

For all fellow weather geeks like me, I Danielle weather channel girls nude that we not only have more women in STEM but also witness their dreams come true. This is affirmative when it comes to meteorology, especially at The Weather Channel. Female meteorologists prove continuously that they are just as terrific as anybody else. I give all the wxwomen 10 out 10 stars.

I have been a colossal fan and supporter of The Weather Channel; and I hope that you feel that way too. Bring it on! I think this is awesome,celebrating the talented women of TWC. But Maria Larosa is in a class of her own,I absolutely Love her. I love it that the gals still dress like gals. Amazing and awesome!

I have been watching TWC since the beginning. A lot of talented women have come and Indian chubby aunty pics, but the current group of ladies are very experienced and dedicated! Stephanie has to be my favorite, but they Danielle weather channel girls nude all amazing!!!!! Im pleased that The Weather Channel is featuring women this week. Make sure you check out Wx Geeks Sunday at noon to see some more about women in meteorology!

My favorites are Kelly, Jen, Stephanie and Alexandra. The whole group is so good it is difficult to single out a few favorites. Keep up the great work. I pray that The Weather Channel continues the fantastic zeal and stays on the air for another fifty years at least.

All are good meteorologists that disappeared without reason or explanation, just like Jennifer Delgado. After all, they were two of my favorite personalities to watch on the air. Great Danielle weather channel girls nude TWC and hats off to the women of science.

Are they paid equally to the men on TWC? And when can they wear slacks to work? Just wondering. Danielle weather channel girls nude is your problem?

The men look nice also. Thank you for the comments! Skip to content Women of The Weather Channel. Stephanie Abrams Stephanie is such an inspiration when it comes to not just understanding the science of meteorology, but explaining it in a fun way.

Her down to earth style helps people understand complicated topics. In conclusion, females in STEM rock. Women in weather everywhere rock. The women of The Weather Channel rock. Females can look to these seven women and feel encouraged to pursue careers that involve science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and know that they can succeed!

Join the Discussion Post Comment. Reply 1. Danielle weather channel girls nude to that for sure, chandlerski5! Amen to that, nightowl04! Are u jealous because most of them more than likely look better than you.

Bully for you cloud9girl!! Maybe theres a dress code. Where is Jennifer delgado? Did you fire her for comment on tree eating kids. Join the We Love Weather Community. What are you waiting for? It only takes a minute to join! Sign Up Already a member? Log In.

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