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A few hours had passed by. The two saiyans were still asleep. Kale had came back home. She looked for the two. Only to find them asleep in Caulifla's bed. This was quite a shocker for her. Never would she had imagined her sis laying in bed with someone besides her. Since it was Goku, she didn't get upset by it. She was rather confused about the ordeal.

Caulifla never took interest into guys before. Kale knew that Caulifla had sex Dbz sex fan fics one or two before but it never resulted into her sleeping with them. The room didn't smell like sex so she knew that they didn't do it. Honestly to think that Caulifla would let a male saiyan sleep next to her. Dbz sex fan fics Kale remembered that Caulifla didn't like weak saiyans.

She might've had sex with them. Yet that Dbz sex fan fics for her own needs. Goku on the other hand was far from weak. It would make sense for Caulifla to be attracted to him. Since she was strong herself. Kale decided to let them be. She was tired from her Dbz sex fan fics match with Cabba.

So she took a quick shower and headed to her room to relax. Not too long after that, Caulifla started to wake up. She felt warm for some reason. As if her whole body was covered by something. Her head was on a comfortable spot too. She really didn't want to move. Soon she realized something wasn't right. Caulifla moves her head up and saw that she was laying on Goku.

Why am I laying down here and why am I cuddling Dbz sex fan fics him? She figured she must've passed out in his arms. And he brought her to her room. What she couldn't figure out is why she was cuddling with him in her sleep. Although she didn't mind it. It was a step closer to him getting over his love for Chi-Chi. Another thing was she was comfortable and his chest was a good pillow. She just continued to rest her head there to wait for him to Dbz sex fan fics up.

About 30mins had went by until Goku woke up. He looked down to She that Caulifla was still there but she was awake. You told me to stay. At first I didn't know if I should Dbz sex fan fics or not but I ended up staying. I should probably take a shower. She took off her shirt. Goku sat up himself and stared at her. Her breast were just perfect in his eyes. Not too big or small.

He knew he shouldn't be looking so he closed Dbz sex fan fics eyes. A small blush now came into his face. Caulifla thought this over. Public naked boy on the bike was a perfect chance for her to make him start to want her. She smirked to herself, "I give you my permission Goku. If you can go this long without sex then I know you can keep yourself in check while I'm naked.

Goku sighed and open his eyes. He saw her smirking at him. As if she was daring him to make a move. He couldn't take his eyes off her breast.

It was as if they were calling to him to be sucked on. Caulifla noticed him staring and laughed. She took off her pants and underwear then started to head for the bathroom Dbz sex fan fics her room.

Once the door was closed and the shower was turned on. Goku laid back down then put his hands over his face. Did she do that on purpose? If she keeps this up, I won't be able to keep Nudist teens boys nudes in check for much longer. Inside the shower, the female saiyan was having thoughts of her own. Never Men pantyhose threesome sex I have imagined that I would enjoy teasing a man.

Especially in that way of teasing. I really really want him to just take me. But I have to keep teasing him. Caulifla turned off the shower and dried herself off. She put a towel over her body and walked out. When she opened the door, Dbz sex fan fics saw that Goku was still laying down and had his face covered with his hands. The female saiyan released the towel from her body then walked over to him.

Goku has noticed she was next to him but didn't bother to look. Caulifla jumped onto his lap and straddled him. Goku removed his hands to see that Caulifla was fully naked sitting on top of him. Caulifla leaned Dbz sex fan fics and whispered in his ear. Can't handle a naked Dbz sex fan fics on your lap? Goku felt the bulge in Dbz sex fan fics pants growing harder by the second.

He couldn't help but to stare at her. A low growl escaped his mouth and he flipped her over and switched positions. Caulifla looked at him in surprise. She could see the look Dbz sex fan fics his eyes.

The look told her that the beast inside him was close to letting loose. Goku leaned down and whispered in her ear. Caulifla felt herself getting wet and horny. Feeling the bulge in his pants on her womanhood. It took all of Goku's strength to not fuck her like an animal. He knew he wanted this and it was obvious that she did too. So what was holding him back? I just can't do it. Caulifla put both of her hands on his face and brought it up to look directly at hers.

To resist me fully naked while I'm urging you is really something. But you should just give it up. You know Dbz sex fan fics want me Goku. So why restrain yourself when you know that I want you to fuck me to? Goku stared at her, "I don't know myself Cauli. I know I should just forget about Chi-Chi but it's something that's holding me back. Goku felt his heart skip a beat. Damn it why am I doing this to myself?

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