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AskMen may get paid if you click a link in this article and buy a product or service. To go trimmed, clean-shaven or au naturel?

These options are on men's minds a lot more than they admit — trust us. Men's body hair is a touchy subject for most guys, but women have been dealing with it forever. So, in this era of expanding possibilities for men and masculinity, it's time to have a serious conversation about men's pubic hair. You might think it's unsightly, or inconvenient, but the truth is pubic hair exists for a reason — we just aren't sure what reason that might be.

Evolutionary biologists have suggested that pubic hair is an indicator of puberty, an evolutionary signal that we're ready to reproduce; another hypothesis argues that pubic hair serves to trap pheromones, and that shaving it all off therefore means we lose out on the benefits of olfactory attraction.

Bacteriologists have long noted the ability of pubic hair to trap Do women want it shaved, dirt and bacteria, thereby preventing potential infection-causing bacteria from reaching the genital area — a much more important function for women than for men.

Pubic hair also reduces skin irritation and chafing, which are major causes of genital infections. The takeaway is that you might Sex telugu nude images to think Do women want it shaved before removing all of your pubic hair, and instead opt for something closer to a trim.

If you do decide to go bare, take some precautionary measures to stave off infections or skin irritations, including using a skin balm on your newly-shaved genital area. When it comes to pubic hair style, men Do women want it shaved get the short end of the stick: women tend to have far more options and flexibility when it comes to opting for a unique style.

That having been said, men have their own style variations. Do women prefer men's pubic hair that's trimmed, styled, or even shaved bare? See Answer. So now that you have a better idea what reasons are on women's minds when it comes the sex appeal of a guy going completely bare or a guy who's more of a simple pubic trimmer; removing pubic hair can be a slippery or a prickly slope. We have some suggestions on the best tools for removing male body hair from any area hair grows.

If so, get prepared. When cleaning up your bush, it's crucial to have the right tools on hand. For Do women want it shaved first timers, trimming and then finishing up with a razor can make the job much more manageable and less painful. Use a razor specifically designed to handle this sensitive terrain. Safety first! Use a lubricating shaving cream like Cremo. Remember, fewer passes with the razor results in less friction and redness.

Nobody wants to nick or cut the family jewels. If razor burn is a concern, this offering from Cremo, made with Mature cum covered face and Macadamia Seed Oil, should help you achieve a smoother, bump-free shave. You can shave or trim, wet or dry with the dual-sided Philips Norelco Bodygroomer.

It's showerproof, cordless and has a 4-way Do women want it shaved head for maximum maneuverability around the boys. The trimmer adjusts to 5 different lengths, and the blades have rounded tips for comfortable de-fuzzing. Consistency is key. Besides, hair holds body odor.

Trimming or shaving will keep you smelling fresher as will spraying down the equipment with a little Dude Powder. While that may be true, do you really need to dye your pubes just to please a woman?

Absolutely not! However, confidence is key when it comes to performance, so no judgment here. Try the same shampoo you use for the hair on your head. To find out more, please read our complete terms of use. Search AskMen Search.

Messages You have no messages. Notifications You have no notifications. What Women Really Think. Jennifer Ryan Jones. My girlfriend is really turned on by man buns. Should I Do women want it shaved one for her? In adult mags for women, men are completely shaven. Do women find it sexy and prefer this? I'm a fan of shaved also.

Less hair more head!! I am personally not a fan of being completely shaved, but trimming and keeping your space Micro string bikini xxx only benefits you in the long run. As a woman, the thought of getting a mouthful of hair is Do women want it shaved disgusting and will definitely turn me off from certain sexual acts.

Just my opinion : See Answer. I like to be able to see the full length of the penis and it's hard to see, pun intended, if Wide pear ass porn is a jungle down there. It doesn't have to be shaved bald but trimmed is good. That's just my opinion. Every woman is different. What I would do is trim it short, but not shave it all the way. Its a good balance and sends a message that you care about your appearance. You can also ask for her preference.

Some do like overly hairy guys, some like clean shaven. But try trimming. Basically giving you that feeling that you still have hair. I don't know if chicks like that. The upside is that it makes my tools look much bigger! However trimmed closely is best, can't go wrong with that!

Hey man, shave it all off. Just think what a great blow job she will give you. If you ass is very hairy get that waxed she will love rimming you. Girls just love not getting hairs in their mouth. It does not make you gay to excite your female partner. I keep most of it trimmed. But the boys are shaved clean.

Seems to be appreciated. See Answer So now that you have a better idea what reasons are on women's minds when it comes the sex appeal of a guy going completely bare or a guy who's more of a simple pubic trimmer; removing Do women want it shaved hair can be a slippery or a prickly slope. Show comments. Comments Share your opinion Your name. Pubic Hair Manscaping. Grooming Care. Looking to Go Bare Down There?

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