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Listed below is a collection of hypnofetish webpages. Some I enjoy myself, others have been recommended to me. This is by no means a complete or definitive list of our little sub-culture. If you're interested in swapping links with your hypnofetish page, send me a note. Any comments and suggestions can also be posted on the feedback board on my main page. If a site has a strikeout through the name, it has been officially declared to be dead or at least on life-support.

French vouyer contributor amateur you want to use a link banner for my Stuff on your site, here it is. You can encourage my work by buying me something or by setting up a small private monthly donation with.

Sites in the 'Newly Arrived' section may have been around for a while, but are new to this list. Many of these sites offer some kind of for-pay service, and said services will be employed strictly French vouyer contributor amateur a visitor's own risk and expense. However, if you've had problems with any of the sites listed, please drop me a line and let me know. In the interests of full disclosure: since I have achieved a degree of notoriety in our social group, I have on occasion received free samples of some of the aforementioned pay services.

In these cases as with all others, I have attempted to offer an as objective opinion as is possible. It's my experience that the whole YG system has pretty much turned into a ghost-town, but for memory's sake, here are a few sites which might have something of interest.

Unless otherwise noted, assume that a site is maledom oriented. There is quite a bit of slop-over between categories. Reviews of episodes of various mainstream shows and games that feature hypnofetish material. A new image-hosting site that hopes to collect MC and transformation stuff, allowing more explicitly adult stuff to be posted. The cornerstone of the hypnofetish community, now hosted by Mind Control Theatre.

A forum and picture-posting site for hypnofetish work; tends to lean more towards photomanipulations, but has drawings as well, including some of mine. Doesn't do photomanipulations, and is pickier about the artistic French vouyer contributor amateur of their submissions than most, which means you won't be seeing much of my work posted there. I guess reddit is a love-it-or-hate-it type of thing, but it does have an erotic hypnosis forum. A collection of graphical links to numerous Korean model hot sexy bikini site, including my TV listings page.

A collection of vidcaps from various MC-themed scenes, both real-life and acted. A collection of MCish images and the short text scenes they inspired. Like it says, a site that collects animated. Site which lists info on real-life hypnofetishist gatherings in the US.

A social site for sexual fetishists; link goes to the Erotic Hypnosis sub-group. You have to have an account to log in. Collection on Tumblr of pics by the owner of the currently-defunct Deep-Trances paysite. The webpage of an American expat hypnosis enthusiast in Taiwan. Has information and links concerning real hypnosis and guided imagery. A site that reviews self-hypnosis products on the web. Offers free self-hypnosis MP3s and claims to "only review products that work". A collection of free MP3s designed to 'train' hypnotic submissives.

A collection of MC femdom-themed fiction and hypnotic-induction audio files by Chewtoy. Features an enormous collection of further links. The blog of a hypno enthusiast.

She also co-hosts the French vouyer contributor amateur Two Hyp Chicks " podcast. A collection of artwork by various DeviantArt hypnofetishists, including yours truly.

A hypnofetishist with lots of original artwork and an even larger collection of "Favorites" by other authors. Petto's collection of puppet-themed MCish material. He has an older site here. He has the fine taste to do the occasional Doctor Fang piece.

His older stuff can be found here. A Poser artist who produces MC-themed work. Well done technically, but his body-models do tend to be a bit He's also posted his stuff on both Hipcomix and MCComix. Two Poser artists who mostly specialize in superheroine-perils. Not always MC, but well done artistically, especially Tania's work. Their characters sometimes make guest appearances in each French vouyer contributor amateur scenes.

A prolific contributor. Doesn't do hypnofetish stuff anymore, but his older works are quite enjoyable. A page featuring the work of a fellow artist has done lots of hypnofetish drawings. She's moved on to other things in recent years, but her archive will be of particular interest to fans of Anime and 'Furry' artwork. Gallery-website of a popular MC-themed artist; has a tendency to go for transgender themes. She has re-posted the various versions of French vouyer contributor amateur "Squid Ops" webcomic here.

A Poser artist from Japan who creates very impressive hypnofetish animations; the only real French vouyer contributor amateur on French vouyer contributor amateur is their creator's somewhat shaky grasp of English. You have to pay for the newer stuff, while a lot of his older work is available for free on his Yahoo Group. A collection of MC scenes, created with the Poser graphics program. Impressive in technical terms, and probably of greatest interest to those who enjoy bimbofication and body-modification stories.

French vouyer contributor amateur blog and photomanipulation-gallery of a French vouyer contributor amateur. Mostly Female-female dominate material, but very well done. Darksong's link page offers you a whole bunch more.

A site which has a couple French vouyer contributor amateur short-lived MC-themed webcomics. The screenwriter of the stories is MC Archive celeb Daphne, so if you're a fan of her work, check it Short skirt big butt milf. Regularly features good scripts and comparatively high production values. Recommended if you like female-victim MC. They also have a site offering MC-themed comics. Shifting to a new name and posting material at Clips4Sale: Daphne's Fantasies.

A new home for the superheroine-based Poser-created fictional universe. Not all stories are MC-themed. A free gallery can be viewed here. A page set up by the video-clip selling site with a long French vouyer contributor amateur of their clients who offer MCish material. A Clips4Sale site that, as its name suggests, sells all sorts of different fetish scenes, including some MC and robot stuff; a little something for everyone at this place. Hahn does an excellent "hypno-face".

A paysite which sells campy MC-fantasy scenes. Operated by and often starring genre stalwart S. A pay-site which sells some nicely-done maledom fantasy MC scenes. You do the actual purchasing over at the relevant Clips4Sale site. A pay site which offers the MCish Poser-created comic book work French vouyer contributor amateur Sunstrider. A Clips4Sale site which offers fantasy video scenes with examples of. A paysite that has some real-life femsub hypnosis-play scenes for sale.

A clips4sale paysite that sells mostly femdom camera-is-your-POV type video scenes. A collection of hypno-related MP3s aimed at both sexes, both free and pay. Pay site featuring Battle's CGI hypno and alien-menace stories. A paysite selling both vanilla bondage and hypno video scenes. Female-sub, no males appear on-screen. A Clips4Sale site which caters to various fetishes, including some MC stuff and female robot scenerios.

Two sites by the same folks, which feature gals getting into various sorts of comic-bookish peril, some of it MC-related. No nudity or actual sex, but still adult in tone. Crush is a spy, while SHG details the travails of various superheroines. The production crew seems to do pretty well, considering they must work with a budget that is.

I'd say "shoestring", but I suspect that shoestrings are in fact a luxury extra. The pay-site of Lex, a man in the UK who does real-life hypnosis photo-shoots.

Lex also does a personal blog. Pic collection on Tumblr by the proprietor of Entrancement UK. Check out the free sample section here. Getting into animations as well.

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