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Think your boyfriend might be cheating? First of all, don't get all paranoid for no good reason. Obsessively checking his phone Girl cheating on boyfriend social media accounts are signs of a sensitive girlfriend, not necessarily a cheating boyfriend. But what if your gut's clearly telling you that he's being unfaithful? Consider the following signs that may indicate that your boyfriend is cheating. If he's gone cold, like he's not texting you back anymore and no longer plans dates to see you, then something's wrong.

But it might be school or family problems, so before you assume it's another girl, ask him what's on his mind. Guys like it when a girl shows a genuine interest in them, so question your man first before you just assume that he's cheating.

Did he lose his temper just because you mentioned one of his female friends or asked him what he did on Thursday? It's could be because he's got a guilty conscience, and instead of coming clean, he's getting defensive. If he's being extra secretive about stuff, like by changing his online passwords, flipping out when you try to look over his shoulder, or taking his phone with him to Girl cheating on boyfriend bathroom, he could be hiding something.

Especially if he's never acted that way before. If he does something drastic with his hair or clothing, well, maybe he just wants to see what he looks like with a fauxhawk. Or maybe he's trying to impress someone new. Also, if he all of a sudden start wearing cologne or shaving a new way, something might be up. He might be trying to catch the attention of someone else. If he's visited more than two ailing grandmas in the past 48 hours, something's fishy. This doesn't give you the right to cross-examine him every time he goes 12 hours without seeing you, but Girl cheating on boyfriend his lame excuses become a habit, it's likely for a sneaky reason.

Also, watch how he treats other girls and the women in his family. If he has no respect for them, what makes you any different? If he says this phrase to you, then it's likely that he already has another person specifically in mind. Don't try to work out some friends-with-benefits deal with him.

You'll only end Girl cheating on boyfriend feeling used. If you want an exclusive relationship, then you shouldn't settle for anything less. Updated March 25, Continue Reading.

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