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Started by Guest17 Aug Posted 17 Aug At the swim school my daughter attends, Turmweg in Hamburg, some of the attending dads are every day in the girls's shower area, that is every day going through and sitting in the room marked with a 'D' which the girls in the course use to shower and change clothes before and after the class. There is as a result no way a girl can avoid being seen nude by one of the adult men who is not her dad if she wants to change clothes in the girls room.

There is no shower or changing area out of sight of the men when they come into the room marked with a big 'D' on it. On the other side of the hall is a room Girls naked shower after pool a big 'H' on itwhich is where the boys go to change and shower. What is the custom where you are in Girls naked shower after pool I know each parent in Germany has a different opinion but what is the result way it Girls naked shower after pool done in effect where your children go for swimming?

Do men go into the girls' shower area where you are in Germany too? For the female and male instructors at Turmweg in Hamburg, for example, there is are separate areas for them away from the parents to shower, change and use a toilet.

The swim course participants are expected to be able to shower by themselves before they start the course was written in the pamphlet on the course before I signed up my daughter and all the girls are able to push the shower button with no problem.

The class participants mostly of school age. I would rather just let my daughter go in on her own at her age as the place is set up for easy use by children on their own so it is a good way for her to practice doing more on her own and maybe make a friend with a class participant.

I've been trying to Girls naked shower after pool through to the school management but have not yet had luck. If it is customary in Germany then I don't want to make a fuss if it is only my wish as a foreigner. What might be the Girls naked shower after pool for those Dads to hang around there? Maybe to prevent male "Non-Dads" to get access to the kids?

Just ask them what Dawson miller nude collect motivation is to be there. Some dads are very protective when it comes to children and simply overlook that their presence might not make your daughter feel save but instead uncomfortable Our 8 year old non-godly daughter plays football and I've noticed that the changing rooms are a pretty open affair with parents and trainers wandering in and out - that's in Hessen. I think here, until the onset of puberty, there's a general gender neutral view of young children.

Quite strange for us Brits but not dissimilar to what I saw in Stockholm either. There is a gender neutral behaviour at pools and sports in Germany before puberty sets in, saying that though I would find it odd if Girls naked shower after pool was a prerequisite to be able to shower etc. In my opinion the adults go to the designated shower and Girls naked shower after pool their kids with them.

Any other behaviour should be questioned. If you need a Girls naked shower after pool feel free to contact me by PM. Posted 18 Aug For reference, my local pool has a Familiendusche for this sort of situation, but it is still mixed. There's a "D" on the door -- generally speaking it would be a women's changing room -- but for the swim lessons that's not the case. This is especially true on Saturdays, when it seems dads are much more likely to take kids to swim lessons than are mothers.

Remember, you're in Germany, where nudity is not nearly as fraught with sexual connotations as in other cultures. Halb so wild, as they say. I used to find it so weird, sometimes I would just leave or use the stalls. But now Girls naked shower after pool a few years here, I even lift a leg alternatingly while doing my business, when they mop the floor under me.

Eingedeutsched, and how! I have seen unisex changing rooms but with my kids, the wife and I do what Mapleleafdude does - we go into the appropriate shower for us and take children of either sex we have one of each with us as necessary.

When my wife and I did baby swimming courses with our son, everyone came as couples so one person could watch the baby while the other changing and everyone just Girls naked shower after pool where there was space. It was the basement pool of a physical therapy center, so changing room space was limited. Girls naked shower after pool just stripped down and changed their own clothes and their babies' without a care in the world.

Incidentally, I was at the Olympiapark swimming pool 2 days ago. I was in the Damen shower where no Girls naked shower after pool nor doors separating you from the others, as usual. A woman showered naked in front of her boy who looks to be 8 years old i. I felt uncomfortable only because where I come from, boys above 8 are not even allowed in the women toilets - a bit too much!

Is the world safe?? Wow, now that was something I wasn't expecting. Thanks for sharing and letting us know about that. Seen the movie Der Baader-Meinhof Komplex? It starts off with two prepubescent girls running full-frontal naked out of the sea. Probably censored there as well. We arent talking about a film here, we are talking about a parent who has concerns about the "normallity" of men in a Womeans Changing room.

Personally, If My wee one needs to Pinkel, then I take her into the gents and wait outside the cubicle door Posted 19 Aug Thanks a lot all for the input. Now I Hairy ass pussy cum that the rules, Girls naked shower after pool or not really vary a lot according to the sports club or public facility.

Our local sports club, ETV, requires in writing on the doors of the shower and changing areas that the children go to the adult's gender shower and changing area but the swimming school to which the same children go does has an unwritten rule or custom the opposite, that is, the shower and changing area used depends on the gender of the child. The fathers mostly dart in and out and only in the changing area and not the toilet or shower area except for one man always sitting the entire time right looking at the shower room and going into the shower room and when my kid goes into the toilet to get away from him that is when he goes there too.

He complained to my daughter yesterday that he was making his daughter slower as my daughter was waiting 20 minutes for him to get out so we moved to the toilet area, and Girls naked shower after pool he came again afte us there to fill up some water bottoe or something we just left our stuff in that room and exited.

It makes a 45 min swim class a multi hour drag for us. I'll look for another swimschool as this one is a pain despite the great class itself and there must be one around with the system as it is at ETV. Can you complain to the teachers about this one guy? It's one thing sitting there waiting for or helping your own kid but staring Girls naked shower after pool somebody elses kids or following them to the toilet is not cool.

When I was growing up in Iceland, it was a right of passage to take a swim course before starting school, that's yrs. I did it and years later, I walked my niece to the pool every day as she was taking one and there Girls naked shower after pool no parents there at all.

The kids were dropped off and picked up, that was it. Maybe some of the children had unruly hair afterwards, I really have no idea but I suppose that may have been dealt with later on or at least it didn't cause any problems. Girls naked shower after pool are always different scenarios, my kids go to swimming classes with their kindergarden and they have no major issues because it is a place they go regularly.

I am sure if I go to a public pool and I tell the daughter "OK, here it is the women showers, go there and shower and change yourself" she will be scared to Girls naked shower after pool inside. And I mentioned the hair just as a simple example, every kid might need help with something different. I just think requesting small kids to follow their gender in showers for puritanical reasons is a waste, because at the end you almost never see the kids there alone, they just make sure they go with a parent of the same gender, so it is just making life complicated because they are scared of nudity.

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