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Download of brilliant high resolution and HD photo and video files is reserved for our valued VResidents only. Charlotte And Voyeur PM This amateur wife photo blog is a free service of VCity. It features 1 videos and photos uploaded by the owner of the blog. Charlotte And Voyeur: I dread Moondays as it signifies the beginning of another long work week Here is to hoping Cream and vanilla the rabbit hentai gif "rainy days and Mondays don't get you down".

Hi-res x available for VResidents. Tags and features. Charlotte And Voyeur: Mrs. S is right, tan lines on Titty Tuesday is a great combination. Hope your day is outstanding. Charlotte And Voyeur: V has wanted to post this photo for the past few weeks. Hi res sheer bikini he described it to me, I was not the main attraction of this photo. V was intrigued by the shadow on the bottom of the pool. I guess we have been married a while when a shadow catches his attention more than is semi-nude wife LOL - Charlotte.

Charlotte And Voyeur: This is V's new favorite bikini for me to wear. He said he need to check on how sheer it became when wet. I think he is just a horny little boy Charlotte And Voyeur: I hate Mondays!!

So hard to get out of bed. Maybe I can call in sick today. Charlotte And Voyeur: The work week has come to an end and look how far we have come Enjoy your sexy weekend. Charlotte And Voyeur: V Hi res sheer bikini intrigued by the shadow and wanted to see what he could do with it.

He can be such a little boy at times. Yes, v sheer bikini does let the sun shine through. Charlotte And Voyeur: Just a little more of me having fun by the water. Must admit that these birds sure are hard to catch. Here is wishing you a good week. Charlotte And Voyeur: Happy Saturday.

Just trying to capture some of the last rays of summer. Charlotte And Voyeur: I have received many requests for a video. One request was for me walking on the beach. That will have to wait until nest year, though I did let V shoot me while we were walking one morning.

Hope this whets you whistle. Charlotte And Voyeur: Working on my moon tan during the last full moon. I had two bikinis with me for this shoot. Thought you might like to Hi res sheer bikini this one. Charlotte And Voyeur: Friday has finally arrived. Here is wishing you lots of sexy fun over the weekend - Charlotte. Charlotte And Voyeur: We made it to Wednesday and that means the weekend is in view. Previous 1 2 Close This user is online! VResidents can use the chat feature Hi res sheer bikini establish direct text or video communication with other users.

VResidents: Access Hi res sheer bikini chat at the right bottom of this page with the little chat slider. Close Start private conversation with Sorry, only VResidents can use private image exchange and messaging.

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