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It has been a time and cash consuming journey to find the perfect device, secure enough to deny me any self-pleasuring while comfortable enough to allow long term lock ups.

I have tried about everything out there, from ball-trap devices to full belts. On day 23 something, being locked in my Neosteel Arch again. Last time she had me locked away for some 6 and a half months. She has indicated that she wants to beat that duration this time.

Her are my thoughts on the topic. Life has been busy lately and chastity play has not been on top of our agenda. My wife decided to grant an orgasm after six months and fifteen days of enforced permanent chastity and denial.

The somewhat longer version. I love everything about my Neosteel Arch, especially since I went even tighter on the waist. It now fits like it was painted on my skin. Very restrictive and as secure as any chastity device could ever get.

Without the key there is no way to touch any part of my member, not even at the base. And that is truly maddening. I love how it constrains my erections while keeping me so sexually excited and frustrated. This full steel chastity belt is perfect! There is only one final barrier and limitation where the Neosteel cannot manage my lifestyle. Are there really only a few couples that use chastity as a lifestyle? Tell us about your daily routines.

It has now been a day short of two weeks since my ejaculation accident. It was the most ruined orgasm of a lifetime and my wife has ensured that frustration has been kept intensely high.

Last Sunday I was unlocked, instructed to Loved your belt in thum to the very limit of orgasming. Since June 28 this year Loved your belt in thum have been surfing the edge. I have been locked up in my Neosteel Arch and access to my penis Loved your belt in thum been very limited. We practice what you might call enforced permanent tease and denial.

That is, she keeps me locked up and only releases me when she so desire, usually for some highly frustrating tease and denial. The normal outcome of that is that she gets at least one massive orgasm, while I am brought close to the edge several times and then being denied.

It has now been eighty-one days since my last O. It has been ups and downs, and even Loved your belt in thum when I was on the verge of ending it, both of sexual frustration but also due to the immense stress we have been under lately. As life returns to normal I am happy that we persisted and that we still play this insanely intense game.

I have now been locked in my totally secure Neosteel for 36 days. I have had no orgasms and no access to please myself. There is no chance I could bring myself to an orgasm. The confining steel keeps my erections at a minimum, throbbing against the restraint. Yesterday she did it again. Teased me beyond reason. It has been three weeks, five days and five hours since I was locked up and denied any access to my sexual pleasures. This is a personal record. Even if I have been locked up Loved your belt in thum earlyorgasm has been about every second weeks with longer period of free access.

Permanent male chastity and orgasm denial does not happen over night. I found a counter function on WordPress and started punching in dates for various milestones.

We have created Xxx sexy black ice own chastity belt. To read more click here. I got the question of how I had managed to get to long term wear in the Arch. Loved your belt in thum short version — — Wow, what a year! I replied to the following Are there really only a few couples that use chastity as a lifestyle? We are back on track!

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