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Note: this story contains spanking copyrights to Nintendo. Another fine day in the mushroom kingdom. As soon as Peach left Yoshi was running around the castle training for super smash bros. It was pink with bright pink stripes which was bought today only for 85 coins 85 dollars in the real world. Yoshi trembled with fear his tail is between his legs, his sweat was dripping, and his palms where sweaty like the river.

It got Mario girls butt getting spanking Peach is knocking on the door, "Yoshi it turns out Daisy has a cold so the tea was changed to tomorrow". Yoshi is now trembled in fear luckily he found a good hiding place under the throne room. He hid it there just about when Peach enters the room. Peach also said, "I have to clean the throne room its pretty dusty. Peach enters the throne room grabbing a duster.

Sadly his mouth size is bigger than normal and 75 noticeable Peach looks at Yoshi and said "What's in Mario girls butt getting spanking mouth? Yoshi can't hold it any longer and spit it out. Peach looks at the broken vase then looked at the place where it normally place before it broke. She tapped her foot "I'm very disappointed in you" she said disappointed.

Yoshi looked ashamed. Yoshi try the trick that works often he try to look cute big sparkling eyes with a crazy wagging tail. After he Mario girls butt getting spanking with the chair and a hairbrush Peach explains what there for.

Yoshi can't remember the last time he was spanked. The last time he was spanked was when he was born and traveled with Luigi and Luigi tells him not to wonder off without him but he did. He was Mario girls butt getting spanking eated by a Caterpillar Luigi saves Yoshi and spanked him for disobeying him. Peach tells him to come here so he did. Peach pulls Yoshi over the knees then pin his arms and Lonely horny women in shumen so he won't block his bottom.

Yoshi closed his eyes waiting for this to be over. Peach came down the first swat when she did Yoshi's eyes got wide open due to the painful blow.

After the next whack Yoshi's tears started to Mario girls butt getting spanking and made a whimper noise. Yoshi try to break free but Peach says "It not over it just begun". Yoshi whimpered louder and his bottom is bright pink like the color of peaches. Yoshi notice Peach is reaching for the hairbrush and kicks wildly. Peach smacks him hard for kicking. Then Peach swat that hairbrush on Yoshi's bottom.

And Yoshi screamed in pain it hurts more then the hand. Yoshi started to cry "I'm almost done" She said. After she finished with a powerful blow it was over. At the end Yoshi was crying with a red bottom. Yoshi was about to start rubbing Micro string bikini xxx bottom until Peach swats his hands away. Yoshi did what he was told. Later the Mario brothers appeared in the castle. When they enter the throne room Mario notice Mario girls butt getting spanking at the corner red bottom and asked "What happen to Yoshi?

Yoshi rubbed his bottom like crazy he was sniffing still. Then Peach hugs Yoshi and rubbed his back again and said "Your a strong will dinosaur". Story Story Writer Forum Community. Games Mario. Yoshi's punishment Note: this story contains spanking copyrights to Nintendo. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Close Working Terms of Service.

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