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Reading: The Four oh Five. Submit A Story. About Us Advertise Contact. Editor's Picks. Top Stories. Setting up an unlikely, verdant idyll in Minotaur shock amateur dramatics heart of Manchester's urban sprawl were Melodic Records, but while most of their plucked acoustic 'folktronica' bands came t The 21 Sep, Setting up an unlikely, verdant idyll in the heart of Manchester's urban sprawl were Melodic Records, but while most of their plucked acoustic 'folktronica' bands came to nothing, Minotaur Shock, AKA Dave Edwards, thrived.

He built on his debut, Chiff-Chaffs and Willow Warblers with dogged remix work and soundtracking duties, leading to critical success and a signing with major label 4AD. Maritimereleased inwas a triumph; jaunty, cheerful and shamelessly enjoyable ditties that captured perfectly the feeling of a cartoonish trip across the waves, boat skipping merrily along under the rowing of a large, bearded captain dressed head to toe in bright yellow waterproofs.

Now Minotaur Shock returns, with a new website and album. It might seem strange to mention a new website at this point, but to Edwards, Amateur Dramatics is not an album, it Minotaur shock amateur dramatics 'content.

But, rather than the honesty box approach of Radiohead, Edwards has applied a rigorous pricing policy to Minotaur shock amateur dramatics individual track based on it's replay value, enjoyment factor, use of guest musicians and a number of other variables.

The website thus becomes a great addition to the music, as reading the charming track breakdowns offers a window into the process, and an amusingly scientific approach to something so emotional as music. It is slightly absurdist that one track can be deemed to be worth a few pence more than another, when their impact on an individual would be utterly incomparable.

Putting this Minotaur shock amateur dramatics experiment Minotaur shock amateur dramatics one side, what is the album actually like? Well, it essentially hits a pleasant middle ground between the natural sounds of Chiff-Chaffs As always, Minotaur Shock's compositions are catchy and immediate, but also tightly controlled Minotaur shock amateur dramatics cleverly pieced together. There is a DIY, home made, kitchen sink aesthetic to the whole thing, but he still manages to draw from a grand, cinematic canvas, and captures the sound of travelling across Minotaur shock amateur dramatics spaces.

This could happily soundtrack a long car journey, an international flight, or even a long, brisk walk. They play with dynamics, dropping instruments then adding more, tempos changing to keep things fresh. This gives a clue to the one significant criticism I can level at this album.

There is variety here, but the overall impression is of background music. Very, very good background music, but Amateur Dramatics definitely works best as Minotaur shock amateur dramatics casual listen.

This is neither the most complex, Free porn flicks compilation the most impressive electronica, and no one track really stands out strongly. As such, the pricing experiment is, apart from the lovely website and the novelty of it all, somewhat of a failure; what's the point of charging such specific individual prices for tracks when the album works best as a whole?

This is a very good record though. A simple and humble album, but definitely a very good one. Once again Edwards has furnished us with a quality selection of catchy tunes that are perfect to stick on and enjoy when more demanding music feels like way too much effort.

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