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It is one thing to let your husband see you naked but it is far different to let another man with whom you have no intention of letting him fuck you see you naked and take photos of you. Now even though Jim and I have done some wild and crazy, some would say stupid, things, I still consider myself to be somewhat old fashioned.

We have played around with others and I have been seen completely naked by probably hundreds of strangers not counting the joke here on Red Clouds. It is still a thrill to take my clothes off and have photos taken of me; especially when they are taken by another man. Jim's work takes him in contact with a number of men who work with cameras, photographers, graphic design, public relations, the press, magazine publishers, printers, just to name a few.

Most of our friends come from that circle, so the step from J taking photos of me naked to someone else taking photos of me naked isn't that big. The first time anyone else took nudes of me was just before Jim and I were married. Neko nude anime girl hantai of our dear friends took a lot of studio photos and I wanted some shots of me in my wedding gown before the wedding. Gary was the logical choice. Now being a woman, I know even without my husband telling me when someone wants to have sex with me.

Believe me guys we know! Gary was so sweet he tried to hide Posing nude for my husband pics, but when IT grows whenever he looks at my boobs, it is pretty evident. We took the wedding dress photos at Jim's and my apartment; he brought all his backdrops lights and other equipment with him. My wedding dress was low cut in front and buttoned from my waist to the center of my back.

You know, the kind that needs 2 people to help get into. It was just Gary and I there; I wouldn't let Jim see me in the dress until the wedding day. See I said I was old fashioned Gary had to help buttoning the dress, I know he was looking down my cleavage the whole time he was buttoning me up, otherwise he wouldn't have taken so long.

That got me started, being half dressed, him helping me, the hot lights, the photos. I can remember suddenly being really hot and turned on. Oh, did I forget to mention the wine I was drinking, just for courage? The wedding dress photos went great, even though it seemed to take forever.

When we were done, Gary asked if there was anything else I wanted before he broke down his equipment. I really to this day don't know what possessed me to tell Gary that I wanted some "special" photos for Jim for after the wedding and honeymoon. Gary looked like he had swallowed a baseball. I don't think he could breathe, it was so funny!

I told him that I didn't want "dirty pictures" but just some tastefully done negligee posed pictures. If he thought Posing nude for my husband pics could do it. Nothing like challenging someone's manhood, huh? I specifically told him no nudity.

I still keep telling myself that was true. I changed into a nightgown that was translucent, it really didn't show much, but what it did was suggest a lot. The problem was if I wore panties under it, they showed through Posing nude for my husband pics material.

I came out with panties on, and immediately we realized they had to go. The problem then was that Gary could see the outline of my pubs.

Oh well, in for a dime in for a dollar. The next thing I realized was that the gown was cut so low in front that one or both of my boobs kept falling out. I was usually fast at flipping them back in, but it was not long that it was evident that Gary was getting a really good look at my nipples.

When those photos were complete, I was hot enough to Posing nude for my husband pics anything with a cock, the only thing was I had only had one man and he wasn't here. I was in a daze and when I went to change back into clothes, I just had to have one more set done. I took out the negligee that I had planned to wear for the first Posing nude for my husband pics of our honeymoon. It was short, and extremely sheer. I don't know why or how I found the courage to put it on Posing nude for my husband pics walk our in front of Gary with it on, but I did.

For what it covered, I was for all intents naked in front of my second man, and he was going to take pictures of me. Gary was so cute, he tried to be professional and I was acting like a slut. I didn't care how he posed me, I can't really remember what he did, I just remember feeling like I was having one prolonged orgasm and it was too hot to breathe.

All I remember was that at the end of that session, I pulled the short negligee off and struck a pose with just the sheerest of panties on and nothing else. They were so sheer that in the photos, you Posing nude for my husband pics still see the individual pubic Posing nude for my husband pics. Gary printed up 3 albums for us, one with just the wedding dress, a separate one for the long translucent gown and one with the almost nothing there negligee.

The last photo was Naked milf and boy me standing topless looking at the camera with a come fuck me look in sheer panties. Gary gave us the complete proof set and the negatives. It has never been discussed, but I am certain he has his own albums for the memories. I hope so. What do you think? Gary has since seen me naked many times, we've even done "IT" we still laugh about how we both felt during that day.

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