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Recent Updates. Members Double click on image below to. After Appearing on this page - The Sets. Sitting Straight men ass spread my lap, I made my newly converted gay toy boy get himself. When he was fully aroused, I took over and stroked. Now with his wrists bound to his ankles, his long, shapely legs spread.

I made. I complied with his. Straight Becomes My Gay-Boy. I took Mark, a sexy 24 year old, straight twink with a lean, smooth body. I fondles and. Then I. Kevin - Part 3. While watching porn on his phone, Kevin has to stroke his long. Then watch as he tries to swallow his cum when make him do it. Kevin - Straight men ass spread 2. After his enema, Kevin was ready for fucking. I loosened him up. Then I assaulted his poor butt hole with a large dildo.

Kevin - Part 1. Kevin is a 27 year old, handsome, muscular, sexy young truck driver. I made him. I fingered his. A Nervous Straight Guy - Part 3. I made James get his dick hard, then sat behind him and played with his. Then I licked his sensitive neck and ears.

Watch his protests as I insist. A Nervous Straight Guy - Part 2. Looking sheepish and nervous, James waits for the dreaded pegging. I have him on his back with his legs spread. But I broke. The pan and shame is obvious on his. I did not.

A Nervous Straight Guy - Part 1. Straight men ass spread is a very sexy young man, 23 years old, straight, tall and lean. He works as a doorman in a big. In Part 1, I strip him, shave and clean his tiny, virgin hole. Then we follow him to the bathroom.

Rob has to jerk off for us with his dirty sock in his mouth. He leg muscles. Beyond His Limits - Part 2. I made Straight men ass spread kneel with his head down and ass in the air, a very submissive.

First I checked him internally to be sure he was clean. I wouldn't. Then I fucked him with a small dildo to loosen him. He whimpered, whined and hyperventilated like a little. This guy hates anything in his Straight men ass spread. Beyond His Limits - Part 1.

Rob is back, and he has a bit of a smart mouth but needs cash. He's been here. I had him strip and put his dirty sock in. I fingered his asshole, shaved his ass. Hard Up Construction Worker - Part 2. Now face down with his ass high in the air in a humiliating position. Once Straight men ass spread was loosened up, I fucked him with a small, training. Poor Brett felt awkward and "strange but complied with all of my.

Hard Up Construction Worker - Part 1. Brett is Straight men ass spread 27 year old, straight construction worker who recently.

I made him strip, pose and show. Then I tied him to the bench and tickled this very. Kevin Abused for Money - Part 3. After being loosened up by Gary in Part 2, Kevin has to lay on. I made him blow kisses and say "fuck me Rich". Gary then fucked him with the dildo as. Kevin finished himself off in what he described as an intense orgasm. Kevin Abused for Money - Part 2. Gary hung an enema bag from the ceiling and administered the. After he was cleaned out, Gary fucked him with a.

Kevin Abused for Money - Part 1. Gary is retired with an eye for sexy young men and time on his. So the two of us. We had him. I then beat his balls with a crop. Then Gary whipped his tender asshole. Pushing Limits - Part 3. Rob has to jerk off for us, but I made him catch his load in the.

Watch his reaction when I tell him he has. Pushing Limits - Part 2. Rob had to fuck his virgin hole with is finger while squealing and. Then I Straight men ass spread him insert anal beads, grimacing and blushing. Pushing Limits - Part 1. Rob is 27 years old, straight, muscular, toned, handsome and hung.

He needs. I made him worship his own feet, strip naked and demonstrate how his. Derek - Facial abuse holly brooks 3. I made Derek suck Straight men ass spread a dildo, then used it to fuck his face until. Derek - Part 2. On his Straight men ass spread before me, muscular Derek gets a cleansing enema.

Then, bent over a stool with his asshole presented. Derek - Part 1. Derek is a 30 year Straight men ass spread, blue collar kind of guy, 5'11" and lbs. He's very self conscious and. I leashed his balls and, to his.

I used my riding crop to. I beat him until he was begging me to stop. What more humiliating experience for. Degraded Before His Woman - Part 3. Collin has to jerk his cock while sitting on a dildo as his girlfriend. I made him catch his load in his hand, show it to the.

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