A film Spin-Off of Police Squad! Frank Drebin Leslie Nielsen as he continues The naked gun final get into trouble. The films serve as parodies of the cop genre and initially film noire, and let nothingincluding the blatant warping of reality and breaks in the fourth wallget in the way of a good gag. The naked gun final genius of the Drebin character is that Nielsen plays him almost totally straight: he's a buffoon, but he acts The naked gun final a completely serious Big old saggy tits detective even as lunacy explodes all around him, almost as if he's wandered in from a different movie.

Features slapstick, Visual Puns and Shout-Outs by the bucketful. At three movies, this actually lasted longer than the TV series it was based on. This happens when Frank attempts to get the gun from Rocko while holding onto the bomb in the envelope only for them Nude pics of christy carlson romano switch places causing everyone including the audience to facepalm.

Example of: Facepalm. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. All Movies. Accidental Hero : Due to Frank's klutzy tendencieshe often foils crimes completely by accident and without being aware of what's going on. In the second film, it's noted that he's killed one thousand drug dealers, the last two of whom he accidentally backed over with his car. Affectionate Parody : Of cop shows, and later The naked gun final movies.

Aside Glance : The standard reaction from characters when another character they are in conversation with says something nonsensical. Which, in this movie series, means almost every conversation, and often switches between who is talking nonsense and who is giving the Aside Glance. Ascended Extra : Nordberg - originally used for one-shot gags in Police Squad! Automobile Opening : The credits sequence. Bit Character : Tons of them throughout all three movies, to the point where many characters in the credits are simply identified by the one line they say.

Brick Joke : "Hey, it's Enrico Palazzo! The villain of the second film is taken out by the lion that had accidentally been released from the zoo earlier. Butt-Monkey : Nordberg, especially in the first two films. Given how O. Simpson 's life turned out, the The naked gun final track laughs at the Laser-Guided Karma. The Cameo : "Weird Al" Yankovic in all three films: In the first film, Frank's dramatic speech is cut short when Ed informs him that the massive crowd gathered outside his plane The naked gun final actually for Weird Al.

They go ecstatic when he departs the plane. Frank accidentally incapacitates him when opening a door too fast. Joyce Brothers makes a wordless appearance in the first film as a member of the announcing crew at the baseball game. Casual Danger Dialog : Usually Drebin, but the driving instructor in the first movie puts Hindu cows to shame. Chalk Outline : Spoofed by type and position. For type, there's a stick figure and an Egyptian, and for position, there's Chalk Outlines that appear on a building's walls, or roofor one The naked gun final appears floating on the water.

The second movie has outlines of body parts There was also an outline on an elevator door. Chuck Cunningham Syndrome : Johnny the shoeshine guy the Almighty Janitor character from the original series doesn't appear in the movies.

The Comically Serious : The The naked gun final often The naked gun final this role. Drebin as well, since Leslie Nielsen 's shtick is saying the most absurd lines with a straight face. Really, everyone in all three movies has to behave this way, since they're ostensibly appearing in a series of film noir crime dramas. Credits Gag : Happens Black like sarah palin nude all three films.

All parodies aside, the first movie actually has some moments of realism. By the second film this has dropped off considerably, being completely gone by the third. The Ditz : Frank, despite his Feigning Intelligence. Drives Like Crazy : Whenever Drebin gets behind the wheel, something bad happens. The scene when Drebin tags along in a driving school car is especially notable, when the driving instructor instructs the student how to flip the bird.

Drebin gets into a tank; When Cpt Hocken tells him that Frank doesn't know how to drive it, he means it.

The opening credits are also built on this. A cop car presumably containing Drebin viewed from the emergency lights shows absolutely insane The naked gun final just plain nonsensical driving behavior, including driving on sidewalks, into people's homes, on rollercoasters, into bullfighting arenas, restaurants, hockey rinks, the airthe surface of the Death Starand prehistoric times.

Birds singing, dew glistening off a leaf, stop lights. Drebin notes when he is being awarded a citation for his th drug dealer killed that he accidentally backed The naked gun final the last three with his car and only found out they were drug dealers after.

Disney Villain Death : All three movies have them, including the bad guy from the first movie and a close call for the one in the second. Funny Background Event : Everything that happens concerning the aftermath of The naked gun final hitting something with his car. Jerk with a Heart of Gold : Lt. Frank Drebin. Mostly because he is a very The naked gun final person.

The Man Behind the Man : Papshmear from parts 1 and 3 who was a liaison for a mysterious organization who's only purpose is to spread mayhem around the world. You can hear him utter "Gaddafi" over the phone in the 3rd movie. Manchild : Frank and Jane. Leslie Nielsen was 20 years Priscilla Presley's senior. Mythology Gag : Dozens, the best known of which would be the Automobile Opening. The second movie homages the four-foot shootout from the series.

A particularly memorable one in the first movie had monologuing while walking through town, culminating in "And Anthro cub pawjob yiff the hell was I?

Punny Name : Papshmear Pap-Smear. Race Lift : Nordberg, who is played by O. Simpson in the movies, was white in Police Squad! Ragdoll Physics : A common gag for a non-video game example is to make use of ragdolls for exaggerated physical stunts, such as a "Jane" being swung around in a violent struggle by the villain, or villains or Nordberg getting flung over a railing. Running Gag : Drebin's bad driving. Specifically, his actual driving while on the road usually isn't too bad, but he almost always hits something or causes trouble of some kind when parking or pulling up in front of a building.

The second half of the gag is that he's almost always completely oblivious to what he's done. After saving the day, Drebin being mistaken for a celebrity. In the first, Enrico Palazzo. In the third, The naked gun final Donahue.

Someone falling out of The naked gun final upper decks at the baseball stadium. Second The naked gun final : A throwaway line in the first film indicates that Jane is this to Frank, and a flashback in the third film confirms it.

Take That! The Naked Gun. Accidental The naked gun final : Drebin escapes a burning room through the window, climbing along a row of anatomically-correct male and female statues.

Between two statues is an open window, and a woman in her underwear just happens to be standing there. Drebin accidentally He then falls off the building, just saving himself by grabbing a statue's stone Gag Penis. In trying to save himself he manages to break the penis off the statue and fall into the woman's room through the window, brandishing it at her while The naked gun final groaning from exhaustion.

He's later before a very angry mayor who reads off the charges against him, which includes "sexual assault with a concrete dildo. Drebin's response: "Sorry, I can't hear you! Don't fire the gun while you're talking! Frank Drebin: Hey! The missing evidence in the Kellner case! My god! He really was innocent! Captain Ed Hocken: He went to the chair two years ago, Frank.

Captain Ed Hocken: I can't spare anybody, Frank. You know we're in charge of security The naked gun final Queen Elizabeth's visit. I'm short-handed already. Frank : Yes. Well, when I see five weirdos dressed in togas stabbing a guy in the middle of the park in full view of The naked gun final, I shoot the bastards. That's my policy. You killed five actors! Good ones! Mook : Drebin! Frank : Yeah, I'm Drebin!

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