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A flimsical little tale that I planned to put into the exhibitionist category, but decided to go for broke and risk the furnace of loving wives. It's short, no real ending and no hot sex, so if that's not your thing, then don't read it and get upset please.

To the others - enjoy. There were ten or so couples, mostly childless so far, all of us professionals or self employed Wifes breasts on display most of us falling into the category of upwardly mobile.

I guess Sophie would be the youngest, and I think she'd be about twenty three or so, and Ted the oldest, having recently celebrated his thirty-third birthday. The rest of us sat there somewhere in the middle, just like me, Mike Lee, and my lovely wife Jenny Lee. The party started to take a somewhat unusual turn when our hosts John and Cathy, began to tell us all about their very recent holiday in the Canary Islands, and how gorgeous the beaches were and how relaxed the local dress code had been.

Yes, you heard me right; the dress code! How do you respond to that, I ask you? The Canary Islands are part of Spain, not Italy," butted in Claude, but he was always a bit slow on the uptake. Had them printed out," threw in Cathy, picking up a book like thing that Wifes breasts on display been sitting there ignored, ever since we'd got there.

Ignored but suddenly the centre of Wifes breasts on display, us guys cursing ourselves for not examining the damn Wifes breasts on display earlier. What's a man to do? Well you know and I know, but none of us guys seemed prepared to make the first move, especially with two or three of our wives stood there observing our discomfort.

It was only a fraction of a percentage of a second, but Jack the dirty bugger beat me to it. Blimey - Jesus - Wow - Crickey - Shit! A whole lot of comments as we flicked through the pages, the earlier ones of Cathy in her tiny bikini quickly passed by, as page by page the shots gradually got Wifes breasts on display daring.

Cathy topless, lying on her front. Cathy, dear girl, topless again but reading a book this time and the swell of her bare breasts partly visible. Cathy, still topless, lying on her side, her arm casually draped across her bare breasts, almost nearly hiding them.

Then it got better! Cathy topless lying on her back this time, her bare boobs quite clearly out there on show. Cathy kneeling in the sand, her tits hanging there rather splendidly. Cathy stood up, a full length shot this time, rather blatantly sticking her chest out with pretty dramatic results. Cathy, clearly at the pool this time, stood there in just her bikini bottoms, apparently chatting amiably away to three young guys that none of us knew, as if it was a perfectly normal, everyday situation.

There were more, the final one a close up shot of Cathy's naked sun-kissed breast, the smoothly dimpled texture of her skin clearly visible, the fine details of her erect nipples caught beautifully by the camera. It was Claude of all people who put into words what we were all no doubt thinking. Us guys enjoyed our moment of unexpected pleasure ogling the photos of our pal's lovely, and somewhat under-dressed wife, and to my surprise, so did a couple of the wives who'd stayed with us.

One of them was my wife Jenny, and that folks, is where this little tale took an unexpected turn. It does tend to do so, but Jenny never mentioned her comments from the previous night, and frankly, I was too nervous to remind her. We went to work, we came home and had dinner, and there was a certain nervous tension in the air, one that I was loathe to confront.

What do you think? Cathy knew jolly well that we wouldn't be able to resist peeking. John was in on it as well and wanted you lot to see those photos," she continued.

I'm talking about us. Haven't got any photos like that. It was the following day, a Saturday, that she, out of the blue, bought the subject up again. Why not you? Jealousy maybe," I replied, feeling unsure of my position. I can understand why Cathy would have enjoyed it, but you don't seem to be able to see it from John's point of view. Pretty women that Wifes breasts on display. It's natural.

College girls on that spring break thing that they do over there. They seem to flock to take part in wet tee shirt competitions, and half of them end up in less than that. It doesn't make you do things that you really don't want to do.

It's almost a part of the fabric of our society. Girls don't dress like that for their health you know, and Wifes breasts on display for their comfort. They dress like that because they want to be looked at and admired.

You like me wearing short skirts don't you? You don't need one in my opinion. You like the way by breasts sway Wifes breasts on display, don't you. You get a kick out of other guys looking at me and being jealous of you, don't you? My Jenny in high heels, one of her tiny mini skirts and a loose top that let her braless C cup breasts sway around freely was a sight to behold.

An awful lot of guys had enjoyed that pleasure, and I had to admit that I always got one hell of a kick out of it. Quite frankly it excites me, and I now think I want to feel free to wear more revealing clothes when I go out. I just want show a bit more flesh. Maybe wear clothes that give more of a hint of what's underneath. Swallow deeply and take a big breath, and by then Jenny had happily skipped out of the room to try her new top on.

The skin tight, low cut jeans with the high heel ankle boots had taken long enough to get used to, but the top? Sort of! The object, and I'm not sure quite what to call it, other than a top, was made of a sort of black lacy material.

Loosely fitting, it had a fastening behind her neck, and apparently little or nothing else to hold it together, the back flapping open as she moved, to expose her graceful bare back, and confirming that she wasn't wearing a bra, as if the way her unfettered breasts were bouncing around under the top hadn't already made that abundantly clear.

It wasn't exactly see through, though it hinted fairly strongly that it just might be in the right lighting conditions, and if it had been any colour other than black, then I'm pretty damn sure that her nipples would have been clearly White couple interracial vids display. Deciding that she'd wear a light coat down to the pub, just in case as she put it, "We bump into any of the older neighbours.

Then we got to our local pub and she chickened out again when she realised quite how many of our friends would be in there, from the cars parked outside. It's always a bit quieter there as well," I consented, knowing full well that the beer had little to do with her wishes, and in fact a little relieved that I wasn't going to have all my boozy mates trying to steal an eyeful of my Wifes breasts on display breasts.

Once inside Jenny scooted hastily over to a vacant table conveniently set in a far corner, and with her coat still safely wrapped around her, sat there waiting for Wifes breasts on display to arrive with our drinks. Not in fairness that there Wifes breasts on display ever be any doubt about that. If she'd surprised me then Jenny was about to shock me! Her nervousness was making her walk uncertainly as she balanced on her high heels, and lord only knows what that effect that was having on her unrestrained breasts.

All I know is that a hush fell slowly over the group of guys gathered round the bar, as one by one they became aware of Jenny's arrival in their midst. I'd witnessed the effect that her tight skimpy jeans and the arse that they Wifes breasts on display could have on a group of guys on previous occasions, but she hadn't been wearing a top like the one she had on now.

If the sexy strip of bare midriff between the top and her jeans didn't focus their Wifes breasts on display, then the sway of her unfettered boobs would certainly do so. Then, already eyes wide open nearly popped out of their sockets as she passed by them, as they took in that the top she had on was to all intents and purposes virtually backless, and didn't have an awful lot of sides to it either.

She could have slipped into the gap at the nearest part of the bar, but no, my Jenny had the bit between her teeth and walked, swayed, tottered or whatever you want to call it, almost the whole length of the bar, milking it, till two astonished young guys made a space for her, hardly believing their good fortune.

Two young guys that is, that suddenly found themselves very popular, as the motley collection of men either side of them, suddenly wanted to be included in their conversation. To become their best friends! Comments such as, 'Did you see them tits Fred? Expecting her to look worried, I was surprised to see her smiling and laughing at some of the Wifes breasts on display the men were saying to her. Her frequent glances down at her front hinting fairly strongly at the subject of that most of the comments were probably referring to.

So I sat there. And sat there. I sat there getting a bit pissed off, not objecting to the attention my wife Wifes breasts on display getting, but that I was still waiting for my beer! Then that was sorted out as well. Report Story. Login or Sign Up. Literotica is a trademark. No part may be reproduced in any form without explicit written permission. Password: Forgot your Wifes breasts on display Security code:. Loving Wives Display. Submit bug report.

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