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He unbuttoned his pants, opened the fly, pulled his briefs down, and whipped his cock out. As the urine began to flow, he threw his head back in a sense of relief. Within seconds, though, he looked straight ahead to the wall he was peeing on. He felt like he was being watched. He gingerly moved his head to the left. Who would watch someone pee?! Women want to view men peeing there was someone — wait, a woman! A woman. Looking at him. When would he be done, why was it taking this long?

At long last, he was done, he hurriedly pushed it in, pulled his briefs up, zipped up and buttoned his pants, and quickly left. Her dupatta felt like such a liability, synthetic and pinned Women want to view men peeing both sides.

The cell phone, tied to a long cord, was hanging off her neck. She pushed her glasses back up, and wiped the sweat off with the dupatta — her nose burned.

She was the only woman in the tea stall, and the other men there regarded her with utmost curiosity. Making no attempt to mask their interest, they stared at her as she chewed the blue cap of a Reynolds pen. Their interest, however,changed to disgust when they saw her watch a man urinate and then Curvy hips and thighs xxx in her notebook. She sat there for two more hours, till the afternoon turned to dusk.

Rounds of men sat at the benches and watched, and the teashop owner kept barking at her every other hour to buy something or get the hell out of the place. They watched her leave the shop and go to a bus stop nearby and sit Women want to view men peeing and do the same: watching men pee and then writing something.

No man dared to say anything, though. They just watched her, half-amused, half-annoyed, and fully curious. Eventually, she wandered out of their sight. She simply Women want to view men peeing there, watching men see her, Women want to view men peeing in, pee and leave. She watched a man with a lungi folded halfway up his thigh go in with a bucket and a broom. The urinal was not being used anymore because it was pitch dark — it was an open one, with no roof, and there were no streetlights close to it.

The men had taken to peeing by the road again, and she had long stopped taking notes. What the hell happened to your phone?

Kamatchi walked to the public bathroom at the turn of the road and relieved herself in the cracked, once-white toilet. And suddenly, she burst into tears. Did you not sell anything at all today? How much did you manage to make? Murukku, kaara sev, potato chips. Her mother stared Shaved pussy and boobs Kamatchi like she had lost her mind.

Women want to view men peeing her daughter was prone to these bursts of weirdness, she had realised long ago. The only public bathroom for women was locked, and no one knew who had the key. I walked the length of the road, and found a mall. One hand on the wall. No thought about looking for a bathroom. No need to shamefully ask anyone. Just unzip the pant, pull it out and done. How do they pick a location, how do they think no one is watching, and why does no one tell them anything?

And written to make the millions of us realise how lucky we are to be able to avoid using public bathrooms because no mall or five-star hotel will stop us from entering.

Vani Viswanathan is often lost in her world of books and A R Rahman, churning out lines in her head or humming a song. Her world is one of frivolity, optimism, quietude and general chilled-ness, where there is always place for outbursts of laughter, bouts of silence, chocolate, ice cream and lots of books and endless iTunes playlists from all over the world.

Vani was a Public Relations consultant in Singapore and decided to come back to homeland after seven years away to pursue a Masters in Development Studies. Love the story and the thought behind it. Do women achieve ultimate fulfilment only by bearing a child? Is motherhood only about bearing a child? In fact, is

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