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Recently we told you about all the average penis seizes on the planet. It was educational, inspirational, and very much informative. We'll give you that information later on. In the meantime, a survey has been done by Dr. Ed, asking over 1, men and 1, women what their preference of size is, breast satisfaction and more.

The most interesting thing to note is that, statistically, more women are bothered about having big breasts than men are when looking at Actress ramya krishnan nude in hd they want in a partner. Interesting, neither men or women say that their preferences are bigger sizes such as DD, DDD or E, with C proving the most desirable size, Credit: DR.

But people from Poland and Hungary would actually prefer a B Cup, while the rest of Europe, both men and women, opt for C.

But what are the actual sizes of ladies? K, France and Poland Women with natural d cup breasts C Cup the Poles actually want smaller breasts on averageand the Romanians, as part of the survey, have an average D Cup size. However, and most Women with natural d cup breasts, just under 70 percent of the Women with natural d cup breasts surveyed over in the U.

And as anyone with a tiny penis knows, it's not about the size of your wanger but how you use it. Latest an hour ago. Patrick Hulbert Tottenham Hotspur will win the league. Follow PatrickHulbert. Next Up.

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