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Sweden : Cartoon illustrating news story about a boy spanked by a fake cop, Russia : feeble Australian cartoon about Russian scientists' finding that caning brings happiness, Singapore : another Adult whipping and caning russian woodshed on US reaction to the Michael Fay affair, Singapore : cartoon by Britt, reproduced in Newsweek Uganda : cartoon about a case in which a man of 30 was caned by a local court in front of his mother, Abbott, Molly and Fredaaged 12 and 14, caned in front of school, UK, poor quality photocopy from microfilm.

Bartee, MackenziTexas high school student, previously spanked by male vice-principal, speaking at public meeting in favour of corporal punishment, Cahanin, Meganpictured with family, including her brother who has also been paddled, Adult whipping and caning russian woodshed, E. Janepicturedsays she was caned almost every day at primary school in Northern Ireland. Farida Ikyimaana18, attributes exam success to canings, Uganda, Fletcher, Marisa15, paddled at Missouri high school, also video clip.

Gaspersohn, Shellysenior student paddled at US high school inshown at age 20 giving evidence with her mother to Senate hearing in Katwesige, Margaretformer housegirl in Uganda who at 21 has gone back to school, where she gets caned the same as everyone else, Ngabase, Asanda18, illegally caned in South African school, Adult com finder friend p Page, Amberin her cheerleading uniform.

Santos, Taylorhigh school sophomore, spanked by male administrator in Texas, pictured with her mother also video clip. Savage, Annette11, spanked four times in one month at Texas elementary school, Seven girl students at a Texas high school, six of whom have been paddled there, Simmonds, Lynne14, caned at girls' school, UK, 2 pictures. Torbert, Tamara May15, strapped by own mother in principal's office at Texas school, Washington, Jenniferpaddled for being late to high school, Mississippi, c.

Watt, Jada16, spanked by male administrator in Texas, pictured with her mother, also video clip. Ahmad, Mohamed Asrul17, whipped in Malaysian classroom for talking to girl, Ahmad, Mohamed Asrulbetter picture showing cane weals on his back, Andrew, Princeaged 8 inarriving at UK prep school at which he was spanked at about age Baur, Jeffrey 'A.

Bigham, Jimmy IIIc. Bridge, Stuartage 19 inhad been caned at secondary school, UK. Cameron, DavidBritish Prime Ministerpictured age c. Charles, Prince Prince of Walespictured in with prep school headmaster who caned him.

Cornell, ColtonTexas high school senior, paddled several times intwo pictures also video clip. Coulson, Simonage not stated, English private schoolboy who supports CP, interviewed on TV about being caned, also video clip. Dennis, Jerod19 inUS army private lost in action, held record for paddlings at his school.

Derrickson, Vancec. Downes, Joshuaage not stated, English private schoolboy who supports CP, interviewed on TV about being caned, also video clip. Duncan, Samuel17, relocated to Ohio from New Adult whipping and caning russian woodshed school where paddling was familiar form of discipline, Dundas, Andrew18, previously caned at Emanuel School, London, Fashanu, Johnformer UK football star, now 40 inrevisiting school where he was caned in at age Flores, Jose12, paddled at Texas middle school also video clip Foster, Wayne16, Gary's brother, prefers slippering to detention, Gardner, LaDraun18, paddled at US school, Goetz, Brandonrecipient of birthday spankings at US film school, pictured in at age 14 with Robert J.

Clark, principal who spanked him. Goodwin, Barry9, had to touch his toes for pants-down caning at prep school, pictured with his mother, UK, Hawkins, Cody7th-grader paddled at school in Oklahoma USA,also video clip in which he is interviewed Adult whipping and caning russian woodshed it.

Hillman, MarkColorado State Senator, recalls with approval "board of education" being applied to his "seat of knowledge". Holloway, Toby16, slippered once a term at UK school at age 13 in c. Jones, Gregswatted on wet rear end with tennis shoe by coach at high school, USA, s. Kelly, George Jr12, paddled at junior high school, Florida, pictured with his parents, Khan, SalmanBollywood film star, spanked and caned at school in India.

Long, ColeFlorida high school senior, paddled "plenty of times", approves of corporal punishment, pictured with principal, McDonald, Casey12, paddled at private school in Mississippi, McGrover, Scottfirst-grader, paddled at US elementary school, Manus, Samuel Lee, 14, paddled Xnxx desi village public US school,pictured with his parents. Onsby, Shane14, paddled by football coach, USA, Ongarr, Adult whipping and caning russian woodshedthird-grader, paddled at US elementary school, O'Sullivan, Johnage not stated, English private schoolboy who supports CP, interviewed on TV about being caned, also video clip.

Phelps, Donnow elderly inshows miniature paddle he was awarded as trophy for holding all-time record for spankings at his school, USA, s. Prince, Matthewpictured at age 25, caned at UK private school age 15 in Adult whipping and caning russian woodshed. Pshigoda, Jasonpaddled at age 17 by US high school principal inpictured three years later. Rafie Jahisin, Mohd15, showing welts on back and leg from school caning, Malaysia, Rongotai College boys supporting caning head, New Zealand, Schauer, Jakob14, paddled at Texas middle school, also video clip.

Seconds, Egonstar rugby player, frequently caned at school in South Africa, s. Snelsdon, Tonyage 27 infrequently punished with the "ferrula" at Jesuit college, UK. Standridge, Davidnow 38, paddled and strapped at US schools, c.

Stephens, Alan12, spanked with beach bat at Australian primary school, Sting UK rock starshown as a teenager in s when he was frequently caned at Adult whipping and caning russian woodshed school. Students of St. Augustine High SchoolNew Orleans, gathered to demonstrate in support of retaining the school's policy of frequent use of hard paddlings, also video clips.

Sullivan, Dannyage 17 inhad been caned at secondary school, UK. Tan, Edwinpictured now at 43, recalls repeated public canings at school in s, Singapore. Thomas, Louis12, paddled at US blind school, pictured at hearing with superintendent who defended Adult whipping and caning russian woodshed punishment, Unnamed senior high school students being made to uproot trees as punishment, having also been caned, Adult whipping and caning russian woodshed, Volpeliere-Pierrot, Benpop star pictured aged 22 inslippered at UK state boarding school c.

Warne, ShaneAustralian cricket star, caned at school in s video. Washington, Fredericnow 23 inwas paddled on at least 30 occasions at Caddo Parish Schools in Louisiana up to Webcke, ShaneAustralian rugby star, in visits school where he was caned 21 years earlier. White, Alan13, caned with blackboard ruler in front of class, technical school, Australia,shown with his mother. Zayas, Bruce17, illegally paddled by sports coach at Chicago school, Caron, Roger17, one month after receiving ten-stroke strapping across his bare posterior in Canadian prison, Mitchell, Frank33, birched 15 strokes in prison for violence against staff, UK, Students of Heartland Academyfaith-based Missouri reform school with high level of paddling, Unidentified young drug addictshackled to bed in rehabilitation centre at which each new arrival receives trousers-down strapping, Russia, Bibbs, Juwuan M.

Bjarnason, TeddyNorwegian footballer, spanked as team punishment, Dahm, FredrikNorwegian footballer, spanked as team punishment, Gillman, David18, given "six of the best" with fly-swat by Conservative party agent, UK, Meier, Rodrigo17, caned by his Taekwondo instructor, Canada, also video clip. Sheridan, Davidnow 24, publicly flogged on board replica of Captain Cook's sailing ship, Australia, Sigurdsson, IndridiNorwegian footballer, spanked as team punishment, Stevens, Mrs Pauline29, spanked by husband with a slipper, Kenya, Whiting, Keith19, caned and spanked by cricket coach, UK, Results on man's back of sharia flogging in Australia, also video clip.

Bruised backside of year-old handball player spanked as initiation in Iceland, Afghanistan : still from video showing woman flogged in street by religious police, also video clip. Afghanistan : judge publicly whips offender in courtroom, Afghanistan : public flogging of woman, also video clip.

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