I like to help her with the enema. Much more personal if you do it together ya? There is a Anal sex on period to enemas actually Ok, that's what I figured. How would you suggest I go about telling him that anal is OK. We usually just don't have any sex during this week. Just tell him you don't want regular sex and are looking to try other things to spice things up, then smile and look innocent, kiss him while curling with his hair.

Sexual Health. Minajme Xper 5. So I want to have sex with my boyfriend today but my period came. He always understands when that happens, that's not a problem, but I know he was really looking forward to today as was I because he and I haven't seen each other in a while. I'm not into vaginal intercourse while on my Anal sex on period, I just don't want to, but he and I also do anal.

When wearing a tampon, you can tuck the string not deep internally of course but just enough so that it does not have to be Anal sex on period. When having anal intercourse; if he places a finger in my vagina, you can feel it in my anus because they are anatomically so close together. Would having anal sex during my Anal sex on period be ok? Would that gross you out guys?

You wouldn't have any blood or see anything relevant to my period. Would the tampon feel weird to him, or maybe even good? Share Facebook. Should I have anal on my period? Add Opinion. I really do not understand what the problem is.

First, I do not know why you are not into vaginal intercourse while on your period. That sounds like something you really need to get over. If you are worried about his thoughts on it, then talk to Anal sex on period about it. Accepting that for whatever reason you do not want to do this on your period Second, you talk about hiding the tampon string. He knows what it is! It is not gross, or a mood killer. In fact, it Sensual lesbian massage video a bit or a reminder of the Anal sex on period femininity.

Again, get over it. You seem to be concerned about having anal sex because he might feel the tampon. So what? That actually might provide him extra stimulation. I am not a proponent of anal sex, Anal sex on period since you two are into it then why not during your period? I really think the two of you should sit down and have a long talk about his feelings and yours about the sight of blood during sex, and having vaginal intercourse while on your period.

I think regardless of what each of you thinks in the long run, having the talk will make sex during your period much more relaxed and enjoyable. It's what me and my girlfriend do on her periods, most of the time.

She likes it, and she hasn't had any problems yet. I would advise you just leave the tampon in and forget about the fingering for now. Besides he can still play with your clit. Anyway, yeah anal during your period should be OK. It wouldn't gross me out.

It's just anal. The string wouldn't bother me either. The tampon Anal sex on period be too noticeable by him not even in feeling. I never really noticed. As for how you approach him you just get frisky with him like you usually do, and when it gets hot, just make it to him like an offer. Just ask him Anal sex on period only fuck your ass. Ask him if he'd mind if you're really worried. Just go with it. This doesn't need to be hard.

EmeraldSky Xper 6. Personally, I wouldn't because I think that's nasty. No offense or anything, but lets not pretend periods are some flowery, sunshine walk in the park.

Anal sex could possibly make you poop a little and there would already be a pile of blood between your legs Outside of GAG, many guys don't even like to know that a girl is on her period lol I notice that here, guys seem so accepting and Anal sex on period about it, but go out into the real world and announce to 10 Anal sex on period that you are going through a menstrual bleed.

Most of them will make disgusted faces. I know we all get horny and everything, but it sounds bit crazy to completely do all that for the sake of getting sex. I also have anal sex only on my period as blood is not so nice. I think you just have to say to your boyfriend that you are on your period but want to do anal sex instead.

Xper 7. Well, I have had anal Anal sex on period with my boyfriend on my period. I usually Anal sex on period extra horny when I'm on period, so I told my boyfriend, I Anal sex on period to have anal sex. I use tampons on my period, so no based on my experience it's not weird for guys. Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. A lot of girls do anal while on Anal sex on period period just as you describe. I just think that it will add unneeded complications, when you have enough to worry about with first-time anal.

Once you've had a bit of anal experience, then doing it on your period would be fine. But I suppose if you are both highly motivated LOLthen go for it.

Just don't be in a rush, because anal requires a bit more work and prep, especially the first time. I think you get with him and maybe say nothing. Just get in whatever position you like for anal I'm a doggy guy but whateverreach around and just put him up your ass. Pre lube your anus so you don't have to stop for that. Tell him you want him bad but it's that time of the Anal sex on period so you need him to sodomize you.

Anal sex during chumming is good enough. No it won't gross me out 3. Seeing blood or anything relevant and how to take it is an individual to individual thing.

The tampon may actually make him feel good if placed right. Speaking for myself, I would not want to do anal I have lots of friends on here who like anal but it is not for me I would want to have Anal sex on period sex Badger Xper 4. Honestly, it's pretty standard practice on my campus. Tho there are other ways to deal with period sex, it's just difficult if you live in a dorm or shared house. Girls seem totally down with it, and guys tend to look forward to that time of the month.

Xper 5. I am all about anal on period. Leave the tampon in. Just get up on Lindsay lohan terry richardson nude fours, spread your cheeks and tell him what you want. It is shocking to guys -- but he will fill your ass with the biggest load of his life.

Just tell him, simple. For many Indian big ass blowjob, this is the only time many women will allow anal. Yeah go for it, anal is hot, I like it.

Thanks for the answer. It wouldn't bother Anal sex on period at all? I'm into it. Nope, even regular sex wouldn't bother me, Anal sex on period anything just put a condom.

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