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So Yeah, I hope you like this StarbuckViper. You asked for romance as well as hot and heavy, I hope I covered both aspects. This is rated M, if I wasn't clear. I'll say it again. That means sixteen and up. I think I did a fairly good job writing M but I'll let you be the judge. Asami was Asami naked legand of korra. She was going to have the Avatar come to her house, not only that, the Avatar was going to teach her how to swim. In the beginning she wasn't completely sure how to handle the Avatar, she seemed confident and a little overbearing but after getting to know her, she found her amusing and some of her habitats cute.

She felt something, that she hadn't felt before, something that being with Mako, being with any guy she never felt. She tended to believe herself a person who's sure and confident but when it came to Asami that all went out the window.

She was nervous for many reasons, but the main reason would be being around Asami in general. She Asami naked legand of korra that when she was around the other girl, she would become hesitant and feel self conscious. She would feel slightly awkward when talking and she always had this unknow feeling that made her heart beat fast and her palms sweat. Korra hadn't had many friends growing up, she spent most of her time learning and practicing her bending, and other stuff that the Avatar apparently just had to know.

The friends she did have were guys, she was a bit and to tell the truth still is a tomboy. Asami was beautiful and graceful, she grew up proper and respectable but she was so nice and patient and didn't care about different status.

To be truthful, Korra admired Asami a lot, she was in Korra's mind the perfect girl and she was just a little jealous but more than anything she wanted to be friends with her. So there she was, standing in front of the Sato mansion, it was now or never. She thought that she came this far, she might as Asami naked legand of korra do it.

With a smile on her face Asami gave Korra the tour around and eventually both girls found themselves in the water, Korra dressed in traditional Water Tribe bindings and Asami in a modern one piece swimsuit that was low cut in the back.

Asami realized while they stood in the water that the differences between them were much bigger than she thought, much bigger like D's. As she compared their chest sizes, she noticed that you could sorta see Korra's dusky peaks through her bindings. Realizing that she was staring, she blushed Asami naked legand of korra and looked away. Korra oblivious to the whole thing thought of a way to begin. Deciding to start with floating she began explaining to Asami how to float which was relatively easy.

Even though floating was something easy when beginning, Asami was having trouble making her whole body float, she was barely even semi-floating.

She tried to contain her blush Asami naked legand of korra she continued and failed to float. Asami nearly jumped out her skin when she felt Korra's warm hands, one hand on her back and one on her butt. In a calm voice completely opposite to the one in her head, Korra said "Just relax, when Asami naked legand of korra float your body has to be light. Since Asami's swimsuit was low cut in the back, she could feel Korra's somewhat ruff hands on her bare skin. It was not helping her relax.

As Korra basically carried Asami, she moved slowly around the water, her thumb making soothing motions on her back. Asami did eventually begin to relax, closing her eyes and enjoying the warmth from Korra and the tranquil Camera girl hidden teen of the water.

Before she knew it, the warmth was Teen open mouth tongue. She opened her eyes and looked up at a smiling Asami naked legand of korra "You did Latina laurie vargas hairy pussy. You're floating. After getting past floating, things went pretty easily. The had smile chit chat inbetween and it was generally a good time for both. There was a little strip of Korra's bindings that was sticking out and it was driving Asami insane.

It was hardly that noticeable but she kept spotting it, kept wanting to pull it. She was barely paying attention as Korra spoke about whatever they were going to try next, that little piece was in the way. Getting annoyed, Asami pulled on the loose band. Thinking that it would be like a loose thread on clothing, once you pull it it comes free. Unfortunately, it was like that one strand you pull that doesn't come out, but more comes loose. Asami's gaze was glued to Korra's chest.

While she was underwater, her binds around her chest became loose, leaving the barely covering her Kingdom hearts hentai sora x riku yaoi very see through.

Looking down, Korra freaked and began messily trying to fix her binds. Stuttering and blushing as she found the binds were not wrapping right. With a boldness she had never shown before, she treaded the water over to Korra and put her hands over hers "Korra it's okay. It's just us girls. Korra looked up at Asami, confusion and embarrassment on her face. Asami moved Korra's arms away from her chest and put them by her side. She began to unravel and untangle the binded mess.

Korra's face was on fire, she kept her gaze down. The soft and short touches of Asami's hands was doing things to her that she didn't quite understand. As Asami came towards the end Asami naked legand of korra the band, her hands moved on there on control.

Her hands roamed over the top of Korra's chest, going down to cup them. Korra was in a whirlwind of emotion, she bit her fist to keep from moaning out. Asami's soft fingers traveling around her chest made her feel tingling in a area she had never felt it before. She squeezed her legs together trying to the sensation. Asami was feeling hot, a warmth in her core. Under water she rubbed Caramel candy big ass legs together trying to relieve the tension.

Her hands still on Korra's chest, her Asami naked legand of korra slowing moving up. Her thumbs finding her nipples. She began to go over them lightly causing Korra to shiver, Asami naked legand of korra then began to rub her thumb around the peak, the sensation was too much for Korra and she gasped Asami naked legand of korra. At Korra's gasp, Asami seemed to come back to her senses.

She full out blushed and grabbed the wrap. She began to re-wrap Korra's chest, her hands shaking slightly the whole time. When she finished, she turned away going back across the water, trying to even out her breathing Asami naked legand of korra trying to figure out why she basically just molested the avatar.

Korra who was in Asami naked legand of korra same spot, she was flushed and slightly panting. A million thoughts ran through her head.

Mainly thoughts trying to Asami naked legand of korra her Phineas and isabella porn nothing happened. She wouldn't stay in touch with Korra very long and if they did touch or make some kind of contact, she'd move away quickly. Korra on the other hand was feeling somewhat rejected by the way Asami was acting. She kept trying to tell herself that she had no real reason to be upset that Asami would move every time they made contact.

But her heart didn't listen, and the farther Asami got, the more Korra became upset. Getting out of the water, her back to Asami. Korra said "I think I should go I think I should leave. Panicking at the thought of Asami naked legand of korra leaving, Asami rushed out of the water and grabbed Korra's arm.

Not looking back, knowing that if she did her resolve would fall. Not having a good response Asami just repeated the words "Don't go" her hand that was holding her arm moved till it was back by her side. It had been decided that they need a break. So Asami lead her down the long halls to the indoor hot spring. As they neared, Asmai began to talk, wanting to clear up her earlier actions, never look back at Korra she said "I'm sorry about earlier.

When I I shouldn't have, it was wrong, were both girls and-". Before she continue on Korra interrupted, stopping dead. Taking a step closer, Korra asked "Is it really so wrong?

I mean is it so wrong that we did that? Blushing a bit and looking down Asami said "But we're both girls and girls shouldn't be I mean we can't. Korra had a look of determination on Asami naked legand of korra face, the same kind that she usually showed when working.

Korra's face changed, her eyes going down, her voice now soft and hesitant "I don't regret what happened back there. I mean Asami was in shock. A hundred thoughts going through her head the main thought being 'Does this mean Korra enjoyed me fondol- I mean touching her? Hearing Korra's voice broke Asami out of her musing.

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