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I know we guys just make fun of dudes who wear swimsuits while in the shower. Share Facebook. Do girls shower naked in public showers? Add Opinion. I think things have changed.

When I was young guys all showered together at the pool and gym. Different shower heads, but one big room. Nothing sexual. In PE Jr high we all had to get naked and go to the showers. With all the sexual molestation issues kids are taught different and doing things different.

Most kids will not get nude at gym locker rooms etc. The locker at my old gym has stall showers with curtains. When I was younger I was embarrassed as I was late into puberty, now I do not care so much, but don't want to come across as a flasher or pervert.

I actually like setting in the sauna nude, but will usually put a towel on my lap or something if others are around. I know this was directed at the girls, but I suspect things have changed for them too. I thought everyone did both men and women shower naked together.

Xper 6. Do girls shower nude in public the public pools Bondage bdsm torture women been to, the girls' showers usually have curtains, so yeah I would shower naked.

If there weren't any curtains, I would probably keep my swimsuit on. I'm not comfortable with other people seeing me naked. The last time anyone saw Do girls shower nude in public naked was when I was 3 and I would like Do girls shower nude in public keep it that way for a while.

Plus, I'm extremely modest. Xper 7. I've always been off the opinion that its ok to do either but I've always stripped off in these showers, changing rooms or places like that I dont mind who sees, I've only been asked to cover up once and that was Do girls shower nude in public unisex area with just curtains that were not shut right.

I was always too self-conscious to walk around naked. I didn't want people staring at me. Now if you're talking about public showers like the showers they have by the poolside, well umm, that's public, so no.

I'm not afraid be completely naked in front of other women. When my friends don't take their swimsuits off i always yank down their bikini bottoms and spank them. I want them to be exposed the way i am. Sign Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. What could be a reason behind Do girls shower nude in public If you the same power as Obama or Trump would good thing would you do to bless the world? Are you a nice tipper? Seriously, Is "White Nationalism" still a thing?

Sort Girls First Guys First. I shower naked I don't care. Girl showers have curtains, so it's not really a big deal. I personally just keep my swimsuit on, and share a shower with friends fully covered and not sexual in any way or form.

When I was playing softball, my teammates and I did. ElizabethE Xper 5. Related myTakes. Egalitarianism is NOT equality.

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