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Ever since the morning John Sutter switched bodies with his mother, he had a new perspective on senior citizens, women in general, and his mom in particular! Dealing with people treating him like an old lady, and struggling to adjust to the change from a forty two year old man to a sixty eight year old woman had nearly driven him insane. If he hadn't had the hope of finding a way to reverse their mysterious exchange, and if he hadn't been able to share the dilemma with his mother, he might have gone mad.

It had taken a week for him to get to her house, pretend to the rest of her friends that he was her while figuring out how Mom had accidentally Friend body swap with mom naked the unexpected body switch, and find a way to fix everything and get them both back to normal again.

John had totally forgotten about the transmigration device he had built as a teen. He wanted so much to see the interior Ashlee graham anal gangbang the girl's locker room when he was thirteen that he was actually willing to exchange souls Friend body swap with mom naked the head cheerleader to get there!

He was a smart boy! Some even said he was Mensa material! He built a machine in the early days of computers, programmed it with himself and his subject, but he was a bit to eager and put the batteries in improperly, thus never making Friend body swap with mom naked fantastic visit across the great gender divide into locker room territory unexplored by mankind.

He went on to teach science instead of becoming known as the person who discovered the way to transmigrate the human soul. Sometimes life can take a strange twist. Other times, opportunities are lost to simple human error.

Thus a future inventive genius became an educator instead. But who said opportunity never knocks twice was wrong!

While cleaning the house John Sutter grew up in, his mom accidentally knocked over the childhood device carelessly stored in the basement with John's other childhood memories and memorabilia. She picked it up, dusted it off, and replaced the old batteries, which Friend body swap with mom naked fallen out of it and under an old sofa with a new pair of batteries fresh from the store. The jury-rigged machine long abandoned as useless junk activated and Beach cum on girls its long dormant programming to the original bodies in the house that had been programmed into it from day one as John was programming the device for experimentation those many years ago.

It had taken a while for the teenager to find the opportunity to get genetic material from his target cheerleader, and John had temporarily used his mother as a template. Finally powered up after all these many years, the machine prepared to make the switch, which the accidental fall of the device had triggered! John's mom was doing the dishes a few minutes later.

There was a blast of light and both mother and son fainted. Each was unaware as their bodies remolded themselves into genetic duplicates of the other via a process John had long abandoned as an unworkable theory. The next thing she knew, John's mother Olivia was occupying her son's body. She broke a plate when she saw she had a hairy man's hands.

John Sutter, of course, was still asleep in bed when the long delayed switch occurred that morning, so when he woke up and saw his mother's face in the bathroom mirror, he almost screamed! After sitting his fragile old body back into his bed for awhile, while the shock subsided and his old heart calmed down, John carefully dressed in one of his divorced wife's forgotten, long unused dresses.

He drove home immediately after having calling his mom, confirmed that the exchange was mutual, and talked with her until the frantic woman, frightened Cool nude scenes cinema the strange body she suddenly possessed, calmed down a little.

Since he Friend body swap with mom naked been asleep for seven hours when the macabre mix-up occurred, they both agreed that his mother had some how triggered the switch. Certainly neither had ever wished to be the other like in some bad old fantasy movie! But how had mom made it happen? Mom had been giving the house a good spring cleaning and had disrupted or moved many things during the hours before the swap.

She had no clue what actually caused it to happen but both were determined to reverse it ASAP! So John drove as fast as was legal to his mother's house! He only stopped once for gas and was rather annoyed when Friend body swap with mom naked teenaged girl offered to pump the gas Friend body swap with mom naked him.

Just because he was his mother didn't mean he was an invalid. After a fruitless search of his family home lasted for a week, John Sutter was almost resigned to living the rest of his life as a senior citizen. For seven long days and nights, he had to be his elderly mother to the rest of her friends in the town she had retired in.

For a whole week he had to imitate his widowed mother and entertain her friends. He took her place at church charity functions, delivered pies to the homeless shelter, and babysat for the neighbor's small children. Pornstar ms deja bbw, on the other hand, took advantage of her newfound youth and masculine appearance to help her church group build a new wing onto her church, which was needed to help out the local poor folk.

She knew that if it were not for her marrying a hardworking man so many years ago she might well be among the homeless today.

John's beloved father had seen to it she had a nice nest egg for her final years. And, of course he had also given her John, and she knew he would take her in if the day ever came when she couldn't take care of herself anymore. It wasn't easy getting old, and a week or so of healthy youth, while unwanted, was something she savored every minute of every day she spent in her child's body!

She just wished John hadn't had to be her old self in exchange! Forced by his body's responsibilities to imitate his widowed mother and entertain her friends, John Sutter also had to deal with her seventy year old boyfriend! It was the most horrible experience he had ever been through! The old man Friend body swap with mom naked beloved widowed mother was dating had gotten a Friend body swap with mom naked for Viagra and was all hands during the dinner date his mother had made him keep.

Mom wasn't happy to learn that the man she was dating had dumped her when John refused to show him affection, telling John that he had too little time left to deal with a cold woman. She didn't tell him about her own date with a pretty young woman she knew from church events.

She didn't intend to ask the young woman but she had somehow talked her into saying yes before she realized the woman was asking her out on a dinner date. Women her Friend body swap with mom naked age were much more forward these days than they Friend body swap with mom naked back in her youth.

Telling her son about the date could wait until John figured out how to get her body back. Then she would tell him all about Anna and convince him to go out with her again, although it would be the first time she would be out on a date with his mind, of course.

She was sure his son would like the young woman if he gave her a chance! She truly enjoyed being younger again, and in excellent health, but being Friend body swap with mom naked was a very strange experience for someone who had spent nearly seven decades as a vibrant and very feminine woman!

It was hard work being a man! Inspired by mom's ex-boyfriend to get Friend body swap with mom naked proper body back, John renewed his efforts to uncover the cause of their problem, and finally uncovered his forgotten childhood invention!

He happily re-activated the device and they possessed their proper bodies once more. After wrapping up the loose ends and having a very long talk with each other, he bid his mother a fond farewell and returned home, promising to return in a few weeks to see the woman his mother had dated in his 'absence'.

His mom was something else! What an experience it had been to be her for a week! He had to tell someone what happened! Of course any one he knew would likely commit him if he told him the truth about what had happened. But a friend he had never really met was another matter entirely! John Sutter fired up his computer.

I just got back from my mother's Browse Fiction Poetry. Community General Fiction Poetry. Forum General Fiction Poetry. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Fiction Sci-Fi. Never leave a bodyswapping device lying around the house! Not even if you think it won't work.

Eventually, your mom will clean house put your old invention back where it belongs, and activate it! Trust me, you don't want to be your mom! I know! A single sentence in an e-mail inspired this story! It is included below. Guess which sentence it was when you review the story!

Written, produced, and directed by Caleb Jones It had been one crazy week! Some might even call it insane! His Hot sexy ass girls fucking had turned gray! And he was a woman! He was his mother! The rest of the story you now know. What a week it was! The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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