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A lot of people have asked this question. Many find it disturbing that the abused girlfriend of a psychopath who regularly murders people has somehow become so popular in the short time she has been around. And 24 years is very short. He cashes in on that favor two years later, having kept track of the man who cursed him out for all of that time and threatening him enough to make the poor guy move his family several states away.

The guy has no option but to help the Joker, but the only task he has is opening a door for a Miss. Harley Quinn. She smiles as she cuts his hair, hits a police office when he harasses her and introduces the Joker as a part of his act a feat no previous henchman or henchwoman had ever been allowed to do by the Clown Prince of Crime, who prides himself on his showy ways of breaking the law.

She is silly, doting of Harley quinn having sex with two boys Joker and plainly awful at fighting, as Batman disarms her rather quickly. The reason that Harley was brought in was because the writers wanted someone to jump out of a cake, but thought it would be strange if the Joker did it himself. Funnily enough, the Joker ended up doing it anyway, but Arleen Sorkin voiced this new character Harley so wonderfully that they kept her in the episode. The Joker, furious that Harley has made a name of her own without him, comes to collect her, and Harley forgives him happily despite the fact he never actually apologizes.

This cycle becomes routine as Harley was introduced in more and more mediums, a cycle that those who have experience in abusive relationships can perhaps relate to. Harley does not enjoy violence the way the Joker does, nor does she ever harm people when she can avoid it. Harley quinn having sex with two boys crime sprees are usually at the order of someone else, or simply for the reason of stealing something she wants. She, at her core, is a good person.

It is her creation that twisted her values, and tied her entire being to the Joker himself. She frees him from Arkham when he returned with a rather gruesome beating from Batman, donning a jester costume herself and joining him for his Harley quinn having sex with two boys on the run.

The fact that the Joker turned this woman from the respected Dr. As much as the Joker is adored by comic book fans everywhere, it is painful to read those comics in which the Joker hits or punches Harley or verbally abuses her until she cries. When Harley was introduced in the real comic books, the Joker realizes he has started to have feelings for her, so he shoots her off into a rocket.

Luckily, she is Harley quinn having sex with two boys by Poison Ivy, where their friendship — a sometimes sexual relationship — is Platinum blonde emo girl nude in the comics although Poison Ivy is perhaps just as Harley quinn having sex with two boys and verbally abusive as the man she so abhors Harley spending time with.

This is why Harley has become so popular in the last 24 years. This is why people adore her. Skip to content Toggle navigation. Culture x August 6, Post Views: 6, Must Read. Spilling the Tea on Boba. Related Posts. Thoughts Spilling the Tea on Boba.

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