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How come Courage the Cowardly dog isn't here? He lives in the middle of nowhere… Or at least his aunt Muriel… Oh and 18 looks quite lovely. No, she still likes sex. She just doesn't like sex with you. Got some bad news for you buddy. But better you know now and craft your own life just the way you want it.

Yes, its called the Internet and you're currently on it. Her names Kate Upton. Do you know what Google is? I didn't know her name. Sorry I'm Hot sexy nature girl a freaky pervert who spends every waking hour researching girls on the internet so I can jack off to them while I weep to my lonely self in my dark bedroom. Think she needs a longer skirt! She's gonna catch a cold this way! And you don't want to hear a vagina sneeze. Speak for yourself.

Paula makes the lower part of the Chive interesting. All you assholes do is say Hot sexy nature girl you like best, spout a clever to you line and vie for a thumbs up.

Keep on Chiving, Paula! Hugs, Paula — making the lower part of the Chive more interesting — throwing shit Woman wanting sex in bestobe the comment section fan — looking after the lower half — stirring up the comment section Yeah I can work with that, thanks!

I disagree. On a very rare occasion she says something funny very rare. The rest is just misspells and citing peoples name incorrectly on purpose to get a response. That takes no imagination or wit…it's equal to the guys striving for thumbs. I think I just saw her ask for Godfather pics in "behind the scenes" because she saw 2 or 3 godfather pics above. Then she says something along the lines of "gotcha" to the unsuspecting kid that points out the pictures above.

This interests you? Maybe you also find "like a boss" Porn hot mommy pregnant "challenge accepted" hilarious. If you find paula interesting the you should try going out in the back yard and watching the grass grow. You'll probably be captivated for hours. Which ones do you think look 17 or younger? They all look college age at least to me. I'd pee in her butt.

That's gonna be hard my man. She's in the middle of nowhere Sexy as shit though. Love babes in boots. White Girls for sure! However, I have nothing against the other races. Some people are born black, some brown, some yellow, some red, and some are just lucky.

The pasty, heroin look was so long ago… She should eat more and pose less…. Every time I see your avat I laugh…. Good shit man.

I have read and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Upload Profile. Like this post? Hugs, Paula — the one you love to hate. Could've lost the kicks…just can't get Hot sexy nature girl of her hipster lifestyle. Na, don't know what it is but Hot sexy nature girl love a woman in hi top chucks.

Thank you Paula, I'm flattered you've been thinking of me lately. She is in the middle of…. Married guy. It's getting a bit old now. Now you know how everyone feels about you.

I get more fanmail than you. Hugs, Paula — stirring up the comment section. Everyone nailed it, except You Know. Phones are killing appreciation. I'm hoping she's texting for a sammich delivery for her and BBQ Monkey.

Please tell me somewhere there are a bunch more photos of her! John T. I didn't know her name, dumbass. Wel B grade actress body paint you must be living under a rock! With a name like that, that is a rather odd comment though. Who are you Big size black bbw boobs bra to convince?

Not married guy. This woman exemplifies the word "firm. Good Job Mac. Enzo Molinari. I disagree…looks like were gettin down to the bottom of the barrel for nature babes.

She can sneeze in my face anytime. Yeah… fake blond, fake boobs… Hugs, Paula — the one you love to hate. Fuck yeah. Looks like San Diego to Hot sexy nature girl. She looks like that silhouette Hot sexy nature girl see on mud flaps. Anyone care for a hot troll in the middle of nowhere? Paula, we don't care for you at all.

Nice line, I think I'll use that from time to time. Let me try a few variations. That Guy. Looking after the lower half…Ha ha ha! That's just funny. The Dude. Voice of reason. Case Hot sexy nature girl point… I can smell the Anorexia.

She's slim but she's not starving. You wouldn't wake up bruised. I love it. Thumbs up from me. Mainly because they're not flat-chested like the rest. White girls for the win. Jimmy Hot sexy nature girl. All women for the win in my books.

Obviously there wasn't much wind that day. Hugs, Paula — keeping the comment section alive. A Fan. Quick, someone throw her a Hot sexy nature girl sandwich! ANON chiver.

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