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This is one of those models you just need to have to see for your self. The body group count is insane. I won't even bother to try. Includes two Lara models. You will most likely spend some hours just trying out her wardrobe Finger, face and eye posing of course. Ported to Gmod by Kickster. Image size. Lara croft nude drawing Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Sign In. I have errors, pls help? Nevermind, got it. There's something i really don't know at all, the model works fine, i've downloaded a lot of models lately but Performance anxiety and cock ring of them have that 'green circle' which i can move using physgun, in this case lara's props, including her hair.

I still can move them but it's not use cause all the props are T POSED, plus they're terrible to Lara croft nude drawing, there's always a huge distance between the prop and the circle, any ideas?

Rastifan Hobbyist Digital Artist. They are body groups. You use this tool to place them on the model steamcommunity. Is that the right addon? Spawn the Lara Lara croft nude drawing. Then spawn one of her outfit the ones with a green ring. Right click on the Lara model, then left click on the outfit. The outfit is now attached to the model. Works the same way with every model that comes with separate outfits. Did you read the DigitalEro thread? You Lara croft nude drawing something wrong.

Oh it oki try to overwrite the model and materials to garrysmod folder and it work perfectly. Rastifan please help, I downloaded this and extracted the files into the addon folder but the folder won't show up in my legacy addons folder I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Do I have to download another model for it all to work? If you read the DigitalEro thread, all is explained.

You need download the original sfm release below, delete original sfm models folder not textures! Original SFM release: mega. Thank you! Socartos Hobbyist Digital Artist. This model is awesome and all but Lara's eye textures are missing. Does Lara croft nude drawing model require some Source game in order to work? You might need this www. Models from all packs share them.

Do I need to make a Digital Ero account in order to download the files? The ones on DE yes. But it's free and we have Lara croft nude drawing banners. Are tons of models there for download. All right, thanks! I'll see if I get things working. Download the original SFM version first mega. I think it's buggy for me, because when I spawn the model, there are no bodygroups, and the clothes are just effects, they are not connected to the model.

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