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We recently received a notice from animal control stating that a complaint was issued against our pet cat who we let wander outside. He pretty much keeps to our yard and adjacent yards and always comes when called.

Or so they say. That's not to say that ours isn't the only cat out of doors; we've seen a couple of others that wander as well. But seeing as how we're his next door neighbors, we're the prime target.

However, no description or proof of the damage was given. My wife called animal control and was told the statute also applied to cats. We still haven't verified that. Our neighbor also brought up the issue with our year old daughter telling her that they found a dead squirrel and dead bird in their yard and that they think our cat killed them.

Again, no proof and only speculation. Personally, we've observed our cat in our yard chasing birds and squirrels and we don't think he's skilled enough to catch anything.

It could very well be probable that another neighborhood cat was the killer. Anyway, the thing that pisses me off the most is the fact that our neighbor has yet to come talk to us about this potential "problem.

Frankly, I think he is a wuss for not talking to us directly about his concerns. We still plan to talk to him face to face and see if we can come to some sort of compromise. My wife kept him indoors all of yesterday and he was extremely upset. Granted, even if we find out the law is on our side, I don't want to piss off our neighbor so they end up poisoning our cat or something. So we're trying to consider ways to keep the cat within our yard or to keep our cat from going into his yard.

However, we have a rather large yard about ' long and ' wide which is enclosed by a 6' tall wooden fence, and the cat fences we've seen would be rather expensive to install on the top of the fence. Cat fence? Got a link to any? Hell, my parents' cat used to get stuck on the roof all the time and we Let s try anal back yard did figure out Asian american girls having sex he did that.

I know they've got those for Let s try anal back yard, but I'm not sure if they have any for cats. I don't know how you could contain the cat without either 1 a really high fence or 2 a leash attached to a stake, but perhaps at least put a bell on the cat's collar so it in theory can't sneak up on its prey?

I would certainly force the issue with the neighbors. They have 2 cats which roam outdoors, and actively try Let s try anal back yard hunt the birds that congregate at the front and rear feeder areas of their home. I call bullshit on any law against allowing a properly tagged and immunized cat to roam a neighborhood provided it is not destructive to property or person.

They have produced ZERO evidence of any damage your cat has caused. In an effort to keep the peace with your neighbors, FXWizard's bell idea is a good one. It is impossible to keep a cat contained outdoors. With a bell on its collar, your kitty is free to roam, and your neighbor has no legitimate complaint about birds or squirrels being killed. The cat is doing what cats do.

If the neighbors can't deal with the fact that cats typically hunt and kill small birds and rodents, then perhaps they need to live in a place where there are no cats. Unless you do the buried-line thing, there is no way to contain a cat. They are very agile and can jump far higher and longer than most people would suspect them capable of.

As to their birdwatching activities, that's what a wildlife refuge is for. You can put a bell on your cat so that it will be much more difficult for it to kill anything, but to keep an outdoor cat caged in a yard is cruel, IMO.

Chicken coop! Or you could drug the cat, lay it in the yard and then bring it in before it wakes! There's also this thing called chicken wire Not necessarily. Our leash law applies to cats as well as dogs. As for keeping the cat in his own yard You can contain a dog because Let s try anal back yard can't climb for the most part, but cats can go anywhere. In any event, unless the neighbors can prove that the cat damaged something other than their "birding experience" and refuse speak to you directly to bootI'd say that the OP should just put a bell on the cat to prevent it from killing anything and leave it at that.

Cats usually don't tear up back years like dogs do I have yet to see a cat do more than bury a poop somewhere. That bell trick doesn't always work either. My family cat was a big hunter in his younger days so we put a bell on his collar. He still managed to bring home dead critters on a regular basis though. He's like 20 years old now, so he doesn't do much these days aside Let s try anal back yard eat and sleep.

It might not always work, but it does put a big dent in their ability to sneak up on their prey. I can't believe animal control had the audacity to cross out dog and write cat. If the law states dogs it means dogs. I don't know of any lawyer that could construe "dog" to mean "cat", I mean lawyers are sneaky, but thats proving white is black and the grass is Amateur nude naked topless. Personally, I say don't bother doing anything.

It is just about impossible to poison a cat, they won't eat anythign that has buried pills in it Let s try anal back yard anything, they can smell it. The only thing to worry about is if they try and shoot it, and I doubt bird lovers would shoot anything. Tall fences wouldn't stop a cat, and I doubt a buried eletrical line would Let s try anal back yard. Cats are territorial.

Screw with his ability to police his domain and you'll be screwing with the essence of who your cat is. Tell Let s try anal back yard loser neighbors your cat is doing them a favor by ridding their yard of pestilence infested tree rats and Nile Virus bearing Avians.

The bill will be in the mail. There's a thing that's made for dogs to keep them in the yard I believe its called a leash Actually, I was thinking of this thing i heard about. Your pet wears a collar that emits a high pitched noise or shocks your pet if they go past a perimiter that you set up. Anyways, containing a cat just isn't going to happen.

They'll find some way out, just like if you tell a kid there are cookies somewhere in the house, then leave them alone for 2 hours, they'll find 'em. Hey all, I truly appreciate all the support so far. I guess the first thing for us to do is talk to the neighbor to Let s try anal back yard if there is some sort of compromise. Second thing is to find out if there is a law against roaming cats. After all, the birds Dragon age leliana hentai that there is a cat next door.

And we DO have every right to let our cat roam in our yard. Maybe the bell solution will work if they have a problem against our cat killing things? As it is, I can only speculate on their reason for not liking our cat. AGain, I still like to see what was destroyed and what laws are on the books before getting even more pissed off. It may not work for you, but what my grandfather did to contain his cat after losing one to a busy road was to construct a leash that was attached to his clothes line, and attach it to a harness for the cat.

Basically the cat could get anywhere within a certain distance of the line, but couldn't get out of the garden. She Met art wet pussy like it at first, but got used to it quickly and it didn't hamper her investigation of the garden particularly.

I don't know if invisible fences are made for cats, or if you Images of junior beach nude girls modify those made for dogs for cats.

At any rate, if the cat wants out bad enough it'll just jump through the field and deal with the shock. Your only bet to contain the cat while it's outside is Let s try anal back yard build a completely enclosed space with chicken wire or something.

You can try un's idea of the leash on a clothesline, but beware of the cat getting tangled and choking. All cats who go outdoors should have an easy-release snap collar in case they get stuck.

They're being underhanded and rather asshats about the whole thing, especially when they talked to your daughter instead of to you. That's just uncool and they need to know it now. Approach it as "we're all reasonable people, let's work out a solution to this problem without involving the authorities. Why does everyone here seem to think its just fine to let your cats roam on other peoples properties?

If it was your hobby you would be the first people calling in the lawyers and shit. Keep your damn cat in your yard, with a leash. Maybe it is cruel to keep it contained to a yard, but thats the price you pay for living in the city with an animal that likes to roam free.

In most communities its a bylaw that cats are to be kept in your own yard. First off the neighbors are dipshits. Cats are birds and squirrels natural predators. Let s try anal back yard you support a population of birds and squirrels and deny them any form of culling of the weak and injured you will get a plague which will kill MOST of the population.

Predators are needed. Further, animals in a stressed read hunted environment produce more offspring. Therefor with a cat in the area there are more birds. If the neighbors were real bird watchers then they are ignoring umpity zillion articles to that effect in various birders magazines.

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