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Over the summer I made a few trips via ferry out to Gunnison Beach in Jersey. The dunes and wide beaches were a welcome diversion from the sticky hot city. As were the crowds of naked New Yorkers. My first visit was with a group of friends — which was a great, Ebony black videos africa, nude day — but what I really want to tell you about is my second visit, when I went alone.

It was a Saturday and the beach was packed with shiny naked people. People swimming, Men hard naked beach sleeping, people kissing, people showing off their bodies, people gazing at others' bodies. I stripped down right away and took a walk along the beach, to survey the scene. My end of the beach was a pretty even mix of men and women, and I stopped to watch a group of college girls splash around in the waves.

I had to be careful not to watch their bodies too closely, not to notice the way their firm little breasts bounced as they jumped. I didn't want to get a hardon right there in front of them, a hundred yards away from my clothes, with no way of hiding it.

I moved on. As I moved down the beach the number of men increased, especially the number of groups of men. I started to notice men here and there staring at me, checking me out. They glanced down at my dick and back up at me, smiling.

I didn't mind, so I just kept on walking, my cock and balls swaying softly from side to side. At some point, the guarded beach ended and the people thinned out. There were only people like me left, strolling.

I walked quite a distance down the beach, enjoying the sun and the breeze on my naked body. Enjoying the small thrill of passing people and thinking, I'm naked right now.

They're naked. We just saw each other naked. I thought of what it would be like to pass the same Men hard naked beach on the street sometime, and to remember what their bodies looked like without their clothes.

And then I came upon two guys swimming near the shore. They were laughing. One of them stood up and I saw that he had a full erection. I smiled at him and kept walking. I wanted to turn back and watch them. Something about his hardon and the other guy's presumed hardon was so fascinating to me. It was the juxtaposition of the public beach, the nudity and the arousal I think that got me so curious. I turned around, pretending to look back at something else, and the standing guy called to me, "Hey, you wanna take a swim?

I walked Men hard naked beach to them and said, "Sure, how's the water? Jump in. We chatted as we swam. What we do, where we're from, etc. They were nice guys. Definitely gay, definitely a couple. Am I gay? They asked. No, straight, I said. We swam some more, they gave each other piggy back rides through the waves. Eventually we all waded to shore and walked up the beach to their towels. They were both hard still, and I felt a stirring in my cock watching their boners springing as they walked.

I took his towel and dried myself Men hard naked beach. They, on the other hand, dried each other off, pausing to get each other's cocks nice and dry. I watched this and felt blood making its way down to my penis, against my will.

I held his towel casually in front of myelf until he asked for it back for us to sit on. I handed Men hard naked beach the towel and Men hard naked beach both looked at my half hard cock. Guy number two smiled and asked if I wanted to sit with them for a bit. We walked and their hard cocks bounced and mine became bouncier with each step, until it was fully hard.

I liked the feeling of walking on a sunny beach with two new friends, naked, with our cocks nice and stiff. We passed a few people, most of them looking elsewhere or not paying attention, a few raised eyebrows and smirks. Then we passed by a group of four women in their thirties, topless, a little chubby. They smiled at us and Men hard naked beach at each of our cocks as we walked. I watched their breasts jiggle and sway. As I was staring at the cutest one's tits I realized she was staring right back at my cock.

When we made eye Milf mom big ass jeans sex I wanted to walk over and ask her to fuck me. We're both clearly turned on, why not? The guys led me up away from the water into the dunegrass, laid out the towels and we sat down. Our hardons lined up in a row pointing at the sky. Guy number two sat next to me and I glanced down at his cock, which curved up and to the side in such a way that it pointed at my face.

There weren't too many people around, just the strolling people really. Not at all," I replied, trying to sound casual. Yeah, this happens all the time, don't worry about it. They both started jacking off slowly, chatting about Men hard naked beach plans while they did it. I saw a passerby staring, but the guys didn't mind. While they increased their speed I debated in my head whether to join in. I was very hard and the idea of jacking off on the beach in full daylight aroused me, Men hard naked beach with people watching, and these two guys jacking off next to me basically validated me as not being a complete pervert.

So I did. With a husband and wife snickering and staring at us, I started to rub my cock. With this, the guys included me in their conversation, which was predominately nonsexual. We chatted about restaurants in the city, about good used book stores, about the passersby watching us, all the while stroking our big stiff dicks. As we approached climax, the conversation turned more sexual.

Having people watch always gets me Men hard naked beach pretty fast. Two started to cum first. His first shot of cum landed on the towel right next to my thigh. One pushed himself over the edge next and came all over his stomach. As I watched them shoot their big sticky loads I pumped my cock hard, clenched my ass and let myself cum. As I shot cum all over Men hard naked beach chest, I looked up and saw the thirtysomething women passing along the water.

They were pointing at us and talking softly, smiling. My cock throbbed a few last times in my hand, and I closed my eyes to enjoy the sun beating down on my post orgasmic body. One and Two got up and ran down to the ocean Kim kardashian hot sexual nude pics jumped in. I joined them. Once I was clean Men hard naked beach walked back to my towel on the other end of the beach and enjoyed the sun and the naked people passing by.

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