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My parents got me start back in at the YMCA summer camp out. Out of Seattle Wa I still recall being asked to remove my swimming trunks and and being clothes free. Some fellow took my photos while I was totally naked, and with the other naked boys too. So, I keep looking at the computor Then in the s I join the ymca down town Seattle and swam naked after school I enjoyed it and all the naked fellows even help me with my school work I never had and problems However, my school days ended in Today my family are all nudist sometimes THanks milion for you web site.

I help in my search Nothing to report Really valid subject. I guess all us older guys treated being naked with other guys as completely natural - Naked men at ymca, swimming, horsing about.

I do think the boys today are missing a lot of the bonding we had. It's as though they treat being with other guys the same as being with women and cover themselves accordingly. My grandson is in the military and from his tales at least communal Naked men at ymca is still pretty common there. When I was growing up in the 50's, we had a couple of very popular swimming holes where we Naked men at ymca skinny dipping, regardless who else was there all the boys were naked.

There were a few men around lifeguards and it was not unusual for them to go into the woods with the boys. It was all part of growing up and learning. I liked some of the men and they taught and showed me a lot. Of course, Naked men at ymca had been taught to respect my elders and obey them, so I got plenty of attention. What young boy doesn't like admiring attention?

I joined a Y in Erie, Pa in the early 60's with my father and brothers when I was around There was no choice, everyone swam nude. There was a large gang shower where all showered together. In the steam room everyone was Naked men at ymca. Men walked around the locker room nude.

When I was in high school everyone was required to take a shower. You walked to the gang shower nude, showered, and on the way out you were given a towel. It was just the way it was. Today at health clubs it is very different. Men always wear towels. It seems inappropriate not to. It's fascinating to me how over years this custom changed. I swam in inner-city YMCA pools from about through It was common knowledge that men and boys swam nude at these pools and nobody gave it a second thought.

My high school swimming team worked out at a YMCA pool and all team workouts were conducted in the nude. The instructors were no-nonsense kinds of guys and at the beginning of each session it was Naked men at ymca calmly that guys our age could get an involuntary erection at Naked men at ymca time and if this happened we should quietly excuse ourselves and spend some time in the locker room until things were under control.

We didn't talk much or even joke much about our sexual anatomy and the word "homosexual" was foreign to our thoughts Naked men at ymca vocabularies - the term "gay" didn't exist then. Such, such were the joys I Naked men at ymca miss the days when men were comfortable being naked with each other.

I grew up in the late 50's, 60's and early 70s. If you were an athlete you didn't get dressed until you were ready to leave the Naked men at ymca room. We all showered together, pissed Xnxx image man and women, shaved together, carried on conversations--all in the nude. Being naked together was part of the joy of manhood--it's how men and Naked men at ymca were.

Swimming naked was the norm. You only wore swim trunks if females were around. And if you were out at a cabin Naked men at ymca tent in the wilderness--you could be naked outside all day if you wanted. Men were brothers--you didn't need to hide or be ashamed of being naked. What a wonderful thing has been lost. The Y and other men-only gyms and sauna clubs were so different in the past.

Everyone was totally relaxed about being nude around other guys. We swam nude which was of course required and then also used Big black cock adrianna nicole open showers, steam rooms, sauna and whirlpool all buck naked.

Most guys even shaved nude. Some clubs had sun decks where the guys sunbathed naked. The most anyone ever had on were maybe a pair of flip flops, although most guys were barefoot. No one wrapped towels around themselves. It was an all-male environment so there was no reason to. My high school required swimming in the 10th grade. I was a late bloomer and had no pubic hair when I was Naked men at ymca nude for role call was always difficult because everybody else had hair there and i didn't.

My friend who was standing next to me always told me not to worry about it. Nobody ever harrased me or made fun of me. By the end of the year, I had caught up with everybody. These days so many shave it off, but would never Naked men at ymca caught naked around other boys or men. Too bad those times are gone, "s and 60;s. When I was a a member Naked men at ymca would go down the stairs from the community shower room to the pool.

No one thought anything of it. Guys would sit nude on a bench around the pool and read the newspaper. Seems to me that guys want to hide their um Back when I was in school 70's it was very common to walk naked thru the locker room unashamed. Look at the ridiculous loose pants the guys wear today exposing their Yuk! In by past times I attended a University in the US, I went swimming in the University pool,Nudity was mandatory for everyone in pool and showers,Showers mandatory before and after swimming.

At Naked men at ymca showers some guys looked at me intently and asked what was the matter with my penis,I Naked men at ymca tem how I retractedforesakin for washing, and then put it in its due place. Many had never seen an uncut guy and were astounded,so the made me have an erection so purplish glans appeared as foreskin slowly retracted,They were amazed!

Why every mae in the US is circed? When I attended college in the US in te s we all swimmed naked in the pool,we had to showe naked before swimming and again Naked men at ymca naked after swim. Guys around e were astonded i was not circumcised,allofthem were, nd some of them did not know circumcisio existed. After laughs, a had tto give the the show, I retracted my foreskin and wshed my glans,All to their astonishment!

There was nothinggayabout that, only curiosity1. I like to take showers naked together with other naked dudes! It is nice to see penises of different sizes, some with big heads, even boners; no big deal! As well as bubble butts, normal butts, each penis has its own personality, a do theit owners!!! The pool was clothes free and this is how I learned to swim I still prefer to swim nude whenever possible.

We would often take breaks from the pool, dry off ans head to the gym naked and shoot hoops, etc. Then back to the pool. Eventually I got on the swim team and not only our practices were nude, our meets were nude even with females in the crouds. We just never thought that there was anything wrong with being naked in public. It took me Naked men at ymca little time to get accoustomed to being nude with others as I had a foreskin and almost all of the boys were cut. AT my High school, our boys swimming classes required were nude.

As were swim team practices. However, we did have to wear speedos for the actual meets. Coach made us practice for 2 days befor a meet in our speedos to know what it felt like to wear a suit.

The swim coach was also the Health teacher Sex Ed and arrainged for severl of us to be nude models Naked men at ymca the Sex Ed classes in an adjoining school system which paid us a few bucks. Heere my foreskinwas an asset as most of those in the class had never seen one. Boys from that school came to our school for our Sex ed classes. Did this nudity mess me up?

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