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  1. Le tengo envidia a el por que me gustaria ser yo el que te estubiera cojiendo rico

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My name is Raul. So Naked mexican cholo men me describe myself. I'm very light skin due to the fact that I have more Spanish blood than Mexican. I'm 5'6", very slim, dark hair and light blue eyes, so I'm like a mix of sexiness.

So my story begins in Spain when I'm living there with my family. Everything was fine and dandy until I reached Acapulco because that's where my half Mexican part comes from. So I got there and my Naked mexican cholo men Santiago picked me up at the airport. Now let Naked mexican cholo men describe him.

He is tall 6'9", built, dark skinned and with the usual black hair and dark brown eyes. So since I haven't seen him since I was 9, now I'm I asked him to have a sign with my name, so he did, and when I saw him I was amazed at how he looked, like he was wearing basketball shorts that showed his built legs and a bulge in the middle and a tank top that gave too much to the imagination, and on his shoulder a tribal tattoo, and recently you could see he had shaved his hair.

So I tried to act cool and stuff and I gave him a hug and he pat me on my butt. By the way I have a big butt. It's very bubbly and soft. So we started driving to my grandmother's house which was empty since she was in Spain and the only people there were the maids and sometimes family. So I got to have this Aztec god all to myself. We got there and I told one of the service people to take me straight to my room, so they Naked mexican cholo men. I followed Amature grannys big tits in bikine my room had this walk-in bathroom.

So I at once started to unpack to look for something very soft since it was hot as hell. I dropped everything on the floor and I took my pants and slowly I took these tight boxers that I was wearing. I set the temperature in the shower and the good thing was that I had a good view to the garden and the sea from where I stood.

I took my time in the shower. I dried myself and I just went naked to the room. All of the sudden I hear a voice, " Nice belly ring. I blushed and tried to get something to cover my naked body.

He stood up and looked Naked mexican cholo men me and said, "Don't bother. We are family and it's hot in here.

So I saw he had some thick hairs on his dick and nothing turns me on more than to see a man with some nice trim pubic hairs. He laid on my bed, saw my underwear and Naked mexican cholo men at me and said, "I could not see why Naked mexican cholo men like Naked mexican cholo men wear that shit. You can just be naked n call more attention from guys.

I bet it's tight as hell. I just smiled and told him, "Why don't you come and find out? By this point I was so turned on that I want him inside me. So he was like taking his time and stuff. We ended up in my bed, and he kissed my nipples and then slowly went down to my belly which I still had my belly piercing on. And then to my legs and he opened me and started to eat me out like no tomorrow. I started to moan in pleasure.

He did this thing where he would bite me softly and then lick and then push his tongue inside. And he did this for a good time and then he was like, "You ready, baby?

In that moment he pusheed the entire dick inside me. I let out a whimper but my sounds were drowned by his mouth kissing mine. It hurt so much but he was taking his time, taking it out and then pushing it all in. We were dancing to the same music, our bodies moving up and down, side to side.

Kissing passionately, he picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He pinned me to the wall and started to suck Tamil aunty spread pussy my neck while going full speed on my ass.

He said, "Even though I've Silvie unbelievably beautiful porn fucking you for the longest, you're still tight as hell. The stinging sensation and him sliding his dick inside me made me feel that I was in heaven. After a few minutes of him fucking me in this position, I felt his dick starting to grow and pulsate and then I felt his cum filling my ass. By this point, he was jacking me off and I came afterwards.

He grabbed my cum and rubbed it all over my belly and he started to play with my piercing and Naked mexican cholo men he said, "Welcome to Mexico cousin, hope you will have a lot of fun with me Naked mexican cholo men some of my friends. By this point my ass was on fire after getting fucked for so long by a big Mexican dick.

I laid in bed for a while, then I went off to take a shower. Hope you liked my story if anything please emails me to.

My Cholo Homeboy by mr. Hope you liked my story if anything please emails me to back to top.

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