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Urology Community. No sensitivity in penis djones Hi, I have a problem regarding loss of sensation in my penis shaft. I was using a water based penis pump for 3 months from Jan to April this year.

I began noticing numbness when masturbating so discontinued use of the pump. Today, despite having quit the pump for two months I cannot achieve any pleasurable sensations From masturbation, my penis just feels like rubber. At first I thought this must be due to nerve damage however 6 weeks ago my sensitivity mysteriously returned to normal, I got that intense pleasurable feeling back No sensitivity in penisthis Teaching strategy for adult with learning disability me so happy and gave me peace of mind.

However the numbness then returned for about a week, and then a few days of restored sensitivity again. It's No sensitivity in penis 4 weeks now and my penis still feels like rubber to touch. I am feeling very confused and distressed by this. I am finding that I'm constantly rubbing my penis everyday to check the sensitivity is coming back, but it isn't. How could my penis be numb and cold one day, then back to normal?

If the pump caused nerve damage How could my sensitivity have returned for a while after I quit it? I am so confused, Please help. Many thanks. Answer Question. Read 2 Responses. Follow - 2. Kaul, MD. Hi there! Minor trauma may play a role in temporary loss of sensations. I would suggest giving it sometime and avoiding trauma to the region. If the symptoms do not seem to improve in weeks, you may consider a detailed No sensitivity in penis by a urologist for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate management.

Hope this helps. Take care! Notify me of new activity on this question. Join this community. Ask a Question. Top Urology Answerers. Expert Activity. Didn't find the answer you were looking for?

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