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April edited April Post edited by shadzilla on April Replies to: co-ed dorms in uiuc. April Co-ed layered means men and women on alternate floors as you go up a building and they are not together on the same floor. Co-ed split means you have a building with two separate towers with a lobby and other amenities in the middle, or just Nude coeds of university of illinois building that has Nude coeds of university of illinois split into two separate sides, and men occupy one of the towers or sides and women the other.

Normal coed, which means men and women together on same floor and general area, is not something you will find as a freshman. It involves new buildings where there is a bathroom for every two rooms and thus you can put women in one set of two rooms and men in an another set of two rooms.

Nugent has that but to date there have been no openings for freshman as upper classman fill it before freshman ever get a chance. When it opens the new French foreign film nude building will also have rooms where each set of two rooms will have its own connecting bathroom and that building will be normal coed but occupancy will be limited to upper classmen. Coed by wing is essentially the same thing as coed split. LAR's structure is that each of the four floors has four wings running away from a central location where stairs and lobby are located.

Two Nude coeds of university of illinois on a floor share one large bathroom and the other two share a different large bathroom. LAR was a women only dorm until and now two wings on each of the first two floors is men. That means there is only a limited amount of room for men although freshman can apply.

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