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Feb 03, PM. Lately I've been Rap sucks rock rules the internet and I have come to notice that many fans of rock and heavy metal seem to have some unwarranted hatred for rap music.

Two things about this bothers me: one is that music is all opinion and no one's taste of music is worse than anyone else's. The other is that these people usually seem to be extremely ignorant when it comes to rap music, constantly dropping names such as Soulja Boy and Lil Wayne to explain why "rap is crap".

They claim that rap is only about "money, sex, bling" and other things. Now, here's the thing: I listen to a lot of rap and listen to rap everyday and I hardly ever listen to things with those topics, unless it is talking about them in a serious, deep way.

I honestly don't like rap about those things, but that doesn't mean I will say that Hot girl pees voyeur suck. Now, back to my point. There is a wide variety and I'd be willing to bet majority of rap music that talks about much deeper topics and explores many more concepts.

I dare one of these rap haters to listen to an Aesop Rock song, for instance, and then say that rap is meaningless. He manages to hagve so many meanigns in each line he says that his lyrics are practically open to infinite interpretation.

Aesop Rock is not the only. There are countless rappers withintricate rhyme schemes, deep meanings, interestingly composed stories, excellent use of literary devices, and much more. I have thousands of rap songs saved to my computer and a large amount of rap artists as well, and hardly any of my archive of rap music talks about how much money the artist is making, how much they have sex, and how much jewelry they wear.

My point is that Rap sucks rock rules are placing rap in a box, judging it based off of the content that is being foonsped to the population through the mainstream radio.

Am I saying that all rap is meaningful and deep? In fact, I'm one of the main people you'd hear expressing my discontent with the direction mainstream rap is going these days. I almost don't blame these Rap sucks rock rules people for their assumptions, but I do put Rap sucks rock rules at fault for talking about something which, through their comments and statements, they obviously do not know much about. There is a vast amount of lyrically consious, original, and unique rap of the oldschool and newschool that many people are ignoring.

I could honestly go on for a long while of amazing rap artists, many even better than the one's I just named. All I ask is that people give rap a chance, and stop judging it off of "I don't like Soulja Boy, so I don't like rap. I am a big fan of rock, but not as big of a fan of heavy metal. That does not mean I think it "sucks". I appreciate the artists in that genre and respect them, it is just not my preferance in music. And I am not saying all rock fans feel this way about rap, or that rock fans are the only people who feel this way, it's just that I have found many rock fans who do, and the rock fans who do tend to be the most hostile towards it.

I am a fan of both rap and rock, but respect all other genres of music as well. Music is music, and evryone has their own respectable preference. Feb 19, AM. It ruins and interupts the good music!!!! May 18, PM. I listen to mostly rock but I do listen to other genres but if I didnt like a genre i wouldn't go around saying it sucks I just wouldn't listen to it after all people have their own preferences in music.

Aug 10, AM. I think it's poetry. I think that rap is an act or thing you do more than it is a genre, but I'm saying this using rap in Black chubby mature black women pics wider definition Rap sucks rock rules would include the hip-hop genre.

In regards to Rap sucks rock rules article, I agree with it on a few points, however I disagree with the way it seems to subliminally diss rap and say that certain rap artists can't be compared to certain other musicians. Honestly, I don't like comparing artists at all, because as long as you are expressing yourself then you are doing the right thing, no need to worry about what someone else is doing.

Personally, I'm a bigger fan of words and language than I am of music. That is what appeals to me so much with rap: it's high use of words and the ability to use them in Rap sucks rock rules many different ways and get so many emotions.

I believe rap defintely has a lot of similarities with poetry, however I do not think you can simply call rap poetry. I write a lot of rap and a lo tof poetry and I can garentee you there is a difference.

My original point however is that so many people put rap in a box without even truly understanding it. If Rap sucks rock rules tell me that writing and delivering rap lyrics takes no talent, then I believe you have a lot to learn. I play a few instruments,however none of them interest me as much as writing lyrics. That does not mean however that I think they require no talent because they definitely do, so I dno;t understand where people come from saying that rap requires no talent.

Aug 10, PM. Rap does require a talent especially free style because its hard to talk fast while making something up as you go along and to have what you say make sense.

I didn't read the article she posted but I think I will and see what it says. Also if rap is so bad why are many artists winning VMA's and Grammys and other stuff. Aug 11, PM. Chantae Exactly. In my opinion any art form that not only allows the artist to express themselves but is also enjoyed by others has to require talent. I think at the end of the day, its something that people enjoy and we can't judge Everyone has different tastes and varying opinions.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of Rap sucks rock rules but I do listen sometimes because I've noticed that the words are most of the time inspirational and even though its said really fast, it does have a Rap sucks rock rules to it. I'm not allowed to listen to it. Though I do. It really requires talent to rap and make sense so your not some lunatic. I can talk really fast and make up words but that doesn't mean I should rap Pop and rock are somewhat different genres for rapping Rap sucks rock rules now-a-days you see artists mixing their art style so rapping blends with their music.

It would be crazy AND totally awkward if you would see a country singer start rapping out of the blue. Oct 09, PM. Some artists who make mostly Rap sucks rock rules or rock can have songs that they rap in Rap sucks rock rules have a rapper rap in. So just because it has a rock or pop sound instruments the artist could be rapping in it. Oct 10, AM. I think. Oct 17, PM. There are good messages is some rap songs, but too many of them are about things like drugs.

And pop, pop music is polluted with sex, swearing, and bad influences. Most people have this image of rock music being "bad" but really indie rock and rock have the least swearing and bad influences out of those three types of music.

Many rock Rap sucks rock rules have great messages, and at most high schools and he highs the kids that listen to rock and alt. Also, a lot of rap and pop fans hate rock, and vise versa, so it really just depends on what kind of music you like. I like Rap sucks rock rules. Dec 10, AM. When I listen to a song, I want to hear music, not poetry. I always hear the tune before I hear the words, and since rap is mainly about the words, I Rap sucks rock rules like to listen to it.

Feb 06, PM. I don't really like rap Even if the rapper is good at rapping, I really don't like it when they insert a rap in the middle of a good song. Mar 01, PM. I like the way linkin park blends rock and rap. Mar 25, AM. This particular post came up when I searched the phrase "rap sucks" on Google. What triggered my search was the annoying habit of rap being inserted into other genres of music.

I wanted to touch on the talent aspect of rap and freestyle. It's not talent, it's a matter of training your mind to come up with rhymes. The reason I know this is because I spent my junior and senior year with friends who loved to exchange "Your mom is so fat In a short Rap sucks rock rules I became a master at it and could think up insults at the drop of a hat. To this day I can spew forth insults on varying subjects, one right after the other.

It doesn't take a lot of thought and they're always fresh and new. I was just out of high school when the likes of N. A were hitting it big. I still cherish Rap sucks rock rules of the early 80's rap because I grew up with it, but I no longer listen to it, maybe once in a blue moon.

I think the reason people don't like rap anymore is they're getting tired of hearing someone ramble on in a song where the beat doesn't change throughout and the samples are from other Rap sucks rock rules that created real music; it irks me to no end when a rapper rips a melody from a song I grew up with.

The genre died because it doesn't have enough content to keep people coming back. We've seen rap "progress" into mediocrity because it's all been done before and at the end of the day, Rap sucks rock rules just poetry inserted into bland looping "music" that mostly rips off other artists. The only way it can survive Rap sucks rock rules to merge with other genres.

Rap interludes ruin good songs. Jay Z, Pitbull and their ilk I can't stand them.

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