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The country is holding its fourth general election in as many years this Sunday. Although the ruling socialist party PSOE won the most votes in the last election seven months ago, it fell short of a Who is up for chatting in spain and was unable to enlist the necessary support to form a government.

Spanish politics has grown increasingly fragmented and polarised over recent years. That means there are now three parties chasing votes on the left, and three chasing votes on the right. The PSOE is once again expected to finish first, but it will almost certainly fall well short of a majority and could lose a few of the seats it won last time.

With rightwing parties unlikely to win the seats needed for a majority in the seat parliament between them, it will again be up the PSOE to try to cut a deal with Podemos and others to regain office. Past experiences suggest the negotiations will be long, difficult and quite possibly fruitless.

Other parties may need to break the impasse by abstaining so that the PSOE can resume power as a minority government. The latest general election comes just seven months after the previous one, and fewer than six months after European, regional and municipal elections were held. The timing, however, is far Who is up for chatting in spain ideal.

It has proved a particular gift to the far-right Vox party, which has seen a surge in support amid its calls for a radical recentralisation of Spain. The Citizens party looks set to pay a high price for its decision to forfeit the centre ground and lurch to the right in the hope of competing with the PP and Vox. Then there is the question of frustration and apathy.

In April, turnout reached Although the PSOE are again expected to finish first, polls suggest they may lose some of the Shawn johnson jerk off they won in April.

The battle is now between the other parties on the right — and abstention. Whatever the result this weekend, negotiations to form a government promise to be as fraught and tortuous as last time, and a renewed impasse beckons.

The ERC favours a less confrontational and more pragmatic approach to the quest for Catalan independence than Together for Catalonia, the separatist party led by the former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont. Realism may abound in places such as Guadalajara, but Who is up for chatting in spain appeal is in rather shorter supply.

Why is Spain heading to the polls so often? What will happen on Sunday? Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Spain. Reuse this content. Most popular.

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