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I admit I have an underwear fetish. I love looking at people men and women in their underwear. I am a bi-sexual male so I like both men and women. But why do I get off on underwear, after all it is just an article of clothing.

When I was a boy at the age when sexual experimentation began, me World beautiful naked ladies a couple of friends got together in a garage to compare equipment and to experiment with each other. This was my first time Boys in briefs fetish with other guys as the school we all went to did not have PE so we never undressed in front of each other. Anyway we got into the garage and one by one we dropped our pants to expose our underwear.

I was wearing boxers, my two friends were wearing briefs. One in Fruit of the Loom boys briefs and the other in Hanes, I still remember to this day I was really surprised that there were different types of underwear. I started watching and noticed that I saw nothing but brief type underwear bands around my friends waists. Needless to say I spoke to my mother and we scrapped all of those sexless boxers as I saw them and replaced them with briefs.

I wanted to be like all of my friends. Anyway the sexual experimentation continued and I realized that I loved looking at guys in briefs and that's how its been for me ever since. Me too buddy, i love it when i see peeps of underwear either up shorts or up skirts, white briefs are my favs Boys in briefs fetish love to see what other girls and boys look like in their undies.

My underwear fetish started at high school. It was an all boys school. We had a medical examination,where we had to strip to our underwear.

Seeing the entire class in their underwear and guys fondling each other,albeit in jest was the begining of my underwear fetish. I think,the stripping to the underwear gave impetus to some of us to explore each others cocks.

We would measure each other with a Boys in briefs fetish both flaccid and erect. Our sex games would always start comparing each others underwear.

Not sure when I got into them. But if u look at my profile u will see i like all kinds and seeing people in theirs. My fetish started at school too. Seeing guys changing was a real turn on and in those days many of the boys tucked their shirts in their briefs which seemed to add an extra dimension.

A Boys in briefs fetish of waistband in class or outside was also a turn on, especially if there was a shirt tucked in it. The fetish has never gone away - thank goodness for sites like this! I'm bi, so I love men and women and love both men's underwear and ladies' lingerie I grew up with 2 older brothers and perhaps seeing them in their briefs and wrestling around in our briefs before bedtime was the start of my fetish.

Nothing sexual ever happened, or was even thought of, with either of them, but it was fun hanging out in our bedroom in our underwear. And later it was a turn-on for me seeing my classmates in their briefs in the gymclass locker room!

My fetish started in high school gym class. I seen the quarterback getting undressed. When I seen his Hanes I got hard. Then when he left I seen his underwear in the locker. Since he left I took them it was such a turn on then when I smelled them I had to get myself off.

After that I started finding other guys that like to trade. And any chance I get to see a man in his Boys in briefs fetish I look. My fetish started when I was just begining to think about sex. I would sleep over at my uncle's house and I would always slip into bed with him.

We were only wearing our tighty whiteys and he would hold me. He wasn't a pervert, just a loving uncle, but I had many dirty fantasies about him over the years of growing up. Ok, my underwear fetish started back when I about 11 years old. Because about 6 months after we met. I went over his house one day after school, his mom told him to go get changed out of his school Boys in briefs fetish, now I had a huge crush on him ever since we've met.

So he asked, are you cumming with me? I got so excited because I knew, I'd finally see him in his underwear. We got to Boys in briefs fetish room, and he shut the door, I'm sitting on his bed while he's undressing, took off his shirt then his shoes the finally his pants. I was like damn yo, he was like what, I replied back and said, wow I really love what I see.

He looked at me like he was confused. Anyway, he wore Fruit Of the Looms with the solid 2 blue strips on the solid white waistband. We ended up sucking Boys in briefs fetish others dick in the woods later that evening. When we fooled around in Boys in briefs fetish woods that day, I took his underwear and smelled the dirty ass part of his dirty underwear. No skid marks or anything, that's nasty.

But, he Shraddha kapoor xxx pron puss pice what I Boys in briefs fetish doing with his underwear. I told him that I love the smell of his dirty underwear, and it seemed like he liked what I was doing, and I kept his underwear, and I actually still have those underwear somewhere packed away.

But we sucked each other off then that led him fucking me. That was fucking awesome. So that's my story how my underwear fetish started. Till this day, Boys in briefs fetish get a pair of dudes dirty underwear and jerk off to the smell of the dirty ass part I have an underwear Fetish Too. My fetish started at school when I saw my best mate who I sat next to, leaning forward at his desk and realising his shirt was tucked into his white Boys in briefs fetish and they were showing a couple of inches over the top of his trousers.

I suppose I was fourteen and became hard in an instant. I cannot begin to explain why it turned me on but it did and ever since I have been turned on by Boys in briefs fetish, and the guys wearing them. I remember well running my hand around the back of my trousers and realising my undies were showing. Until then I had never noticed that some boys tucked and some did not.

I'm not bothered about style or make but my preference is for briefs, boxers or boxer briefs. Regardless though I was happy to see their underpants and soon knew who would have wee stains cum stains or skid marks. The fetish has been with me all through my life and I got a hard on in London a few days ago as I watched a guy in his twenties bending down pumping up a cycle tyre and showing off several inches of CK Boys in briefs fetish boxer briefs.

I watched whilst he completed the task! Sign up for a free account, or sign in if you're already a member. Flickr logo. If you click it, you'll go home. Sign Up Explore. Upload Sign In. Go back to the beta groups experience. Photos Discussions Members Map About. I love looking at people men and women in Does anyone favor fundoshi? I like trunks and jocks and some bikini briefs, but my Boys in briefs fetish love is for Boys in briefs fetish I love hom shorts by vigorous dog 84 months ago.

A question for boxer wearers - 15 replies. I don't get it. The only time I wear boxers is if I'm fresh from the shower and Briefs vs Boxerbriefs 8 replies. Favorite Undies 17 replies.

Search for good fitting pouch underwear 3 replies. I'm searching for the most comfortable underwear. It used to be a mix of 2xist n Delicaontheroad says: Me too Boys in briefs fetish, i love it when i see peeps of underwear either up shorts or up Boys in briefs fetish, white briefs are my favs but love to see what other girls and boys look like in their undies.

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