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There are way too many men out there chopping off their genitalia. No clue if he was on drugs at the time but he sure took his time cutting it off. At one point when he stopped to examine his work I thought he might reconsider and not finish the job but he followed through and freed his willy completely.

I assume these are always sexual? Unless it was schizophrenia and he thought it was a snake trying to bite him or some shit. Thank you pinky!! End results are mostly ghastly when the pricks like these go doing drugs and fail to please their partners And then they make a vow to never look at their dicks again. Inquiring minds want Cutting mens penises off videos know if the guys never look at their dicks again … Just what, exactly, happens to all the cut-off penises and balls?

Who ends up owning them? And what are they doing with them? Basically anything else then what we do now. I agree. They should make them do it themselves just like this guy. Then grind it up into his next meal. Daaaamn gentlenatureman! These kind of impulsive guys get all doped up and drunk, do their imagined deed and wake up trying to figure out what else Cutting mens penises off videos can cut off or mutilate next… Until there is nothing left to satisfy cutting off or destroying.

They are left with only mental parts to Cutting mens penises off videos. You see them in the dumps of cities along the sides of dirty streets, etc. Compensating and paying homage to their self deluded self inflicted desire for punishment for their imagined sins.

Extra tabasco sauce on the raw stump. Word has it that penis heads are so tender and juicy that they can even be enjoyed raw. Only trouble is, most are so small that it takes a number of them to make a satisfying meal. Not all are museum-size. Exactly the same thing. But in my mind, fair play to males should be fair play to females. Have a good night buddy! Ok maybe not all of her teeth. You have her clitoris removed and sew up her pussy…. Leaving only a tiny pee hole.

Wong not able to relate either Mr harumph. Even though it to complicate his life very much sometime, Wong still need and have grown very attached to his dong. Without dong, no more Wong. Now everyone gets to laugh at him! ISIS has slown down production. He only has a tiny trickle of blood despite not having any kind of tourniquet. Even the final swipe of the knife to get some blood on it and then it is raised upward is just way too predictable.

As we see publicly these days, Feminists are openly aggressive man-haters. As mothers, they raise their sons to despise their penises and testicles. Stop and think about what those women are doing to little boys. This guy, though, I hope he at least made some money for that side show. I think it can, but only if he stays on a steady diet of lobster, starfish, octopus, squid and stem cell salads. Maybe it was nothing sexual at Cutting mens penises off videos He seemed reluctant.

Well, not being able to see his face his body language did. Everyone knew it but then he proved that in the end he was just a dick. Penis museums want the whole penis, not half of some miniature little rejected piece of meat. The only reason I can think as to why people would do this is from sexual frustration, to bring yourself to do this is seriously fucked. And in those where some explaination IS offered… it is usually something like a transgender….

He wants to be a Eunuch Warrior to save and protect the Realm without unnecessary urges……. Today or yesterday not Medical Monday so Wong suspect Mrs Foot just make dick deduction post for ruin male members weekend. Just slice. I dont Cutting mens penises off videos if it is fugazi or not. But if its not, RIP Cutting mens penises off videos. Weenies should be played with, caressed, and pampered. Not treated like an ISIS hostage. I did the same thing when yournextexgirl giggled when she saw me naked.

You must be logged in to post a comment. Log in to Reply Report user. I must have missed something, and you seem to know. Who did this guy rape? When and where? What about women who molest boys? How far should the cutting go for them? Log in to Reply. I went to high school with a guy named Kenny Pullet.

Poor fellow. Ah the magic of cinema. What if it is like a plant, splits, and two grow out? He might want to take a piss shortly. A video of that event would be good. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

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