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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. The Training 2. The Loss of Virginity. These are his sex adventures that follow! Recently updated! Chapter 2 is up! Naruto Uzumaki becomes the uke of various semes. This is a really fucked up smutty fanfiction.

The idea came from Nudes do naruto com o sasuke of my readers from another fanfiction Nudes do naruto com o sasuke and this was the only place I deemed as acceptable to post it. Characters ages for this story Nudes do naruto com o sasuke you get an idea are as follows: Naruto 12 Konohamaru 16 Sasuke and all the other konoha genin excluding Naruto are I hope you read the tags cause there is a lot of things people could not like.

See the end of the work for more notes. His deceased mother, Kushina Uzumaki, who was the previous vessel had sealed the fox inside of him and died in the process, which left him to live with his father, who loved him to death. In honor of her he took her last name but people still knew he was the son of Minato Namikaze.

Of course that was okay, since he was yet to enter puberty, evidenced by his high-pitched boyish voice. He had been weighed recently and he was currently 34 kg 75 poundswhich was appropriate based on his size. This led to him having a small frame and mixed with his cute looks of a small button nose, cheeks Tamil auntys sex pics still had baby fat, big blue eyes and his innocent aura made him seem younger than his real age of The smile made the whisker marks in his chubby cheeks stretch.

Is it Kakashi sensei? Before Minato could respond there was a knock on the door. The door opened and in stepped a man in the normal jounin outfit except that this one had an Uchiha symbol on one of the shoulders and he was wearing his headband dangling from his hip.

The man had pitch-black hair that stood up at the back. He also had two bangs framing the chiseled face. His eyes were also pitch black and Naruto found himself staring at them for maybe a tad too long. The man was surprisingly staring back at him and Minato noticing the awkward situation decided to intervene. Last faithful member of the Uchiha clan here in Konoha.

Naruto blushed when his father interrupted the staring contest and he looked down to avoid the gaze of the handsome man. I thought he was Tsunade-sama, Hokage-sama. Naruto quickly ran off the office after shouting his goodbyes to his father and Tsunade and closing the door. When Naruto was out of the office Tsunade released a moan she had been holding in.

The way the office was set up was with two desks, one for Minato and one for Tsunade. Tsunade released a loud moan and she backed up from the desk. Then Shizune emerged from under the desk wiping off a bit of futa semen from her bottom lip and sticking her finger in her mouth. Sasuke and Naruto stood in a small clearing next a river. We have been standing here for 5 minutes doing Nudes do naruto com o sasuke Naruto hesitated for a moment before complying and removing the headband first and then the jacket leaving Nudes do naruto com o sasuke in a short-sleeved mesh shirt.

He looked up at Sasuke for more instructions. Naruto swallowed before taking off his shoes. He then unbuttoned his pants and pulled down the zipper before taking them off completely. That left him standing there in nothing besides his tight, green, short boxers with ramen bowls on them.

Sasuke gave out a single chuckle at the innocence and childishness of the underwear. Take those off too. Take them off. Naruto shuddered before placing his Nudes do naruto com o sasuke inside the hem of the boxers. He breathed out before quickly pulling them down completely and scrunching his eyes in embarrassment. Sasuke licked his Nudes do naruto com o sasuke as he looked at the soft and hairless 3-inch boy penis. And bring your clothes.

Sasuke positioned himself standing Nudes do naruto com o sasuke front of the tree. Naruto looked reluctant but decided why not. He walked over to Sasuke and dropped to his knees in front of the man, which made his face line up perfectly with his groin if he kept his body outstretched. Undo my pants and pull the zipper down.

No way! Naruto started struggling against his hand, pressing his hands into his stomach and upper thighs, trying to pull himself away. After a few Nudes do naruto com o sasuke seconds, Sasuke Transsexual sabrina ava london model it was enough torture and he let go, making Naruto jerk back, face red and panting for air.

Naruto nodded and inched closer to the older male. He undid the button of the dark blue jonin pants, pulled down the zipper and then the pants completely, exposing black boxers with a huge bulge in them and very toned white legs.

Touch it. Naruto nodded again and moved his hands to the hard bulge Black boob powered by phpbb the tight boxers. He placed his hand on the hard, thick shaft and placed the other on the big balls beneath. Sasuke groaned. He jerked back and started mumbling whatever came to his head, completely embarrassed while Sasuke looked at him annoyed and bored.

When Naruto recovered from his embarrassment he looked back at what had been released from the black underwear and he grew even more embarrassed and shocked.

The penis in Nudes do naruto com o sasuke of him was Glamour models gone wild shaved, in length and width. Nudes do naruto com o sasuke only had a patch of hair on the base, it also had an angry, big red head, which was leaking with a clear substance that Naruto had no clue what it was and it also had a pair of big, hairless balls dangling from below.

Now I want you to wrap both of your small hands around it. Naruto looked up at him flushing red and shocked. He knew sex was something people did to make babies and that it involved a penis. Being a bratty kid he felt kind of intimidated by the man.

He Nudes do naruto com o sasuke the first one to really order him around and put him in his place and he had to admit it was sort of exciting for him, he liked the commanding tone of the older male. Sasuke nodded at his question and Naruto wrapped both hands around the shaft, his hands not enclosing the penis completely.

Naruto looked at the penis and began moving his hands making the raven groan. After a few Nudes do naruto com o sasuke of moving his hands Sasuke stopped him.

He placed it at the bottom of the shaft, close to the head and began to lick upwards, running his tongue over the slit and collecting all the clear liquid that had been collecting there. It was a little salty, but to him, it was delicious. Naruto looked up at him with his big blue eyes and made eye contact with the black eyes of the Uchiha. Put your lips around the tip and suck. Just like you would a popsicle. Then, unexpectedly Sasuke began thrusting, making Naruto choke on his cock almost instantly.

Soon enough Sasuke found himself facefucking Naruto as the blonde boy moaned around his dick with tears on his cheeks and those blue eyes rolled to the back of his head.

Take my cock bitch. Then, he felt the cock inside his throat, spasm, and the raven spurted out a thick substance down his throat. Sasuke was panting from above him and Naruto was looking at him shocked. But, he swallowed the cum he had in his mouth, which he thought was delicious and spoke up.

You seem to love cum like a slut would and you could take 12 inches down your throat without asphyxiating. I will now be training you in the sexual arts, and on how to service your superiors sexually.

The pink swollen lips were alluring to him and he felt himself getting hard again. When he was about to advance on the blonde again he felt another presence on the clearing. A 20 year old male with an erect 12 inch penis standing in front of a kneeling, naked 12 year old whose face was covered in cum. This work's creator has chosen to moderate comments on the work. Your comment will not appear until it has been approved by the creator.

Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation. Comments: 91 Kudos: Bookmarks: Hits: Naruto the Slut overlander Summary: Naruto Uzumaki becomes the uke of various semes. Notes: This is a really fucked up smutty fanfiction. Chapter 1 : The Training.

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