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I only have feelings for him as a friend, and I only change when he is around if I need to, for example if we decide to go My best friend naked, for a walk or to a store. I don't wait till he comes over to change, again, only if I need to. If all goes well, me and him will establish our boundaries also if necessary. Thank you. But you make it sound like you do it all the time when you know he's coming over.

Why not just change beforehand? You do want to show off or you wouldn't ask if something like this were ok and you wouldn't be thinking about a future with him. Sounds like you have some muddled feelings there. But ey whatever floats your Free porn teen thai. What if we don't know we're going out?

We decide when he gets here. Or, what if I know we will go out later, but I want to be comfortable Beautiful naked big ass black now?

There are many situations that can happen. If I am already in comfortable pajamas, and I don't My best friend naked we are going anywhere, or, if we are going somewhere in a few hours, why would I put on other clothes? Might as well just stay comfortable till we go. Luv2BRealExotic13 did he actually see u naked or just your panties? He doesn't freak out, he's bought me thongs, bras, panties. I try them on and show them to him, he's really chill when it comes to this stuff.

Thank you, I mean he always talks about other girls, I'm sure he doesn't like-like me, but I understand that he will like me a bit more. I am comfortable with him seeing me naked, I just don't know how he would react, I don't plan on having sex or any type of relationship with him. Me and my bff Mature mom fucking machine also both 15 and in 10th grade and we like being able to be naked around eachother and not have feelings becuase it makes us very very close and feel like our freindship is cemented.

I would say go for it being naked around ur bff and My best friend naked he's comfy with u is one of the greatest feelings. Thank you very much. I feel like it would build the My best friend naked and have us more comfortable with each other, knowing we don't want to go further and are perfectly fine with being best friends, and seeing each other naked is not a issue.

Thank you for the opinion, I appreciate it :. Lol okay, yeah me and him are very good friends and always here for each other, if I need some more help I will come to you, thanks :. My girl bestfreind and i have seen eachother naked and have both agreed it was very benificial to our relationship as freinds to know that we are completly cofortable with eachother to the point we can be in our own skin and share that part of our lives with eachother.

Also with the changing thing making him leave the My best friend naked, she also thought it was annoying and unnecesary which is why we talked about nudity in the first place and now she is naked with me everytime im over when she My best friend naked and stuff but we dont have feelings we just agree its more comfy being naked when we need to be around eachother and we like it.

Jerred you mean you just get naked together for no reason? I have been naked in front of my girls, and that is a very good point. I treat my friends very equally, considering they are all my friends. This is more of a private My best friend naked personal topic, and since he is the opposite sex, there is that sexual orientation difference, its hard to figure out. But I will be comfortable in front of him, as My best friend naked as he is also.

I will show him, and if he does not accept this than I won't, it's as simple as that. You always have to try to find out. Thanks for the opinion, I appreciate it :. I guess it would be the true to test of an entirely platonic guy-girl friendship.

Obviously, if you show him your naked body, and he doesn't develop sexual feelings for you, then he never will. If he does develop sexual feelings for me, we will work it out. I'm sure he won't, but if he does it's okay and natural, but he will get over it and if he can't it Anal sex gushing orgasm be a little bit of a problem which can be fixed, thank you.

Thank you for the advice. I wish to have a relationship with him like that, to be comfortable with each other no matter what.

It is natural, and we all see these things, why would it matter that we are the opposite sex, that doesn't mean we are meant to have sex or have sexual feelings for each other.

I am comfortable with my body, and he will understand, and at the end of the day, we can decide whether we will be comfortable with this. Thank you very much :. You're welcome. If he loves you and is much of a friend you say he is he should understand and respect your privacy and decision. We love each other as friends, and I would respect his decision as hopefully he does of mine.

He's not just an average guy, my best friend for 11 My best friend naked. I My best friend naked, thank you. How will it complicate? He has feelings for other girls, we are just best friends, and My best friend naked have been for about 11 years. Thank you for the opinion. Knowing what under the cloths is one thing but actually seeing it is different entirely. Good luck with that. That's very nice, I could possibly see that happening in the far future, I mean best friends sometimes are meant to be more.

I would like to be even more comfortable with him, and this could be a way. I will show him, and if he is okay with it which im sure he will be, we will go from there. Thank you :. Thanks, but are you self-conscious of your body?

I love my body, and i'm not worried about being judged. Thanks for My best friend naked opinion. Yeah, I'm extremely self-conscious because I have a hormone imbalance lol. But if you are comfortable then definitely do what you are comfortable with as long as he knows that it isn't meant in My best friend naked sexual way :.

In my opinion it means nothing, we've known each other for about 11 years now, and we have seen each other naked before, not on purpose. It would be a lot better to be comfortable with him in showing myself. I do not plan on getting together with him what so ever. It looks like you've already made up My best friend naked mind sweetheart, you don't need to ask our opinions.

Do what your comfortable with. If you do have worries about it My best friend naked me I'll help if I can. Creative saying of only I can see my gf naked.

Any other guy that sees her naked gets punched!! I'm simply changing my clothes, not trying to seduce him what so ever. He is interested in other girls, but seeing me naked will probably turn him on and stuff. I don't plan on having sex with him, but thanks for the opinion. He doesn't have a very sexual personality, he's still a virgin, and he's just not the typical fuckboy or player. Thank you for the opinion, but My best friend naked personally disagree.

Right but just cause he's not My best friend naked all over you doesn't mean he doesn't go home with a major woody why do you think he keeps coming around?

But i promise you this you start showing him more and hell think you want him sexually and it will CRUSH him when you do the normal girl thing and get with some douche bag and he gets all of what you would only tease him with by showing My best friend naked. He knows we are just friends, and neither of us want anything more. We will establish boundaries so we know My best friend naked none of this means anything sexually, and he will be okay with it hopefully.

I can understand why he might get an erection, it's normal. It won't creepy me out, I know if I was a boy the same thing would happen to me. Thank you though for your opinion. Because I feel like we're too good of friends, not that he is friendzoned, but I feel it would be weird and that he has feelings for other girls.

So, me and my best friend hangout a lot, he comes over all the time, mainly when my parents aren't home so we can be loud and do whatever. Anyway, so I feel really comfortable with him, and I was wondering if I should let him see me naked. Not like show my boobs randomly or Kitana mk nude cosplay but for My best friend naked, yesterday he came over and my parents weren't home, we chilled around and before we left I made him leave the room so I could change, or sometimes I will leave but anyway I just hate having to do this it gets annoying even though its simple.

So is it okay if he sees my boobs, or my ass, or even my v-jay. I'm not trying to seduce him or anything but it would he nice to know if its right or not. Its just boobs and ass, we all have asses and technically breasts. I wouldn't show him my v-jay much. We are in highschool, grade 10, both Yes, I should show everything, boobs, ass, vagina. Vote A. My best friend naked, I should only show boobs and ass.

Vote B. No, I should only show him me in my undergarments. My best friend naked C.

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