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Learn more about Amazon Prime. Close Menu. More purchase options. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Get fast, free delivery with Amazon Prime. By ordering or viewing, you agree to our Terms. Send us Feedback Get Help. Episodes 10 1. Tell Me You Love Me Subtitles Subtitles. Audio Languages Audio Languages. In the series premiere of this drama about three couples and the therapist they share, Katie confronts Dave after catching him in Tell me you love private Bisexual men video clips Carolyn and Palek face a fertility crisis; and Jaime questions Hugo's ability to remain faithful.

Season One Jaime's doubts about Hugo persist; Dave and Katie argue about her therapy sessions; May reaches out to an old acquaintance. Season One Jaime can't shake the memory of Hugo; new clouds emerge for Palek and Carolyn after an incident at a gathering of friends.

Season One Katie is shocked when Dave joins her at therapy--and even more so after hearing what he has to tell May. Carolyn and Palek try a more aggressive approach in their efforts to get pregnant; May suggests a first step to solve David and Katie's intimacy problems; Jamie vows celibacy, but finds Nick, whose own relationship is on the rocks, hard to resist. May offers up a novel idea for David and Katie to save their marriage. As Carolyn and Palek come to terms with their infertility, Palek makes a revelation to Tell me you love startled wife.

Later, Carolyn steps Tell me you love her effort to be made partner at her law firm. Season One With both kids at sleepovers, Katie and Dave get Tell me you love rare night alone, and make small steps towards rekindling their intimacy. Dave and Katie debate the value of continued therapy. Palek worries about losing his identity in the wake of Carolyn's recent revelation.

Nick is spending more and more time at Jamie's, but she can't tell him what he wants Tell me you love hear. Season One Unsettling Tell me you love from her friend Rita sends Katie in a new direction, leaving Dave to handle the household and therapy alone. In the Season One finale, May gets devastating news, but decides not to cancel her therapy sessions. Jamie and Hugo reconnect.

Customers who watched this item also watched. Customer reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Format: Prime Video Verified Purchase. Wow, this series is a huge negative advertisement for long-term relationships! It's truthful and does not candy Tell me you love what happens to some relationships, maybe all relationships, to a greater or lesser degree.

Being in any relationship is a choice and the choice is one you have to make each day as well as the choice to find yourself contented and happy there happiness truly is an inside job. This series demonstrates this is a very clear way. Since it got cancelled after Tell me you love first series, we're left to our own devices to figure out how this all comes to pass. I see only two couples of the four having a chance at a Teen titans starfire and nightwing relationship.

Half of all marriages, right? It's a statistic for a reason! Don't watch Tell me you love if you live in a world of rose colored glasses and want to believe that once in the right relationship it will Tell me you love just be fantastic.

We're all human and all subject to the weaknesses of being such Unfortunately, I missed this show the first time around. I am now watching this show on Amazon Prime. Despite reading several negative reviews, I applaud the show for two reasons. First, It is "spot-on" in its depiction of so many marriages where any passion that may have once existed has long fizzled out; it's only remaining purpose is to masquerade as a "union" for the sake of the kids. The only way they can stand it is by distractions such as "redoing the patio.

Secondly, I applaud the depiction of older couples as Tell me you love beings. It is high time for stereotyping to end for for those of a certain age.

Older people, just as younger ones, do indeed express their love for each other physically. Sexual expression of love is not limited by the number of candles on one's birthday cake. The stereotype of the sexless older person needs to be smashed to bits! This series does a great job of doing just that!

Felt Real and not Phony. Great Job. When it started I thought: Oh great, another reason to show people having sex I felt this was about real people. Not Torri higginson fake nudes making the right choices, but wanting to try and make something good from failing relationships. I liked it a lot. Tell me you love thought the sex was well done, actually Not romanticized or phony.

I forgot most of the time about the actors and saw them totally as the characters they were playing. No one was perfect. Everyone had his or her part in the problems and in the solutions. Life is tough on relationships, and people have to fight to make them work.

I felt the whole thing worked well. This series is about three couple, the challenges of relationships, in particular, the challenges that are relative to their sex lives and their interaction with the therapist Jane Alexander they are each seeing to understand and resolve these dynamics. Because the relationship of the therapist and Tell me you love husband is also included, it is actually about four couples.

The episodes dealt with very real Tell me you love that can occur in committed relationships. Their issues run a full gamut: Absence of sex in relationship; inability to get pregnant; fear of commitment.

I think I can safely say that it is actually a series Tell me you love soft porn. There are alot of very specific sex scenes. Jane Alexander gives a believable performance, as she always does. Although the basis for the series is realistic, much of the acting of the other people was lackluster and mediocre, The chemistry and acting between Dave and Katie is the most believable and authentic in performance.

In my opinion, Carolyn and Palik do not make sense to be paired as a couple and have little real chemistry to make their performances believable. Carolyn was the most unlikable of the characters, being very demanding and self-absorbed. I had high hopes about this series, and stuck with it for as long as I could. Unfortunately with the exception of the therapist played by Jane Alexanderall of the characters were completely unlikable. The one strength HBO has in almost all of their series from the charming and lighthearted comedy "Dream On" to the violent and Tell me you love "Game of Thrones" is their character development.

Regardless if the viewers love the character Martin Tupper or despise the character King Joffey we are invested in the arc of the character. We as viewers continue to view the characters to see what direction they will take us and give us the Tell me you love reaction to ask "what are they going to do next"?

With "Tell Me You Love Me" the characters are not only unlikable, but exhausting, uninteresting and flat. To listen to their tiring minutia about the conflicts they encounter regarding their sex lives makes you want to tell every single one the couples to simply break up and inject a new love interest in their life, for no other reason than to introduce us to new and hopefully more interesting characters.

I will admit the sex is quite hot, and somewhat realistic, the way people who actually WANT to have sex with one another do have sex. Unfortunately you have the sexual engagement, then they start to talk again, and it all goes downhill from there.

The most interesting parts of the series was with the therapist, and I was hoping the Tell me you love would go further with that dynamic and develop more engaging dialogue by the characters.

I hated almost everyone in that series, but man was I invested in the patients and their sessions. They even went as far as to break up and explore relationships with other people. Tell me you love once again they open their mouths with trite dialogue, and once again I lose interest. The creators of the show seem to lost in knowing where to go beyond "let's screw" followed Tell me you love "you don't understand.

I know that's cynical and mean-spirited to wish on the characters. But at least that will make them interesting. The show was ambitious, but certainly didn't live up to my expectations.

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