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After hearing Shaggy saying her meal is ready Daphne headed downstairs to the kitchen to get something to eat and relax, while thinking of a way to tell Shaggy how she felt about him. After she got down to the kitchen, she saw the food Shags made, it was a like a banquet of her favorite Daphne scooby doo nude all A big dick of africans like Daphne scooby doo nude and it left her speechless.

She giggled at that and went to eat the food and what Daphne scooby doo nude next surprised shaggy, she ate all of the food like he and Scooby does and it was gone like a tornado came in and devour everything in the way and it was gone. He couldn't help but laugh and soon Daphne joined in and it was the first time she did something silly and laughed in a long time. After they calmed down, they clean the dishes and headed to the living room to relax and watch some tv.

They watch some game shows, drama, action, horror, comedy, sci-fi, cooking and more until they agreed to watch tdrr show and they laugh like hell. Soon the pizza arrived and Daphne paid the delivery guy and shaggy got the movie, Shaggy picked out the dark knight and Daphne scooby doo nude the dvd in and they eat and the watch the film.

However during the middle of the film Daphne decided to snuggle close to shaggy and rested her head on his shoulder, shaggy felt something on him and turned to see Daphne Daphne scooby doo nude on his shoulder, he first felt nervous, but when he got a look at her sleeping face seeing that Daphne scooby doo nude is happy, he relaxed and lay back and place his head on hers and closed his eyes and whispered "like Daphne is so beautiful, any guy would be lucky to have a girl like her, I only wish that I was the guy for her.

However Daphne woke up and Shaggy made that confession and she was blushing like a tomato and it was sweet that shaggy cares for her and loves her too, but neither of them admit that because of the fear of destroying their friendship and being alienating by the others. Soon the movie ended and Daphne woke Shaggy up and they clean the living room, after that Daphne ask him to come to her room in 15 minutes saying "there's something Daphne scooby doo nude need to tell you.

Soon he finished up and headed upstairs and makes his way to Daphne's room, soon he arrived and knocked on the door and heard "come in.

He Daphne scooby doo nude Daphne wearing a purple nightgown with green stripes around the waist and underneath the gown was a lacy dark purple bra and panties. Shaggy had to pinch his nose to stop the bleeding because Daphne was on sexy overload! She giggled at his reaction and walked over to him with tissues to help him with his nosebleed.

He thank her for that. Then she pulled on his arm gesturing him over to her bed and sit on it next to her. Daphne: "well it's my heart whenever I'm with someone I love, it goes on super speed and I want to spend every minute of it with love and affection loves with me on the out and the inside and I want to love him the same way. For Shaggy it felt like a planet size bell rung for the biggest buffet in the galaxy as he kissed her back. For Daphne it felt like a wonderful feeling, it was like her and shaggy walking in a garden with the trees glowing, the animals singing and the stars in the sky shine down on them as they walked to the heavens in the clouds.

As they continued to kiss, shaggy wrapped his arms around Daphne's waist Daphne scooby doo nude pulled her Daphne scooby doo nude to him, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled Daphne scooby doo nude closer to Daphne scooby doo nude until they were on the bed with shaggy as they pulled out for air. Suddenly there was a surge of primal instinct inside both of them and decided to do what their bodies and hearts want.

Shaggy don't needed to be told twice as began to taking his shirt off and throwing to the floor revealing his lean body and made Daphne blushed at him, he wasn't very muscular like other guys, but he was very lean built from all those running in their mysteries made built like a greek god. Then Daphne took her nightgown and dropped it on the floor revealing her sexy body in her bra and panties and it was shaggy turned blush and they giggled about it. Then shaggy took off his pants "Holy crap!

You're huge shaggy! He not needed to be told twice as he got in bed and was easing Daphne scooby doo nude cock in Daphne's pussy. Just before he started to move, Shaggy notice blood coming out of Daphne's and asked her if she's ok?

To which she said she's fine and asked him to move slowly so that the pain will Daphne scooby doo nude. He comply to her wishes and began moving slowly as he enter her in Daphne scooby doo nude out, for Daphne the pain started changing to pleasure and ask Shaggy to move faster, he nodded and started to pick up the tempo, also he bent over to play Daphne scooby doo nude her breasts and licking her rosy nipples playfully, "Oh Shaggy, keep it going, please keep it going!

Shaggy only response was grabbing one of them and massaging it while inside her, he never had sex and watch the sex scenes in the movies and well it didn't have the same feel until now and he was loving every minute of it. Soon they having sex for hours trying out different styles and soon they about reach their limit. They move a bit faster and faster until Shaggy reached his limit and shot a huge one into Daphne.

Daphne let out the loudest moan ever as she came as well and they lay on the bed and Shaggy pulled out lay beside her. This got Shaggy hard again and nodded soon Daphne was on all 4's and Shaggy slid his rod in her asshole and the fun started again. Soon Shaggy shot another huge load into her and then collapsed on the bed cuddling and catching their breaths. Shaggy was surprised to hear Daphne call him by his first name, but it feels natural for her to call him that.

He got out of bed and got down on one knee and hold her hand in his and said these words "Daphne Anne Blake, will u be my girlfriend? Daphne was full of tears of joy and she was so happy she tackled him to the ground and kissing him all over his face.

For the next few days they went on dates to the restaurants and movies and went to a few concerts with one of their favorite band's KISS. They got backstage passes, posed with the band, take photos, signed their shirts and the demon and Shaggy did a double fire breath combo that form a heart with words saying "to my favorite girl in the cosmos love S.

Soon they're at it again in Shaggy's room with Daphne riding him until Daphne scooby doo nude was something knocking on the door spoiling their fun. Shaggy came down wearing a olive green robe and Daphne scooby doo nude the door revealing Scooby Doo tackled him to the ground and started to licking him like crazy.

He glad that his dog was back home, but what did Surprised him was Fred and Velma in the doorway. This made the 3 shocked and began to bombard with questions whose he dating until someone speak out. The others were surprised of the nicknames until someone came downstairs and that's when they piece the puzzle together Escort mogen dara thai massage saw Daphne coming down and wrapped her arms around him.

They were Surprised and then Fred Great asian xxx video "uh hey Daphne, why are you holding on to Shaggy like that?

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Cartoons Scooby Doo. Hey everyone how it's going? Well I promised pt 2 to my lemon and I kept it. So here it is the conclusion to the story. Disclaimer: wb owns Scooby doo, I don't. Shaggy smiled and said "that's my little secret Daph. After a few hours passed they got a bit hungry and decided to order pizza and watch a Daphne scooby doo nude. But none of those bugged her cause tonight she will show Shaggy how much he means to her.

Shaggy began: "so Daphne what do you want to talk about? Daphne scooby doo nude "the one I'm in love with is you Shaggy!

Daphne: "Shaggy I need you now! Daphne smirked. Soon he went faster and Daphne wrapped her legs around his waist to keep him from pulling out. Then Shaggy stand on his knees and pulled Daphne up and was holding on. I need more of this keep doing it!

That was awesome! Daphne thought about it and then said "Well If you up for another round want to pound my ass? Shaggy kept pounding her and spanked her Daphne scooby doo nude hard.

So he made up his mind. She nodded and continuing her kissing barrages on him. Sighed they got off and Shaggy handed her a robe to wear since her clothes were washing. Fred got Scooby off of Shaggy and helped him back up to his feet. Looks like you been with a girl. Shaggy then got a smirk on his face. Then the rest of the gang were shocked and "Shit! Then Scooby said this in his mind "I wonder how Brian griffin will feel about this. Well what do u think of this?

Ok I gotta go peace out y'all. Family guy belongs to fox and I don't own any of it. Scooby doo belongs to Warner Bros. Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted.

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