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How dare you? I told you to clean me Sissy. Now do it. You clean my pussy right now or get out. I'll start looking on Monday and I should be out of here within a week. On Monday I'll also make an appointment with a divorce lawyer. You should be hearing from him in a Shaved open pussy lips days to arrange for the division of assets. You should probably find yourself an attorney as well.

This whole thing was your idea and now you're leaving me? I said I'd like to experiment with sharing you I lick my wife clean little to spice up our relationship. I said I'd even let you play a little bit with cuckolding.

I never said I wanted to give you away. I never asked to be disrespected or humiliated or replaced. I was trying to enrich our marriage, not destroy it, but that's what you're doing and I want no part of it. Get back in here this minute.

Goodnight," and I left the room. I went into the spare bedroom and locked the door behind me. It was going to be a long night. We'd taken each other's virginities in high school and had really never dated anybody else. At the time all this happened, We were both in our thirties, in fairly good physical shape.

Alice was a brunette, 5' 5" about lbs with a lovely 36C figure and a face that turned mens' heads. Nothing to be ashamed of, but nothing to write home about either. Alice and I had been married for twelve years. As I said, we'd been each other's first lovers.

We'd gone together all through high school and even managed to stay together through college, partly because our schools were in the same city. Right after we graduated we got married and then found work.

Alice was a graphic artist with an advertizing agency and I was a mechanical engineer with a company that manufactured heavy equipment. We both made good money and life was good for several years. By the way, I'm Charlie Ross. Then about two years ago, things began to change. Our sex life began to decline from three or four times a week to perhaps twice a month. I tried bringing home rented porn DVDs and that got things started for awhile, but after a few months it I lick my wife clean began to look the same.

Then there were 'toys' bought at a porn shop, but after awhile, they too got old. I also tried surfing the Internet.

You can find anything there. I began to read about the alternatives to monogamy and also visited some of the discussion sites for swingers. It started me thinking. I shared what I found with Alice and, though shocked at first, she too began to look around. We both thought about sexual variety and I lick my wife clean seemed exciting, but we were concerned abut STDs, unwanted pregnancy and also about what it could do to our marriage. In the end, Alice started on the Pill we'd been using vaginal foam until this and we began exchanging emails with a couple who were willing to talk with 'newbies' about the lifestyle.

They were very upbeat and encouraging about swinging and they understood our concerns having gone through the same issues themselves.

Eventually we met a couple who were about our own age and lived in the same city as I lick my wife clean do. We met Bob and Barb at a Village Inn for coffee with no expectations of sex, but after an hour and a half of talking and then flirting, we decided to go back to our house for drinks and 'see what happens'. What happened was that I wound up in the guest room with Barb and Alice took Bob to our bedroom and we all screwed each other senseless.

Through Bob and Barb we went on to meet other couples and for the most part, we both had a grand time. Sex I lick my wife clean new and exciting again, especially the sex Alice and I had with each other after our various playmates went home.

Well, after abut a year of swapping partners, Alice found herself talking with a man named Alan who referred to himself as a 'Bull'.

He wanted to I lick my wife clean to us about cuckolding. He said that it added a new dimension to swinging and wanted to meet to discuss it. Now I lick my wife clean and I had usually swung in separate bedrooms but I'd always wanted to watch her with another man without the distraction of having to pleasure I lick my wife clean other woman and Alice knows this.

She pushed for us to talk to this guy. Alan turned out to be a friendly outgoing sort, enthusiastic and brash, everything that I'm not really.

A large man, he stood abut 6' 2" and weighed about lbs. He claimed to be 'hung' as well. It wasn't long before he had Alice talked into trying this and I went along with it, although I admit I wasn't very comfortable with him.

We had a few MFM threesome sessions and Alice loved it. She especially seemed to love his 9 inch penis. She said it gave her sensations she'd never experienced before. I enjoyed it and I must admit that 'sloppy seconds' were exciting as well. Finally, Alan suggested that I should sit one out and just watch him with Alice. So I got a chair and sat while Alan Black african beautiful naked big breast women Alice screwed each other through four orgasms for Alan and God knows how many times Alice came.

She wanted to do that again. At first, we always had 'make-up' sex after Alan went home and that was good too, but after awhile, Alice began to complain about being too sore down there or else too fucked out for sex and offered to jerk me off instead. After awhile, our sex began to drop off, but she and Alan sere fucking on our bed about three times a week.

I was beginning to feel left out. Then Alan wanted to take Alice out dancing. Now I didn't like that, but Alice was adamant and so one Friday night off they went. They got in about AM and went straight to the guest room I was sleeping in our bed.

When I got up to go watch, the bedroom door was locked and I was pissed. I knocked on the door and Alice said that she wanted some alone time with Alan and that she's join me later. I don't know when Alan left and she came to bed, but she was there when I woke up. Breakfast was very quiet.

I'd fried some bacon and scrambled some eggs with shredded cheese and eventually Alice came down in her bathrobe. After the meal was almost done Alice said "aren't you speaking to me?

I don't much like being locked out like that. At least you were in the same I lick my wife clean. I got to thinking while I was mowing the lawn about things. It seemed to me that Alan's attitude towards me was I lick my wife clean less and less respectful. He mostly talked to Alice now and she passed things on to me. I was sure she wasn't telling me everything that they discussed either.

That night Alice was careful to initiate sex with me - a rarity these days and we both seemed to be trying to put Friday night behind us. When all the fireworks were over though, she asked be to do something for her. I was lying on my side kissing her right breast gently and petting her middle when she asked me to go down on her and give her another climax orally. I was a bit surprised because we'd never done that after I'd cum in her before.

I didn't mind really; I'm not squeamish or anything and I did want to reconnect with her after the debacle Friday night, so I slid down between her thighs and began to lick and suck her pussy.

She was very sloppy and wet and a open but the flavor wasn't bad. I kinda liked it really so I ate her to another climax and we both fell asleep in each other's arms. Things continued on for several weeks but now Alice always wanted me to eat her after we had sex. She said it really Xxx rated porn public nudeity her and gave her a feeling of 'connection' with me.

She also began seeing Alan and they would go out dancing about once a week, but they wouldn't lock me out of the guest room anymore. I'd watch and maybe follow Alan into her. She began to get vocal when she was screwing Alan than. Talked about how good his big dick felt inside her and how much he seemed to cum in her.

When we were alone, she'd also tell me that she could hardly feel me after having him and that maybe it would be better for both of us I lick my wife clean I could wait for a I lick my wife clean or two before we could have sex. When I complained that watching me made me very horny, she offered to give me a blowjob to take the edge off. After a few times, she wanted me to eat her while she was blowing me.

She said it would make her feel closer to me until we could have sex in a few days. Well, I'm a fairly easygoing guy and I don't have a lot of hangups so the next I lick my wife clean she was blowing me after she'd fucked Alan to a standstill, I went down on her. To be honest, I couldn't taste any difference from when I'd eaten her I lick my wife clean we'd screwed, so I was willing to accommodate her.

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